All you need to know about Florence in August

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Florence, nestled in the heart of Italy's Tuscany region, is a mesmerizing fusion of architectural grandeur and Renaissance masterpieces. Its museums, churches, and palaces are veritable treasure troves, captivating legions of visitors annually. The winding cobblestone streets, resplendent 15th-century palazzos, ancient churches, majestic marble basilicas, and world-class art collections effortlessly whisk you away to another era. Birthplace to illustrious fashion icons such as Gucci, Florence boasts boutique-lined avenues brimming with chic apparel and accessories. Locals take immense pride in their culinary heritage, offering delectable, locally-sourced delicacies and exquisite wines. August heralds peak summertime splendor in Florence, inviting indulgence in sun-drenched afternoons and leisurely pursuits. Immerse yourself in the unparalleled charm of Florence—a symphony of gourmet delights, fine wines, and timeless allure.

What makes Florence in August a must-visit?

florence in august

During August, Florence is predominantly populated by tourists. With many locals vacationing elsewhere, some shops and restaurants may be closed; however, this presents an opportunity to benefit from discounts at other establishments. Spend your days exploring Florence's museums and cathedrals, where you'll be enchanted by their beauty, providing a welcome reprieve from the summer heat. As the evening sets in, enjoy the city's outdoor spaces, making the most of the cooler temperatures.

In August, the city's summer outdoor venues shine as a highlight, boasting delightful food offerings and entertainment programs, providing an ideal setting for evenings spent with loved ones. Amidst the plethora of cultural events, one can delve into and relish the rich tapestry of Florentine culture and tradition. Additionally, August presents the opportune moment to don your finest summer attire, capturing picture-perfect moments for your Instagram feed.

Florence in August: Weather

In Florence, August reigns as the sultriest month, boasting an average temperature of 25°C, which gradually cools as the month progresses. Daytime temperatures can soar to 32°C, while nights settle around 19°C. Expect daylight to linger for approximately 13-14 hours, accompanied by varying degrees of humidity, ranging from mild to extreme. Rainfall is a rare occurrence during August in this Italian city.

Florence in August: Things to Do


Uffizi Gallery

florence in august

Uffizi Gallery is an art museum, famous for its remarkable collections of Renaissance artwork. Constructed between 1560 and 1580, the museum houses paintings and sculptures from the Middle Ages to the Modern period, and boasts collections of statues from the Medici family.

August Timings
Tuesday – Sunday: 8:15 AM - 6:30 PM
Closed on Mondays


Piazzale degli Uffizi, 6, 50122 Firenze FI,
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Accademia Gallery

florence in august

The Accademia Gallery is a world-famous art museum, spread over two floors. Famous for featuring Michaelangelo’s David sculpture, the museum attracts millions of visitors each year. The museum also houses other phenomenal works of art that make it worth visiting.

August Timings
Tuesday – Sunday: 8:15 AM - 6:20 PM
Closed on Mondays


Via Ricasoli, 58, 50122 Firenze FI,
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Florence Duomo

Florence Duomo

The Florence Duomo is a Gothic cathedral, named after Santa Maria del Fiore. The cathedral, with its magnificent Renaissance dome, bell tower and baptistery, is one of Florence’s most iconic buildings. Climb up to the top of the dome for panoramic views of the city. Don’t forget to check out the clock above the entrance on the inside of the church, which was designed in accordance with the ora italica, where the 24th hour of the day ends at sunset.

August Timings
Florence Cathedral: Monday to Saturday 10:15 AM to 4:45 PM. Closed on Sundays.
Dome: Monday to Friday 8:15 AM to 7:30 PM. On Saturday 8:15 AM and 5:15 PM and on Sunday 12:24 PM and 5:15 PM.
Giotto's Bell Tower: Daily 8:15 AM to 7:45 PM.
Duomo Museum: Open 9 AM to 7:45 PM. Closed on the first Tuesday of every month.
Baptistery of San Giovanni: Daily 8:30 AM to 7:45 PM.


Piazza del Duomo, Florence
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Walking Food & Art Tour

florence in august

Explore the culinary and artistic aspects of Florence like a local on a three-hour walking tour, with a professional guide explaining the city’s culture and history. Indulge in authentic street food while you feast your eyes on the marvellous architecture around the city.

