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We write fairy tales,
We draw fairy tales,
We live fairy tales,

We create a fairy tale world.

That’s what the Declaration of Independence of Naminara states! Namiseom Island or Nami Island could give Disneyland a tough contest as becoming the happiest place on earth, because it drives so much joy to anyone who visits the island. It is also accorded the status of UNICEF Child Friendly Park, and only the 14th such park in the world! From trigger-happy photographers to couples in love, from picnicking families to K-fans, everyone loves the scenic beauty of Nami Island on the Han River. No matter the season, the beauty of Nami Island Korea doesn’t cease and is a must-visit destination when visiting Korea.

Nami Island - The Land Of Fairy Tales

Nami Island, Petite France & The Garden of Morning Calm From Seoul

Image Courtesy : seoulkorea-tour

Nami Island has created a wonderland of sorts where one can marvel at natural beauty through its walking paths, landscaped gardens, and ponds. Some of the best spots on the Nami Island are the lanes lined with sequoia trees, pine trees and ginkgo trees. Visitors flock in droves to see the spectacular landscapes and scenery that has been made famous thanks to Korean dramas and entertainment.

Not just natural beauty, Nami Island also has several restaurants to enjoy delicious food. It offers activities like biking and motorboat tours, and kid-friendly things to do like sky-bike, UNICEF train, story tour bus and Forest Adventure Treego.

Nami Island Korea is also in close proximity to other tourist attractions – Petite France and the Garden of Morning Calm. While it is entirely possible to travel to all destinations by public transport, it might be tough because getting delayed while waiting for public transport means you miss out on one destination! This is why going on a group tour is ideal as the itinerary is prepared in a way you can make the best of your trip from Seoul to Nami Island.

Immigration to Nami Island

Nami Island is a part of the Naminara Republic which has declared its cultural independence from the Republic of Korea and even has its own National Flag, Anthem, Passport, Postage Stamp and Commemorative Coins.

Unlike the tough immigration policies across the world, entry to this ‘fairy tale world’ is simple and easy. You can purchase the entrance ticket or Naminara Republic VISA Fees at the Customer Service Counter on the mainland. The cost of the entry is ₩13,000, children and seniors get a discount and their ticket is ₩10,000.

Going from Seoul To Nami Island - All Your Transport Options

Nami Island is just 1 hour 45 minutes away from Seoul and is a popular day trip destination, conducted at an economical price by multiple local tours. There are multiple ways to go from Seoul to Nami Island. Here's an exhaustive list of all your modes of transport to Nami Island

By Shuttle Bus

A shuttle bus takes you directly from pickup points in Seoul (Insa-Dong, Namdaemun, Myeong-dong) to Nami Island. The bus leaves at 9:30 AM at the stops and it costs ₩15,000(round-trip) / ₩7,500(one-way) ticket. The shuttle bus leaves Nami Island at 4:00 PM for the return journey.

By Car

You can visit Nami Island by private car as well and the address to search for is - 1024, Bukhangangbyeon-ro, Gapyeong-eup, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, Korea.
You can also put in the GPS coordinates - 37.803750, 127.525389
Parking fee costs ₩4,000 up to 12-hours

By Subway

The nearest subway station on the line from Seoul to Nami Island is the Gapyeong station. You can find the station on both Gyeongchun Line and ITX-Cheongchun running from Seoul.

Once you reach the station, you can take the Gapyeong Tour Bus which runs across all the major tourist attractions in Gapyeong like Nami Island, Petit France, and Garden of Morning Calm. The entire day pass costs ₩6,000 and you can use the bus as many times as you want.

A Nami Island Tour

A great way to avoid multiple stops on the subway line and taking the local bus across all the attractions in Gapyeong is to go on a Nami Island guided tour. This way your transport between the locations – Nami Island, Petit France, and Garden of Morning Calm – and to and fro from Seoul is sorted. You will not miss out on any of the attractions and enjoy your journey in a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle.

