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Going from Milan to Lake Como | Read about the best trips to take

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Looking over pristine foliage and surrounded by the majestic Rhaetian Alps, it’s no wonder that Lake Como is a popular choice for those tourists hungry for some serenity in Milan. The wishbone shaped lake is well-known for its sprawling landscapes and so it is the most sought after destination for one-day picnics or day tours. A walk alongside Lake Como will also acquaint you to several charming small towns. Lake Como is makes an ideal destination for your day out as its well-manicured gardens and dramatic views are right out of a fairytale. Here we bring you some exciting Lake Como day trips from Milan that you can keep in mind during your Italian holiday.

What Makes Lake Como Special

Located right on the hills bordering Switzerland, Lake Como also has a hint of Swiss beauty in its landscapes and towering mountains. In fact, Lake Como has always been a popular holiday destination for the aristocrats and the wealthy during its earlier days. You may stumble upon stately looking villas and sprawling ornate gardens that were once a part of the rich history. A walk down Lake Como’s cobbled-stone pathway is sure to take your breath away with its picture-perfect topography. In fact, the unspoiled nature and the unperturbed greenery is now gaining momentum with many-a-shutterbugs who wish to spend some time in the lap of nature. The off-beaten destination makes a perfect place to escape for a day.

Lake Como Day Trips From Milan

Choosing Between Self Visits & Guided Tours

A guided tour is perfect for those willing to dig deeper and know more. These are a few ways you can benefit with a guided tour ticket for your visit to Lake Como:

The guided tour at Headout takes you through Lake Como at a modest price. A cost-efficient alternative, the tour takes care of your hotel transfers and guarantees skip the line at several iconic pit-stops on your way. This way, you can plan your trip on a budget and make the most of it without compromising on the important places.

Company of a guide
You are also appointed a well-informed tour guide that makes sure your doubts are easily cleared. Friendly and approachable, our tour guides make sure you spend enough time at iconic locations, so that you can enjoy your trip and take fond memories back home at the end of it all.

A guided tour means that you don’t have to worry about your tickets or obtaining an audio guide once you’re at the venue. All you have to do is carry a copy of the e-voucher on your cell phone and flash it at the beginning. Apart from this, you may also put your worries to rest about travel and food apart from comfort — all of which goes hand in hand with your ticket.

Other ancillary provisions
Your combo ticket may also come equipped with several perks apart from a guided tour. You may pick combinations that include food as well as transfers on your tickets. You can also pick VIP passes for several places that can give you a special, inside tour of the place that is exclusive to your group only.

Our guided tours ensure safety at all time. Escorted in a group of few, the tour guides take utmost care to make sure the tourists are at comfortable and at ease, which is not always the case with a self tour option.

No missing out on anything
Selecting a guided tour gives you the privilege of going through all the important places as well as facts regarding your trip. Our tour guides are not just well informed, but are also approachable — giving you the freedom to explore and ask as many questions as you want. You can be rest assured that you won’t be missing out on anything important during your trip to Lake Como.

Best Lake Como Day Trips From Milan

Top Things To See At Lake Como

Como Duomo

Lake Como Day Trips From Milan - como duomo

Adorned in ancient gothic architecture and Romanesque elements, Duomo cathedral often makes a great spot for a day’s outing. With a rich history and culture surrounding the cathedral, art enthusiasts can make the most of the late-gothic renaissance traces that are still visible at Como Duomo.

Villa Olmo

Lake Como Day Trips From Milan - villa olmo

Not only is Villa Olmo set against the stunning backdrop of Lake Como, but it is also an iconic landmark of the city. The extravagant marvel that was built in the year 1728 by the Odescalchi family flaunts sprawling, extraordinary gardens as well as top-notch Italianate architecture.

Sant’ Abbondio Church

Lake Como Day Trips From Milan - Sant’ Abbondio Church

Located outside the walls of Como, Basilica di Sant’Abbondio was dedicated to Sant’Abbondio, former bishop of Como the was later buried in the premises since his death the 5th century. The church makes an excellent pilgrimage site for catholic travellers and a popular attraction for tourists from around the world.

Piazza Cavour

Lake Como Day Trips From Milan - Piazza Cavour

Buzzing with life and colours, Piazza Cavour is best known as the focal point of the city. Apart from looking out at the unperturbed views of the lake, you can be a part of several artisan fairs, concerts, ornate cafes as well as flea bazaars that are held here every now and then.


Lake Como Day Trips From Milan - como Lakefront

If you’re in the mood to capture a spectacular sunset over the pristine waters of Lake Como, there couldn’t be a better place than the Lakefront. Admire the lush foliage on the Alps facing the lake and spend some quality time with nature.

Things To Consider Before Selecting Your Tour

A good guided tour can only be worthwhile with accurate planning. There are several factors which contribute into making your day out a memorable one. If you’re planning your trip to Lake Como, here are a couple of things you can start keeping in mind before you click go:

Sights covered on tour
Do a fact check before you get onboard with the offer. Going through the key highlights will help you pick out your tickets better. If you’re looking for a particular attraction to visit on your tour, it is best to cross-check with your tickets to make sure you’re opting for the best possible offer around.

Duration of your tour will play an important role during your trip planning. Choose a guided tour that is concise and not very comprehensive. Make sure you have enough time at hand before you go in for a tour that is elaborate and time consuming.

It is best to select your tour after comparing the prices at several portals to avail the best possible deal. If you’re picking an expensive tour, go through the list of highlights to check the kind of perks available on your tickets. Headout promises excellent discounts and tours at slashed prices.

An important contributing factor to your trip, off or peak seasons will make a lot of difference to your holiday. Apart from the crowd, peak season also guarantees the attraction in all its glory. Meanwhile, winter may be an off-season but could also turn out harsh at Lake Como.

Other Day Trips from Milan

Milan to Venice

Milan to Lake Como

Bored of spending a lot of time in Milan? Embark on this relaxing tour that takes you on a fairytale-like journey through the floating city. Explore and uncover the secrets of the landmark monuments along with the company of a skilled tour guide. Take a walk down the streets and sample some local cuisine to experience the wonders of the city first hand. The two hour guided walking tour at Venice will even allow you to take your time at various attractions without rushing as. Be ready for some stellar photo opportunities against the breathtaking sights and experience the tourism capital at its finest.

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Day Trip to Venice from Milan

Milan to Bergamo

Milan to Swiss Alps

Truly a hidden gem in Italy, a half day trip to Bergamo will treat you to some stunning views of the Alps and its valleys. Travel between the cities in an air-conditioned in a close-knit group of 8 to 12 people at max. Drive by the picturesque Italian countryside before you arrive, and spend some time walking around the town’s age-old history. A half-day trip is perfect for those who wish to pass their time through the day, but end up back in Milan for a sumptuous dinner. Admire the landscaping topography that spreads all the way to Lake Como located 120 miles away.

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Bergamo Half Day Trip from Milan

Milan to Swiss Alps

milan to bergamo

Enjoy a day trip from Milan to the Bernina pass, a UNESCO World Heritage site travelling to it by the famous Bernina Express and back by an air-conditioned coach. Bernina Express also known as ‘ The Little Red Train’ takes you on surreal journey through the Swiss Alps. The most picturesque Rail route takes you to the famously called ‘ The Top Of the World’ town of St.Moritz, Best known for its cafes and chocolates besides its rare natural beauty, this town offers you an unforgettable experience. The professional guide accompanying you adds to the fun many folds!

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