August Timings
The tour starts at 9:30 am


Kiosk , Firenze, Italy
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Day Trip to Cinque Terre

florence in august

Cinque Terre is a string of centuries-old villages on the rugged Riviera coastline. The villages, dotted with colourful houses, and touched by the Ligurian Sea and mountains, offer a picturesque view. Experience the natural beauty and vibrant energy of the Cinque Terre region as you walk through the villages and surreal cliff-side landscapes.

August Timings
The tour starts at 6:45 am


Piazzale Montelungo, Yellow Street Sign,
Florence, Italy
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Day Trip to Pisa

florence in august

Pisa, the city famous for the Leaning Tower, is flavoured with medieval buildings and churches that are architectural marvels. The drive to Pisa takes you through the splendid Tuscan countryside along the Arno Valley, in a luxurious air-conditioned coach. The trip includes a guide to give you detailed accounts of Pisa’s history and attractions.

August Timings
The tour starts at 1:45 pm


Provincia di Pisa, Italy
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Florence Segway Guided Tour

florence in august

A fun and unique way of touring Florence is on a Segway. Glide your way around the city from one attraction to another, with a guide telling you stories of the city. The one-and-a-half hour Segway tour takes you on a journey filled with art, history and folklore.

August Timings
The tour starts at 9:30 am or 3 pm, depending on the option selected.

Florence in August : Events to Look Out For

florence in august

Estate Fiesolana

June 15 - September 13, 2023
Estate Fiesolana is the oldest multi-facet festival organized in the open air. The festival features a multitude of musical and theatre events, including concerts, classical theatre, and comedy shows. Fiesole, just a short distance from Florence, makes the most of its Roman urban architecture which is the perfect stage for an evening under the stars.

florence in august

Feast of San Lorenzo

August 9, 2023
Piazza San Lorenzo hosts an outdoor celebration to honour San Lorenzo, the patron saint of Florence. Florentines celebrate the day of the Feast by attending mass inside the San Lorenzo basilica at 6 pm, followed by the festivities, which include live music and free lasagna and watermelon for all visitors. At the end of the event, head to an open area and look up at the sky as the Perseid meteor shower crosses the terrestrial orbit, giving the impression of rainfall of stars.

florence in august


August 15, 2023
Ferragosto is a national holiday, marking the peak of summer holidays for Italians. Florentines celebrate this day by frolicking around on the beach, lakes or mountains to escape the heat. This is probably the only day in the summer that the streets of Florence are empty. You can either enjoy the uncrowded streets or take a dip in the sea as the locals do.

Florence in August : One Day Itinerary

Read our detailed Florence itinerary and make the most of 24 hours in Italy's cultural capital.

rome in one day

8:15 AM

rome in one day

10:00 AM

rome in one day

11:00 AM

rome in one day

1:30 PM

rome in one day

2:00 PM

rome in one day

2:30 PM

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5:00 PM

rome in one day

6:00 PM

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Florence Weather in August

Florence is quite hot in August. The average temperature is around 25°C, with the temperature reaching above 30°C during the day, and dropping to 20°C after sundown. Humidity levels can be high during the day, and reduce by the end of the day, making the evenings cool and pleasant. The city sees an average of 13 hours of sunlight a day, with almost no rainfall throughout the month.

Where to Stay in Florence in August

Florence is a relatively small city, making it easy to visit all of the attractions. Staying in the historic centre of Florence puts you within walking distance of all of its important attractions, as well as restaurants, shops and churches. The Oltrarno area to the south of the Arno river is close to artisan workshops and antique furniture galleries, as well as pubs and restaurants. Staying outside of the historic centre of Florence gives you more budget-friendly options for accommodation. Check out our recommendations for accommodation for all types of budget:

What to Pack for Visiting Florence in August

Prepare your suitcase with lightweight summer attire like sundresses, shorts, and cotton t-shirts since August brings hot and humid weather. Remember to include sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses to shield yourself from the sun's rays. If you intend to swim in the sea, don't forget your bathing suit. Opt for light and comfy walking shoes, especially suitable for navigating cobblestone streets. For visits to cathedrals, ensure you pack modest attire suitable for church settings.

