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5 easy ways to skip the lines at the Acropolis!

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Athens, the birthplace of Western civilization is an elated mix of ancient Greek history and modern magnificence. The crown jewel of this city, the impressive Acropolis stands atop a hill towering over Athens; serving a daily reminder to the Greeks of their heritage.

Boasting over a million tourists each year, it isn’t unusual to see long queues outside the Acropolis. But don't worry, we've got a few tried and tested hacks to help you skip the lines at the Acropolis of Athens.

Wait Times - What to Expect at the Acropolis?

Picture this - a hot day in Athens, you’re headed for a fun day to the Acropolis and the first thing you see is a serpentine queue that looks at least 2 hours long. Bummer isn’t it? Well, that’s how most days in Acropolis go by. Most people prefer buying tickets on the spot, but little do they know that the queue eats into most of their day (and energy!). With up to 2700 people flocking in each day, the queue here is rarely short. Buying skip the line Acropolis tickets is definitely a no-brainer to save yourself time, money & energy, but we have a few more tricks up our sleeve. Read on.

Acropolis tickets

5 Ways To Skip The Lines At Acropolis

1. Buy skip the line Acropolis tickets in advance online

Buying acropolis skip the line tickets in advance is the easiest way to skip the long queues. There is a dedicated entrance for skip the line ticket holders and you can zoom past the entrance in a jiffy! It’s convenient and quick.

2. Do not go on a free access day

To avoid the longest of queues, going on a free access day is the last thing you want to do and for good reason. Most budget travelers end up visiting the Acropolis on these days + you’ll find a lot of locals who come by to spend a day at this fantastic vantage point. If you want a peaceful tour of the Acropolis, we suggest skipping these days. If you must, make sure to come early enough to climb up to the top before the place is overrun by hundreds of tourists and it becomes impossible to enjoy the beauty of Acropolis in all its majestic glory.

3. Go on a guided tour of the Acropolis

Taking a guided tour is an excellent way to see the Acropolis. Alongside the experience of discovering the best of Acropolis with a historian guide, you also get to skip the queues and walk in via a dedicated entrance. There’s so much history around you at the Acropolis, a visit without a guide will simply not do justice.

4. Grab a multi-site combo ticket to Acropolis + another attraction in Athens

The city of Athens has plenty to offer. Why not combine your visit to the Acropolis with one to another attraction in the city? Buying multi-site combo tickets save you a few bucks and help you avoid standing in multiple queues as well! It’s a win-win.

5. Get the Athens City Pass and get skip the line access to the Acropolis + other perks

The Athens City Pass is an all-inclusive pass that allows you explore the Greek capital's major attractions without having to scuttle around for tickets at every site. This pass allows priority and free admission to the most popular sites in the city and skip the line access to others. It also covers free public transportation as well as airport transfers . Note: The pass does not include free public transportation, but you have the option to choose this as an an additional option to book this.

Skip The Line Tickets vs Guided Tours ?

While Skip the Line tickets are more economical, they don’t give you the company of a local guide. This makes a world of a difference to your Acropolis experience and you’ll see why. As a first time visitor to the Acropolis, you’re bound to feel overwhelmed. A knowledgeable guide by your side helps in making sure you explore the best parts of the Acropolis while making the most of your time. They will regale you with stories and facts that no audio guide or article on the internet can tell you. Not to forget, you also get to skip the lines and enjoy priority access which saves you precious time you can spend exploring other parts of Athens. PS: You can also ask your local guide for insider tips and recommendations to explore Athens like a local!

Top Recommended Skip The Line Acropolis Tickets

Grab your skip the line Acropolis tickets online and save time and money!

Skip The Line at Acropolis Deconstructed

Acropolis tickets

With the skip the line tickets at Acropolis you can enter the site directly avoiding the queues at the ticket house that are especially long during summers . If you’ve signed up for a guided tour, the tour begins with a visit to the Acropolis Museum which shows you a rich historical display of the actual Acropolis' structures, from before the renovation.

