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Circle In The Square Theatre Seating Chart

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This guide on the Circle In The Square Theatre Seating Chart will help you find the best seats in the house. Get real-time seat availability and pricing, insider tips on the best seats and more.

Navigating the Circle In The Square Theatre Seating Chart

Circle In The Square Theatre - Recommended Seats

Value for money seats
Center Orchestra - rows H and K
If money were no matter
Center Orchestra - rows AA to B
Best views of the stage
Center Orchestra - front four rows of orchestra
Best Legroom
Row A

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Circle In The Square Theatre Orchestra

The Circle in the Square Theatre has a total seat count of 776 spread across only the orchestra section. The theater is designed like a horseshoe. There’s a center stage, which is followed by rows upon rows of seats, with each rows facing a natural inclination and the last row being the highest.

The rows closest to the stage are AA to EE with AA being the closest and EE being the furthest away from the stage. Tickets for these rows are typically the most expensive in the house and for good reason. If you prefer an immersive theater experience, book your tickets in these first five rows.

Next we have the biggest section in the theater, beginning with row A and ending on row G. These seats are spread all around the stage and each one offers a good viewing angle. From a price point, these seats fall in the same range as the premium orchestra seats, since they are considered quite close to the stage.

The last two seating sections are H and I and J and K, with H being closer to the center stage and K being the last row in the theater. Unlike most Broadway theaters, the last few rows in Circle in the Square aren’t absolutely horrible. The theater is designed in a way that allows for even the last row seats to offer a pretty good look at the stage. Understandably, these seats are the cheapest of the lot since they’re furthest away from the stage.

While we stand by our statement about all seats offering a good view, we would still recommend that you avoid the extreme corner seats for all sides of the seating area since you can miss some of the stage proceedings due to an obstructed view. For instance seats 438-440 would be obstructed if the actors were performing on the far left of the stage and the same would be true in seats 437-439, when the actors perform on the far right of the stage.

Which Seats Offer the Best View?

You will have a magical time at Circle in the Square theatre only with the best seats.

Deciding the best seat in a center stage-theater like Circle in the Square really boils down to the kind of experience you’re looking to have. If you are sort who wants to be in the middle of all the action and participate in the proceeding of the show whenever the opportunity arise, the seats close to the stage are perfect for you.

On the other hand, if you don’t wish to engage with the cast are just looking for a casual theater-viewing experience, seats in the back rows would be ideal for you. As a rule of thumb, pick the upper seats if you’re watching a musical.

Which Seats/Section Offer the Best Value for Money?

While they might not be for everyone, rows AA to B, which are closest to the stage, are the most expensive. If you’re looking for some budget-friendly options, we have the next best thing. Rows H and I in the upper middle level offer a great view of the stage and the prices are lower than those of the premium orchestra seats.

If you’re looking for cheaper options, the last couple of rows, J and K are the cheapest in the house. The best part is that since Circle in the Square Theatre is small and the seating arrangement is more intimate, even the seats in the last rows offer a pretty great view of the stage.

Circle in the Square Theatre : 30-Second Takeaway

  • The Circle in the Square Theatre is designed like a concert venue, with a stage in the middle which is surrounded by seats on all sides. The theater is perfect for shows that demand audience interaction.
  • With its unique design and seating arrangement, the Circle in the Square Theatre has a total seat count of 776.
  • The Circle in the Square Theatre doesn’t have any levels or sections like other Broadway theaters. All the seats are labeled orchestra, but offer views of varying quality.
  • The theater is designed to reflect the theaters of ancient Greece and Rome and is the only Broadway theater that has a vomitorium, which is sometimes used as an entrance and exit for the actors.
  • While the theater doesn’t have any additional levels, there is a natural upward inclination, like most theaters do, allowing people who don’t want to sit too close to the theater a viable option.
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How many sections does Square Theatre have?

Circle in the Square Theatre has a total seat count of 776 spread across only the orchestra section.

Where are the best seats in Square Theatre?

The best seats at Circle in the Square are located in rows B, C and D of the orchestra as they are located at a prime distance from the stage. For the best view from these seats, opt for those as close to the middle of the row.

What is the seating capacity of Square Theatre, New York?

Square Theatre Theatre has a seating capacity of 776.

Which section has wheelchair accessibility at Square Theatre?

The entire front row of the theatre is wheelchair- and scooter- accessible. All seats can be removed so the patron can remain in their wheelchair.