By Ferry & Zipline

After you arrive at the customer service centre on the mainland near Nami Island, where you will purchase the VISA/ticket for entrance you will have a choice of ferry or zipline.

- The ferry ticket is included in the cost of entrance ticket.
- The zipline costs ₩44,000 one way to Nami Island, on return you will have to take the ferry back to the mainland.

6 Things To Do On Nami Island

This list of Nami Island things to do covers the most iconic spots on the island that have been photographed and admired worldwide. You can easily find these highlights on the Nami Island Map and must visit them on a Nami Island tour –

Central Korean Pine Tree Lane

The Central Korean Pine Tree Lane runs straight from the Nami Wharf to Joongang Gwangjang or the Central Plaza. It is one of the first landscaped areas you will witness on reaching the island and appears the best in autumn when the pine tree shed the multi-hued leaves.

Gong Seung Won Garden

The most recognizable garden on Nami Island is the Gong Seung Won Garden, which hosts the statutes of the lovers in ‘Winter Sonata’. Beyond that the garden itself is named for the phrase ‘gong saeng’ meaning to have the awareness that despite attempting to live epic moments at the end we all end up empty handed.

Ginkgo Tree Lane

Ginkgo Trees have been associated with longevity and it’s no wonder that couples take a stroll down the Ginkgo Tree Lane and profess their never ending love! At the end of the Central Plaza on Nami Island towards the South, this lane looks stunning in autumn when its leaves turn a bright yellow.

Metasequoia Lane

Metasequoia Lane is one of the most spectacular areas on Nami Island. The tall Metasequoia trees, also known as living fossils, rise up to the sky and form a unique visual of magnificence. It is a popular spot for photographs and was the area that featured in ‘Winter Sonata’.

Nami Island Zipline

A fun and thrilling way to get to Nami Island from the mainland is by a zipline that runs across the Han River. The zipline takes about 1 minute 30 seconds to go from tower to the island, sadly though the zipline is only one way and you can use it only to get to Nami Island.

Riverside Paths

A great way to explore the island is around the periphery and taking inroads as and when you please. On the river walking course you will witness Korean countryside views as you walk along Bungalow Row Riverside Path, Bungalow Row Korean Ginkgo Tree Lane, Reed Woods Lane, Tulip Tree Lane and White Birch Lane.

Nami Island, Petite France & Garden of Morning Calm - The Ultimate Day Trip From Seoul

Going From Nami Island to Petite France - All You Need To Know

Why Visit Petite France
  • Explore a quaint French village in the Korean countryside, which was inspired by the famous book by Saint-Exupery's The Little Prince’.
  • Enjoy French culture and cuisine in the restaurants and arenas located in the colorful buildings that are reminiscent of European towns.
  • Visit the Orgel (musicbox) house and learn more about the instrument and its importance.
  • Splurge on getting souvenirs from the Antique Exhibit Hall including puppets and porcelain.
  • Watch a Guignol and marionette performance traditional to Czech and French cultures.
Distance & Duration

9 KM and about 25 minutes away from Nami Island

Ways to go from Nami Island To Petite France
  • By local tour bus – You can take the local Gapyeong Bus that arrives about every hour. Petit France is the second station from Nami Island, after Geumdaeri Hall.
  • By Group tour bus – Finish exploring Nami Island and simply get on to the tour bus without any waiting and wasting time, and head straight to Petite France.
Petite France Opening Hours
  • Sunday – Thursday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Friday – Saturday: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Visitor Tips
  • Check the shows for Marionette, Guignol and Orgel as soon as you reach Petit France, and plan your time around them. The shows are interesting and especially great for kids.
  • Visit the game room where you can view traditional French games like Petanque (ball game), Bagatelle (pinball), and wooden table soccer. You can even play these games.
  • If you are into collecting art, you can make your own Petit Prince at the plaster making workshop or take a caricature drawn by a professional artist.
  • The whole of Petit France is photo-worthy but some of the spots to check out are the Petite Photo Zone, Petite Cloche (Visitors tie bells to a Baobab tree), Butterfly Park and the Fountain Square.
  • Some of the elements in Petit France are truly authentic, like the Traditional French House which is 150 years old and has been imported from France. The Gallery Cote D’Azur and Doll House are other unique elements not to be missed!
Petite France was a quirky and gaudy mini theme park that would transport you to an old French village. A number of its major attractions centre on the Little Prince, evident in how there's a small but beautiful museum dedicated to the works of Saint Exupery. 