After the museum, you enter the site and head to the Propylaea - the magnificent entryway to the Acropolis with its Doric-order fronted building with Ionic-order interior columns.

To your right stands the glorious Parthenon and as you ascend up the towering rock, you'll learn about the legends that lurk around every corner and see the ancient Greek civilization come to life. The Acropolis of Athens is a massive ancient site with intriguing structures and mythological legends hidden around every corner. Keep aside at least 2 hours for a sedate visit.

Skip The Line at Acropolis Insider Tips

  • The easiest way to avoid the queues during tourist season is to get a multi-site ticket the previous day. It costs €30 all year and offers you admission to many ancient places in central Athens. The combo ticket allows you entry to several sites like the Ancient Agora, Aristotle's School, the Olympieion, Hadrian's Library and the Roman Agora and more, in addition to the Acropolis.
  • There are 2 entrances to the Acropolis - one for online ticket holders and the other for those who intend to purchase tickets on-site. Needless to say, the queues for online ticket holders are much shorter. Grab your skip the line tickets online to be a part of this queue and zoom in with zero hassles.
  • There is no parking facility outside Acropolis but there is a street parking facility available at Veikou, Hatzichristou, Parthenonos streets, Falirou Street, and Rovertou Galli Street.

How to get to Acropolis

By Bus:Bus tickets can be bought from bus drivers or from the ticket counters at the bus stop. They can also be purchased from metro stations around Athens. Bus numbers 035, 230 have travel routes that pass near Acropolis.

By Metro:The Acropolis is a minutes’ walk from Monastiraki Square, or you can take the metro red line to the Acropoli station.

By Car: While there is no parking facility outside the Acropolis, there are many paid parking lots a short walk away. If you’re hailing a cab, you will be dropped right outside the Acropolis main entrance.

By Train: Phix is the closest train station to the Acropolis Museum, a 11-minute walk away.

Acropolis Entrances Explained

There are two entrances to the Acropolis, the main entrance to the western side of the hill and the side entrance to the south-eastern side of the hill The Main Acropolis entrance is meant for individual visitors and groups and if you purchase a regular Acropolis ticket online, this is the entrance you’ll get access to. The side entrance, also known as the Dionysus Theater entrance, is relatively less crowded as it is solely meant for small group tours and skip-the-line tours. If you’ve purchased a skip the line Acropolis ticket online, make your way to the side entrance for a queue-free, hassle-free entry.

Acropolis Opening Hours

Summers: 8.00 am to 20.00 pm
Winters: 8:00 am and 17:00 pm.

The Acropolis remains closed during these dates:
1 January , 25 March , 1 May , Easter Sunday , 25 December , 26 December

Best Time to Visit Acropolis

The best time to visit the Acropolis is early in the morning, as soon as the gates open. This helps you skip the crowds and the scorching Athens heat. hour and a half before the temple shuts is also a wonderful time to visit; the sunset draping the setting in hues of pink and orange. site in an exquisite light of the approaching morning.

Skip weekends as they are almost always crowded. March and May, as well as September and November, are the best months to explore Athens.

Acropolis Rules and Regulations

  • The Acropolis is a religious site in Athens. Make sure you are dressed adequately.
  • Do not get drones to the site as it is prohibited there is a 500 euro fine and your drone will be confiscated.
  • It is forbidden to touch or stand on the Acropolis Stones and Marble.

Acropolis: Reviews

Having our skip the line tickets made our visit to the Acropolis so easy because the line was getting long and we just breezed on through.

- Marie, Headout, Apr 2022

Easily booked fast track tickets online. Arrived at Acropolis and breezed through fast track with assistance from friendly staff. Very busy once at the top but staff helped to keep foot traffic moving. Acropolis is an amazing experience. Highly recommend

- Zoe, Headout, Apr 2022

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