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Understanding The Acropolis Entrances – Know Which Entrance To Choose For Your Acropolis Entry

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Acropolis Entrances

The historical city of Athens has been big with travelers for numerous years and for good reason! The biggest highlight of the beautiful city of Athens is the Acropolis. Bringing in millions of visitors annually from around the world, Acropolis is an ancient citadel located on a hill overlooking Athens. Considered to be one of the most iconic landmarks in the world, Acropolis is home to centuries-old statues, legendary columns, and temples of worship from the olden times. Before you plan your trip to Acropolis, you should know that the iconic tourist attraction has multiple entrances. Learn more about Acropolis entrances and discover which entrance is best for you.

Acropolis Athens

Acropolis Entrance | Quick Guide

There are two separate Acropolis entrance gates; the main entrance at the western side of the hill and the side entrance at the south-eastern side of the hill. Here’s a look at both Acropolis entrances in detail:

Acropolis Main Entrance

As the name suggests, this is the primary Acropolis entrance. The main entrance is used by pretty much everyone looking to visit the landmark, which is why it’s crowded most of the time.

Purpose of the entrance

This Acropolis entrance is meant for individual visitors and groups. If you purchase a regular Acropolis ticket online, this is the entrance you’ll get access to.

What is closest to the entrance?

The main entrance is located on the western side of the hill and you’ll get to explore the historic landmark in all its glory, as intended.

Average waiting time at entrance

Given its popularity and visibility, the average waiting time at the main entrance falls anywhere between 20 to 30 minutes, depending on when you visit. If you don’t purchase your tickets online, you may end up waiting a couple of hours just to buy your tickets at the entrance.

Parking near the entrance

The main entrance is within walking distance from the parking area.

Acropolis Side Entrance

Also known as the Dionysus Theater entrance, the side entrance is located on the south-eastern side of the landmark and is relatively unknown when compared to the main entrance.

Purpose of the entrance

The side entrance is dedicated to small group tours and skip-the-line tours.

What is closest to the entrance

When you enter Acropolis of Athens through the side entrance, you’ll get to see the stunning and iconic Dionysus Theater, which holds the honor of being the oldest theater in Europe. Other attractions that await you near the side entrance include the Thrasylus sponsor’s monument, the Eumenes Stoa, the Asclepius Sanctuary and many other monuments and sites.

Average waiting time at entrance

Since the side entrance is exclusively for small group tours and skip the line tours, there’s practically no waiting time at the entrance.

Parking near the entrance

The side entrance is far away from the parking of the Acropolis.

Which Acropolis entrance should I choose?

The Acropolis entrance that you should choose is the side entrance, also known as the Dionysus Theater entrance. Here’s why:

  • Using the side entrance, you’ll get to see a lot more sites and sculptures when compared to the main entrance. Some of them include the oldest and most iconic theater in Europe, the Dionysus Theater, the Asclepius Sanctuary, the Thrasylus sponsor’s monument, the Eumenes Stoa, and much more.
  • The Acropolis side entrance is never as crowded and busy as the main one, which means you can save your precious time at the entrance and spend it exploring the landmark.
  • Many stores selling snacks and beverages are located next to the Acropolis side entrance.
  • Both restroom facilities and tourism info booths are located adjacent to the side entrance.
Acropolis Athens

Acropolis Entrance Fees

The price of your Acropolis entrance ticket depends on the type of ticket you choose. Here are the different Acropolis entrance tickets you can choose from.

  • A regular Acropolis ticket with no priority access or guide starts at €5 for the winter season (1st November - 31st March) and €10 for summer season (1st April - 31st October). These tickets require you to stand in queue before entering the Acropolis.
  • Skip-the-Line Acropolis tickets are priced at €12 and is recommended for those who'd like to explore the Acropolis at their leisure without standing in hour long ticket queues for entry.
  • Skip-the-line Acropolis Tickets with Audio Tour is priced at €14 and is a great option for those who like learning about the history of the Acropolis but at the same time exploring the monument at one's own pace without a guide.
  • Acropolis Small-Group Guided Tours priced at €55 is recommended for those who'd like to learn about the Acropolis's history from a local historian.

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Getting To Acropolis Entrance

  • Car - There is no parking facility outside Acropolis but there is a street parking facility available at Veikou, Hatzichristou, Parthenonos streets, Falirou Street, and Rovertou Galli Street.
  • Bus - Makriyianni is the closest bus stop to Acropolis. You can take bus routes 24, 40, 126, 134, A2, A3, A4, 57, and others to arrive at the landmark.
  • Train - Phix is the closest train station to the Acropolis Museum, a 11-minute walk away.
  • Metro - The nearest metro station is Acropoli, which is a minute’s walk from the landmark.

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