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Experience artistic brilliance at the Festival of Sydney, 2024

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Since its inception in 1977, the Festival of Sydney has become one of the most anticipated events in Australia's cultural calendar. Every year, the city transforms into a vibrant hub of arts and entertainment, drawing crowds from all walks of life. Whether you're a die-hard theatre enthusiast, a passionate music lover, or just in search of some fun, there's something at the festival for everyone. With its bustling atmosphere and an array of spectacular shows, it's an experience I wouldn't miss for the world.

Date: 5 - 28th January, 2024
Venues: Many and across Sydney, check the official website

Festival of Sydney

The origin of Festival of Sydney

The Sydney Festival was the brainchild of the combined efforts of the Sydney Committee, the NSW State Government, and the City of Sydney. The intent behind its creation was to revitalize the city center during the holiday month of January by providing a mix of cultural events and attractions. Launching its first celebration in 1977, the festival has blossomed into a prominent fixture in the annual cultural calendar, gaining both national and international praise for its modern, popular, and intellectual offerings. There's a lot to see here, we promise!

Events to look forward to at the Festival of Sydney 2024

Festival of Sydney
Festival of Sydney
Festival of Sydney

For free

TE WHEKE-A-MUTURANGI: This dynamic reinterpretation of an ancient Maori tale is one of the main highlights of Festival of Sydney. A giant Octopus sets the stage for a narrative that explores life's complexities through powerful choreography and multimedia effects.

For family

Night Songs at Coney Island: For an enchanting evening with your loved ones attend the Night Songs at Coney island. This immersive experience with choral music will feature renowned musicians like Sydney Philharmonia Choirs, vocal soloists Peter Coleman Wright AO and Cheryl Barker AO.

For talk

Exhibitions After Dark: An evening where art isn't just observed—it's discussed, challenged, and celebrated. Exhibition After Dark is a summer program at the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, where the provocative solo work of artists Eddie Abd, Katy B Plummer, and Leanne Tobin takes center stage. Picture a place buzzing with live music, dynamic performances, and hands-on workshops, all with bespoke food and drinks.

For theatre

Bananaland: A laugh riot, Bananaland follows the beleaguered band Kitty Litter, as their anti-political anthem unintentionally becomes a children's hit. With star-studded creative talents and a powerhouse punk rock score, this musical comedy pokes fun at ambition and identity, promising audiences an uproariously good time.

For dance

Encantado: Encantado is a vibrant dance spectacle that threads the mythic and the urgent present. With environmental consciousness and spiritual undercurrents, Lia Rodrigues's choreographic wizardry blends activism with art, compelling viewers to reconsider humanity's bond with nature.

For music

Anoushka Shankar at the Sydney Opera House: Anoushka Shankar 's signature sitar comes alive in the halls of the Sydney Opera House. As a virtuoso sitar player, she weaves a tapestry of sound that spans classical Indian traditions and progressive world music. Her performance is a transcendent encounter with the sublime, set against a backdrop of one of the most famous artistic venues in the world.

Sustainability at Festival of Sydney 2024

Festival of Sydney's sustainability ethos is evident through its continual evolution towards more eco-friendly operations. This year the festival plans to integrate artistic excellence with environmental responsibility, reduce waste, partner with green enterprises, use clean energy, and employ carbon offsetting.

Festival of Sydney 2024