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Ambassadors Theatre Seating Plan – Best Seats, Real-Time Pricing & Reviews

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Our Headout guide to the Ambassadors Theatre seating plan, one of the West End's smallest with 444 seats, offers real-time availability, pricing, and insider tips for choosing the best seats.

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Navigating the Ambassadors Theatre Seating Plan

Ambassador Theatre Seating Map

Ambassadors Theatre - Recommended Seats

Value for money seats
Circle - Any seats in Row H to O. Great view of the stage without paying a hefty price. These seats are also the most popular and tend to sell out soon.
If money were no matter
Stalls - Any seats in Row D to H. Row A is too close to the stage and you may miss out on a few acts that happen at the sides.
Best views of the stage
Stalls - 7-16 in Row A and 8-15 in Row B.
Circle - 7-16 in Rows A-C

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Ambassadors Theatre Seating Plan Sections

Ambassadors Theatre Stalls

The stalls seating area can be reached via 26 steps down from the main foyer, with handrails and highlighted steps in place. Since there is no customer lift, this section is not recommended for patrons with limited mobility. Also note that due to the small size of the theatre, there is limited legroom in rows C-D as well as the centre of Row L.

The stall is a small section that offers good views since the seats feel very close to the stage. The rows towards the rear of the stalls are restricted due to the circle overhang, but this ensures that the price of tickets for these seats remains on the lower side.

Ambassadors Theatre Circle

The circle section is located 5 steps up from the foyer, with handrails and highlighted steps. Since there are only 5 steps that need to be climbed, this section is better suited for individuals with limited mobility or for folks who use a wheelchair and wish to be transferred to a seat. If you need extra legroom, book a seat in Row F.

The circle is considered to offer the best overall views of the stage and is generally the home of premium seats in the theatre. There are no restricted views in this section, thanks to the elevation from the stage, with the only downside being that the rear rows feel slightly more distant from the stage. In Row A-E, the legroom is pretty negligible as opposed to Row F-L, offering plenty of room.

Which Seats Offer The Best View?

Since the Ambassadors Theatre offers limited seating, there aren’t a lot of seats that can be described as having the best view. Most seats in the theatre offer a uniformly good look at the stage. If we had to identify “premium seats” in the theatre, they would be located in the front and centre of the circle section in seats 7-16 of Row A and 8-15 of Row B. These seats can be described as being best in the house, offering an outstanding, unrestricted and upfront, panoramic view of the entire stage.

Which Seats Offer the Best Value for Money?

If you’re looking forward to watching west end show but are worried about how much the tickets will cost, allow us to ease your worries. Although the Ambassadors Theatre is very small and has only 444 seats to choose from, you can still save a lot on your tickets if you know where to look. Here are our top picks of value for money seats in the theatre.

The majority of seats from rows H-O in the stalls section offer an unrestricted view and are priced quite reasonably, making them great deals. In the circle section, seats in the back two rows, K-L, are discounted due to their distance from the stage. Rows A-G of the circle also fall under the value-for-money category, with clear, close-up views of the whole stage. But since the theatre is small, you will not miss any action from these seats. Please note that there is limited legroom in rows C-E and Row G.

30-Second Takeaway: Ambassadors Theatre Seating Plan

  • The theatre has a capacity to accommodate 444 persons.
  • Seating in the theatre is divided into two sections- the stalls and the circle
  • The best seats in the house are the front and centre of the circle section in seats 7-16 of Row A and 8-15 of Row B

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