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A trip from Milan to the city of thousands, Bergamo

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Bergamo a beautiful Italian city nested in the northeast of Milan is a hidden gem attracting many visitors of late. Embracing medieval Renaissance and baroque architecture, this pretty town has the most breathtaking vistas. Located in the foothills of Alps, Bergamo boasts of rare natural beauty and artistic treasures. The beguiling city of Bergamo is divided into Città Alta (Upper Town) and Città Bassa( Lower town) giving it a blend of ancient Roman charm and a modern facade. Northeast of Milan, on the edge of lake district this city fascinates many travellers. Just an hour away by train from Milan to Bergamo, it makes a perfect half a day trip destination.

Bergamo - The City of Thousands

Milan to Bergamo - The Day Trip Experience

milan to bergamo

  • Visit the delightful city of Bergamo with enchanting natural beauty and amazing architecture
  • Comfortable transfer from Milan to Bergamo and back in an air-conditioned coach
  • Cover the top attractions of Bergamo with a professional guide to fill you up on interesting stories and historical facts
  • Enjoy the exclusivity of a small group size of 8-12 people

Set yourself on an enthralling journey to Bergamo! As you approach this paradise, the mesmerising view of the mountains and valley down below is sure to leave you spellbound. The Venetian wall, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, stands tall demarcating the tiny medieval streets on one side from the contemporary town on the other side. Also known as “Città dei Mille”, or City of the Thousand, Bergamo has unification history of Italy peeping from every nook waiting to be explored. The cobbled streets dotted with works of art, historical buildings, museums and stunning landscapes are all masterpieces waiting to be rejoiced.

Bergamo tourist attractions leave you spellbound. You are guided through a multitude of them like the Cittadella, Colleoni Chapel, Piazza Vecchia, Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, the Lion of Saint Mark facade etc. to discover this hidden gem of a city. Carrying the memories of this incredible Milan Bergamo expedition, you reach back Milan well in time for dinner.

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What to See in Bergamo

With an area of just about 40 sq. kms, Bergamo is a tiny city packed with so many things to do. In half a day, one can easily savour the beauty and discover the historical prominence of this amazing city. A walking tour of a couple of hours takes you through the incredible monuments and picturesque countryside of Italy. Some of the Bergamo tourist attractions you cannot miss are,

Citta alta

The massive Venetian wall surrounds the old historical core of Bergamo called the Citta Alta. Also known as the Upper Town, this part holds the charm of Renaissance period as well as the remodelled medieval town. Cobbled streets wielding natural beauty and rich history are bound to win hearts!

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Piazza vecchia

At the heart of Città Alta lies the Piazza Vecchia in between the harmony of the geometrical layout of the buildings around the square. You can enjoy the view over a drink or a cup of coffee at one of the numerous cafes around the historical Contarini Fountain in the middle of the square.

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Cappella Colleoni

The chapel cum mausoleum of Cappella Colleoni in Bergamo is definitely the most impressive building around. Bergamese mercenary commander Bartolomeo Colleoni lies buried inside a magnificent tomb here. The red and white marble facade reminding you of Italian Renaissance has interiors laden with unique works of art.

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Santa Maria Maggiore

The most magnificent church of Bergamo, Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica is located in Piazza del Duomo, Upper Town. It is a beautiful amalgamation of various eras of architecture. Designed by the renowned artist Lorenzo Lotto, this masterpiece is adorned with frescoes, stuccos, tapestries and wooden marquetry.

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Mura Venete

The Venetian walls of Bergamo built for defence in the 16th century is one of the top attractions of Bergamo. This iconic wal more than six kilometres wall has been a well preserved fortress. Providing an awesome view of marvellous sunsets and romantic walks Mura Venete's imposing structure is a salient part of Upper Town.

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Accademia Carrara

A landmark for the city of Bergamo this academy is the mecca of art lovers.It is housed in a grand neoclassical building just besides an extensive cobblestone square. Accademia Carrara holds scores of masterpieces by many renowned artists such as Moroni ,Pisanello, Titian, Botticelli, Canaletto, Hayez etc.

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Things to consider before booking your Bergamo Day Tour

When in Milan one should not miss the opportunity of visiting Bergamo. Even though Milan Bergamo distance is just about 60 kms, it offers a completely different countryside landscape experience to the visitors. Brimming with art,culture and history this picturesque location can be easily covered in just about 5 hours. Exploring Milan in the morning, you can simply set off post lunch for this amazing half a day trip to Bergamo.

One of the most preferred way to explore this beautiful place, despite the cost, is to book yourself on a guided tour. The fully equipped air-conditioned coaches take you through a picturesque route. What to do in Bergamo is entirely taken care of by by a professional guide accompanying you on the trip.

Bergamo has its own charm throughout the year, however April to November (barring July-which can be warm) is best suited for a comfortable tour.

How to get to Bergamo

There are multiple ways to go from Milan to Bergamo using modes like the bus, train and taxi. While bus and train options are quite reasonable (about EUR 5 each way) you get constrained by their timings and you are left to figure out the place on your own. Taxies are a an expensive option (about EUR 85) to choose. Without someone to guide you, being clueless in a new place you may end up wasting time. A guided tour from Milan to Bergamo is a desired option with many as it takes care of all your hassles and gives you a stress free experience of this scenic town. We think it's completely worth the EUR 49 spent!


  • Not many people can speak in English in Bergamo. An Italian phrase book or a professional guide would be helpful.
  • One needs to be careful with one’s valuables and money while walking around Bergamo.
  • For a meal in Bergamo, set out looking for a modest outlet as the fancily decored ones can create quite a hole in your pocket. The local Bistros are a good option for budget travellers.
  • A comfortable pair of shoes are recommended as this half day trip to Bergamo involves extensive walking.
  • Travel light with a small sized backpack so as to enjoy the long walks on a light shoulder.

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