Going From Nami Island to Garden of Morning Calm - All You Need To Know

Why Visit Garden of Morning Calm
  • Be mesmerized by the beauty of Korean flora in the largest private garden in Korea. Established in 1996, its name is inspired by the epithet awarded to Korea as ‘Land of Morning Calm’.
  • Enjoy the variety and diversity in plants divided across 27 theme gardens including Bonsai Garden, Rock Garden, Wild Flower Garden, Conifer Garden, and Herb Garden.
  • Admire the beauty through seasonal festivals – Spring Garden Festival (Spring), Festival of Roses, Hydrangeas and Roses of Sharon (Summer), Festival of Chrysanthemums and Autumnal Tints (Autumn) and Lighting Festival (Winter).
  • Discover new plants and flowers at every turn, the garden has over 5,000 plants including 300 plants native to the spiritual Baekdusan Mountain.
Distance & Duration

16 KM and about 45 minutes away from Nami Island

Ways to go from Nami Island To Garden of Morning Calm
  • By Local tour bus – You can take the local Gapyeong Bus that arrives about every hour. Garden of Morning Calm is the sixth station from Nami Island.
  • By Group tour bus – Finish exploring Nami Island and simply get on to the tour bus without any waiting and wasting time, and head straight to Garden of Morning Calm.
Petite France Opening Hours
  • Monday – Sunday: 8:30 AM – 7:00 PM
Visitor Tips
  • Stop at the Plant and Herb Shop to buy varieties of plants, however check if you are allowed to take back any plant material back to your country.
  • The ‘Good Morning Coffee’ and ‘Morning Spring Bakery’ cafes are great places for a quick bite. You can also find street vendors lining up the way to entrance, who sell red bean pastries and sticky rice cakes.
  • Make sure you visit the Garden of Morning Calm last on your itinerary in the winter months (Dec to March) so you can see the Light festival, which runs until 9 PM (Sunday to Friday) and till 11PM on Saturdays.
  • The top five spots to photograph in the Garden of Morning Calm are Hometown Garden, Rose of Sharon Garden (Rose of Sharon is the national flower of Korea), Millennium Juniper (This tree is said to be a thousand years old), Pond Garden, and Conifer Garden.
A beautifully landscaped gardens atop a scenic hill. Large variety of flowers and even a 1000 year old tree in the centre of the garden.

Very calming environment and enjoyable place for a stroll with the family.
Among the highlights are the cloud bridge , steps to heaven and the pond (another K drama filming location).

Nami Island, Petite France & Garden of Morning Calm - Day Trip Itinerary

Most organized tours start from either of the central departure points in the city - Hongik University Station, Myeong-dong Station or Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station. Once you meet your guide and group, set off to the Garden of Morning Calm and expect to arrive there around 9:30 AM.

The Garden of Morning Calm is the oldest private garden in Korea and with its 26 themed gardens, this is a dreamland for photographers. Enjoy a scenic stroll through its lush greenery and feel yourself come to a standstill as your heart calms down.

Set off to your second location for the day around 11 AM and arrive at Nami Island around 12:00 PM. Nami Island transports you to a whimsical fairy-tale dimension altogether. This half moon-shaped isle is a breath of fresh air with its vivid displays and contrasts of colors. Tree-lined walkways full of majestic Redwoods, Ginkgos, and Pines, there is no perfect season to visit the Nami Island.