Getting Around Florence in August

The primary historic district of Florence is compact, facilitating easy navigation on foot from one end to the other. Opting for car travel within Florence is discouraged due to limited parking availability and numerous pedestrian-only streets. Bicycles are a favored mode of transportation among locals, offering visitors an opportunity to explore the city like a native by renting one. Taxis are accessible from designated locations throughout the city and cannot be hailed randomly from the streets. Additionally, Florence boasts a convenient public bus and tram network for further transportation options.

Florence in August - Must Try Delicacies

florence in august

Lampredotto is a dish from Florence’s medieval period. It is a sandwich made with thinly sliced tripe boiled in broth, seasoned, and served on a plate. You can order it with spicy red sauce or herbal green sauce, or even Bagnato (with wet bread, and a little bit of gravy) from outdoor markets or street vendors around the city.

florence in july

Bruschetta is a simple, yet flavorful dish made with a mixture of chopped tomatoes, balsamic, basil, and garlic, spread over slices of toasted baguette or rustic bread that is slathered with olive oil. This dish is a must-try in August as it is the season when tomatoes are at their ripest, enriching the dish with maximum flavour.

florence in july

Gelato is basically Italian ice cream, but unlike regular ice cream, gelato has a higher proportion of milk and a lower proportion of cream and eggs. It is less dense than regular ice cream as it is churned at a much slower rate, incorporating less air. The city boasts some artisanal gelato as well as interesting flavour combinations, that are made by hand.

florence in august

Pappardelle is a long, wide, flat pasta that is usually paired with a heavy sauce, such as ragu. This dish has a few variations in the type of meat in the ragu, but the most commonly used meat is wild boar, rabbit and goose.

Florence in july
Bistecca Alla Fiorentina

Bistecca Alla Fiorentina or Florentine Steak is a large T-bone cut weighing between one to four kilos, fire grilled on the outside and pink and bloody on the inside, seasoned with salt, pepper, a squeeze of lemon, and traditionally cooked over-roasted chestnuts for a smoky flavour. This is Florence’s most popular dish and definitely packs a punch in terms of flavour.

Tips to Visit Florence in August

  • Purchase your tickets in advance as the city will be crowded with tourists in August.
  • Wake up early and explore the city to avoid the hot morning sun and the crowds. Early morning is also the perfect time to take those Instagram-worthy photos.
  • Piazza del Duomo is one of the most crowded areas in Florence, so visit the piazza either early morning or late evening to avoid the crowds.
  • Most of the produce is locally sourced in Florence, and August is when summer vegetables are at their ripest, so make sure you pick up some juicy fruits.
  • Head over to Bilancino Lake, where you can rent paddle boats, canoes or an umbrella and lounge chairs, as it is less crowded than other beaches.
  • Grab a glass of wine and watch the meteor shower happening on August 10th.

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Is August a good time to visit Florence?

August can also be a good time to visit Florence, as many locals leave the city for vacation, so there are fewer people around. August can be quite hot though, so be prepared for higher temperatures.

What should I pack for Florence in August?

Lightweight and breathable clothing is recommended for a trip to Florence in August. The weather can be quite hot, so you'll want to be able to stay cool. sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat are also essential items. Comfortable shoes are also a must, as you'll likely be doing a lot of walking around the city.

What are some must-see sights in Florence in August?

There are many must-see sights in Florence, but some of the most popular include the Duomo, the Baptistery of St. John, and the Campanile bell tower. The Uffizi Gallery and the Accademia Gallery are also must-sees for art lovers. If you're looking to get out of the city for a day, consider taking a day trip to one of the nearby towns such as Pisa or Siena.

What are some good restaurants in Florence?

There are many great restaurants in Florence, but some of the most popular include Trattoria da Burde, Il Latini, La Giostra, Antica Mescita San Niccolo, and Da Mario. These restaurants are all located in the city center, so you'll be able to easily walk to them from your hotel.

What are the best events in Florence in August?

Some of the best events in Florence in August are Ferragosto, Estate Fiesolana and Feast of San Lorenzo.