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Prince Edward Theatre Seating Plan: Best Seats, Real-Time Pricing & Reviews

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This guide on the Prince Edward Theatre seating plan will help you find good seats in the house - both in terms of the view and value for money. Get real-time seat availability and pricing, and find the best seats for the best prices for Ain't Too Proud.

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Navigating The Prince Edward Theatre Seating Plan

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Prince Edward Theatre - Recommended Seats

Value for money seats
Stalls: Middle seats of rows P-W. These seats provide a god view without being too heavy on the pocket, which is why they sell out the fastest.
Dress Circle: Middle seats of the first two sections. Grand Circle: Rows A-D, seats 11-27.
If money were no matter
Stalls - Any seats in middle of Rows D to H. Rows A, B and C are too close to the stage and you may miss out on a few acts that happen at the sides.
Best views of the stage
Stalls - Seats 6-25 in Row D, Seats 7-26 in Row E, and Seats 8-27 in Rows F-H.
Dress Circle - Seats 9-25 in Row A & D, Seats 8-24 in Rows B & C, and Seats 10-26 in Row E.
Grand Circle - Seats 11-27 in Rows A to C.

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Prince Edward Theatre Stalls

Prince Edward Theatre’s auditorium is quite large, and The Stalls, in particular, feel very spacious. The section is divided into two, with the rear section further divided into three equal sections by two aisles. With no obstructions and roomy seating, this area is a great place to be seated. The whole of the Stalls is well-raked, which gives a clear view over people’s heads in front. The stage is quite wide but most of the seats are in line with it, apart from the ends of rows M -ZC. The overhang from the Dress Circle begins at row R, but its effect is minimal. As the Stalls section is so vast, seats at the back can feel a bit far from the stage.

Check out thereal-time seat availability of the Stalls in the Prince Edward Theatre.

Prince Edward Theatre Dress Circle

The Dress Circle is divided into a number of sections: the front section and the back, which has three blocks. The front section consists of only five rows divided by a wide centre aisle, making each section feel very intimate. The back of the Dress Circle is divided into three blocks of differing sizes; there is a larger middle section with two smaller ones either side. A safety rail at the centre ends of rows A - E can cause some obstruction of views. Legroom isn’t as generous as the Stalls, but is still better than many West End theatres. The side boxes are well priced, but the view of the stage isn't great.

Check out the real-time seat availability of the Dress Circle in the Prince Edward Theatre.

Prince Edward Theatre Grand Circle

This is the highest level in the theatre. The Grand Circle has steep steps and is not suitable for those that suffer from vertigo. It is divided into front and rear sections, which are further divided into smaller sections. The best seats are in the middle of the central section. Seats in the Grand Circle curve around the auditorium and can feel extremely cramped, and the sightlines are affected at the ends of rows. Prices are reduced towards the rear of the section. The boxes in the Upper Circle are high and isolated with a side view of the stage.

Check out the real-time seat availability of the Grand Circle in the Prince Edward Theatre.

Which Seats Offer the Best View?

The best seats in the house can be found in the centre of the Dress Circle, rows D (seats 6-25), E (seats 7-26), and F-H (seats 8-27). These provide great views of large-scale musical productions as a whole. Sitting in the Stalls also allows for an intimate yet intense experience, due to the vastness of the stage.

In the Dress Circle, the best views are in the middle seats of the two front sections. In the Grand Circle, the best views are in rows A-C, seats 11-27.

Which Seats Offer the Best Value for Money?

Cheaper tickets can be found in the Grand Circle, or in the loges either side of the Dress Circle and Grand Circle. If you choose to take seats in the first three rows of the Grand Circle, you can get good views of the stage for very cheap. The rear few rows of the Stalls are typically heavily discounted, but offer great views.

30-Second Takeaway: Prince Edward Theatre

  • Prince Edward Theatre has a capacity of 1644, and has three sections of seating: the Stalls, the Dress Circle, and the Grand Circle.
  • Located on the West End on Old Compton Street, just north of Leicester Square in the City of Westminster, London, this beautiful theatre is close to many great restaurants, making for a perfect night out!
  • Currently playing the award-winning musical Mary Poppins, this show is bound to enthrall and amaze with its incredible costumes, effects and near-perfect adaption of the famous Disney film.
  • The show timings are Monday - Saturday: 7:30 PM, and Thursday & Saturday: 2:30 PM. For evening performances, a theatre bar will open 6 PM onwards, with the remaining bars opening at 6:30 PM. The auditorium will open at 7 PM.

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