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Company Musical Broadway Reviews | The review round-up!

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Katrina Lenk and Patti Lupone star in a modern-day version of Company, a musical comedy from the 1970s by theater veteran, Stephen Sondheim. Unlike the earlier version, Company today sees a major role reversal -- the lead actor is now a woman, navigating through her mid-30s, trying to find answers to questions imposed by society. Marianne Elliot’s Company not-so-subtly shines light on the double standards imposed on women by society, questioning Lenk’s Bobbie for not having ‘settled down’ at 35. Bobbie’s journey is perfectly captured by Sondheim’s enigmatic musical score. After a successful run on West End, Company will premiere on Broadway on 22 March 2020. In this post, we'll take a look at Company Musical Broadway reviews, our opinion on why you must watch the show, and a seating chart guide.

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Company Musical Broadway Reviews | What The Critics Think

“...I’m going to cheerily declare that Elliott has found hidden depths in what was already a stone-cold classic...this ‘Company’ is another easy case for the greatness of Sondheim, the man they literally call God. But a serious word for Marianne Elliott: she may not have killed Bobby-with-a-’y’ for good, but this production deserves to go down as a game-changer.”
- Timeout London on the 2018 West End production

“There have been other wonderful productions of Company, including an indelible Donmar Warehouse revival in 1995 by Sam Mendes that starred Adrian Lester as Bobby, but this version is both a departure into new territory and a stunning reaffirmation of its brilliance.”
- London Theatre on the 2018 West End Production

“Marianne Elliott’s vivid, deeply felt production turns Bobby into Bobbie and sets out to transform Company from a brilliant period piece about the sexual revolution of the Seventies to a show that allows us to see the main predicament from the perspective of women in the present day.”
- Independent on the 2018 West End Production

“Company was the first musical I saw on Broadway and has always had a special place in my affections. It is gratifying to see it not just being revived but also intelligently reimagined.”
- The Guardian on the 2018 West End Production

Company Musical | Why You Must Watch The Show

Company tackles widely-debated subjects like gender stereotypes and societal expectations with simplicity and finesse. In the 1970 version, the protagonist is a womanising character plagued by run-of-the-mill commitment issues -- although is never questioned about ‘settling down’. In Marinanne Elliot’s version of Bobbie, the character is bombarded with unsolicited advice and inane questioning about a ticking biological clock. While Bobbie contemplates her life decisions and slipping youth, Sondheim’s musical score captures every thought and emotion emphatically. Elliot’s Company ventures into unfamiliar territory with this modern re-telling of a classic, and wins with every scene.

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