Once you've had your heart's fill of the Nami Island, make your way to Petite France and plan to arrive around 4:00 PM. With pastel-colored buildings and vintage vibes this is French-themed village is a sight for sore eyes.You’ll also find street performances like puppet shows and orgel demonstrations to complete the French experience.

This is how a typical one day itinerary to Nami Island, Petite France and Garden of Morning Calm would look like. If you're planning this via public transport, it could take a little longer since you have to plan your timings around the transport schedule. However an organzied tour that takes you from Seoul to Nami Island is a great option to cover all these stellar attractions in a day!.

Best Time to Visit Nami Island – A Different Experience Every Season

Nami Island is most famous for its portrayal in the K-Drama ‘Winter Sonata’ and many tourists are familiar with the winter scenery. However, Nami Island is a kaleidoscope that keeps changing its colors with the season, always throwing up beautiful visuals. Here is a guide on what to expect on Nami Island every season –

Nami Island in Summer (Average temp : 21-26°C)

Green is the dominant color on Nami Island in the summer. The entire island and its vegetation are vivid with lush shades of green. It is also a busy season as many families visit for picnics and day trips.

Best things to do in Nami Island in summer season
  • Biking is the most popular way to explore Nami Island in summer, you can hire a single or family share bike and roam around the island.
  • The Water Garden Swimming Pool is another popular spot to cool off, while the picnic areas are perfect for settling down with a picnic basket.

Travel tip – Carry sunscreen, umbrella, water bottle and a fan and wear comfortable summer clothes. But be prepared for the odd rain shower!

Nami Island in Spring (Average temp : 4-11°C)

Nami Island bids goodbye to the harsh winter with the blooming of pretty cherry blossoms. The temperatures increase slightly making it comfortable to enjoy the outdoors, it is undoubtedly one of the best times to visit Nami Island.

Best things to do in Nami Island in spring season
  • Visit in April to view the pretty cherry blossoms at their peak and the best place to photograph them is at the Cherry Tree Lane.
  • The Hampyeong Butterfly Festival in April and May is a great time to see different species of butterflies in the Hampyeong Butterfly Garden.
  • Take a picnic under the Cherry Blossoms at White Birch Cove and Namipingwon Garden.

Travel tip – Nami Island in spring experiences a lot of crowds, it is best to avoid the weekends or Korean holidays to experience fewer crowds than usual.

Nami Island in Autumn (Average temp : 5-13°C)

Nami Island is visible in its full glory in the autumn colors of red, gold and yellow. The fall foliage is stunning and no matter where you look the landscape will captivate you. It is a cool and dry weather which makes it ideal for exploring the island on foot.

Best things to do in Nami Island in autumn season
  • Visit the Baekpungmilwon Garden which has over 300 maple trees and is hands down the most beautiful spot on Nami Island in the autumn.
  • Also, look out for the chipmunks hoarding pine cones and stop at the reed beds near the riverside for unique photographs.

Travel tip – The temperature can be quite chilly so dress in warm layers.

Nami Island in Winter (Average temp : 4-5°C)

The image most associated with Nami Island is that of striking tall white birch trees with bare branches against a backdrop of pristine white snow. To capture this beautiful winter scenery reminiscent of a ‘snow globe’ is why tourists flock Nami Island in winter.

Best things to do in Nami Island in winter season
  • Head to the Metasequoia Lane and take the iconic ‘Winter Sonata’ photograph.
  • Or, go to the Gongsaengwon Garden and take a photograph with the statues of the Winter Sonata couple.
  • Nami Island has campfires burning all around the island, so huddle up and dig into warm foods like red bean buns and syrup-filled pancakes.

Travel tip – It is very cold in the winter and goes down to 0 degrees; you should cover up in multiple layers and wear snow-friendly boots.

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