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When in Florence, Italy, you will be immersed in a culture full of art, history, and Florentine culture. Florence is regarded as the birthplace of the Renaissance period. Palazzo Pitti has been built under the influence of several aristocrats over two centuries. Walk through the halls of the Palazzo Pitti, and imagine the lavish lifestyles of the royal families of Savoy, Medici, and Lorraine.

To get the best out of your Palazzo Pitti tour, you should hire a guide. The Palazzo Pitti comprises eight museums, galleries, and the Boboli Gardens. These museums and galleries feature the work of artists like Rubens, Raphael, and Caravaggio.

Advantages of a Pitti Palace Guided Tour

Skip the line

With the Pitti Palace Guided Tour, you can skip the lines and start enjoying the Palazzo Pitti and the Palatine Gallery. This will allow you to get a head start on the 32,000 square meter museum complex. After all, it is estimated by most experts that it would take you more than 3 hours to roam the whole of Palazzo Pitti.

Expert guides who speak English, Italian and Spanish

While you could travel the Palazzo Pitti and its museums on your own, it is recommended that you hire a guide. With a Pitti Palace-guided tour, you will also get a guide. This guide will explain the history behind the palace. An expert guide can also help you answer all the questions you might have.

Get expert guidance and priority entrance at other places like Palatine Gallery, Gallery of Modern Art, Bardini Gardens, Porcelain Museum, and the Boboli Gardens

The main compound in the Pitti Palace compound is the Principal Palazzo block. However, there is a lot more to see in the Palazzo Pitti compound than just the principal compound. With the Pitti Palace guided tour package you can get priority access to other areas of the Pitti Palace compound.

Pitti Palace Guided Tours

The Best Pitti Palace Guided Tours

Guided Tours

Combo Guided Tours

Pitti Palace Guided Tours
Palazzo Pitti

7 Things To Know Before You Buy Palazzo Pitti Tickets

Planning to buy Palazzo Pitti tickets? Our handy guide will take you through everything you need to know.

Choosing the Best Pitti Palace Guided Tour

Before choosing your tour, take a look at the main features of each type of tour and then make an informed decision. Here’s a list of all your Pitti Palace tour options and their highlights.

1Pitti Palace with Palatine Gallery

Make the most of your Florence, Italy visit by visiting the crowning jewel of Italy’s heritage- The Palazzo Pitti. Take this opportunity to visit two of the most famous museums in Europe. Also, with the help of your very own local guide, you can take in the history and opulence of the Medici family.

Pitti Palace Guided Tours

2A Florence Guided Tour with Boboli Gardens

Visit the Boboli Gardens in the golden hour. Also, take in the beauty of old Italy while walking through the Vasari Corridor connecting the two banks of the river Arno. Let your passionate local guide tell you everything about the city center that leads the way to Boboli Gardens.

Pitti Palace Guided Tours

Pitti Palace Tours Deconstructed - A Typical Guided Tour Experience

Pitti Palace Guided Tours

The beauty of the Pitti Palace is in its opulence and beauty. The whole Pitti Palace compound is located on a 34,000 square meter piece of land. Therefore you can be sure that there would be a lot of walking involved! The exteriors of the complexes are just as opulent as the interiors! Here are some of the main attractions that your guided tour will take you through:

The Royal Apartments

There aren’t a lot of remaining traces of the Medici period. But The Royal Apartments remain as a memory from when the Grand Prince Ferdinando stored opulent works of art in these 14 rooms. The fourteen magnificent rooms open out into the south side of the Palazzo Pitti.

The Palatine Gallery

The Baroque opulence of the Palatine Gallery takes into account the four centuries of Grand Ducal Tuscan Lifestyle with the Renaissance and Baroque painting. Check out timeless masterpieces by grand artists like Raphael, Titians, and Ruben.

The Treasury of the Grand Dukes

The treasury of the Grand dukes is also known as the Museo degli Argenti or the Silver Museum. The museum houses a collection of art pieces. They were commissioned by the members of the Medici family. The works feature art made with crystals, silvers, amber, and of course- silver.

The Porcelain Museum

The Casino del Cavaliere complex in the Boboli gardens was a retreat for the Grand Duke. in 1973, the abandoned palace was turned into the Porcelain Museum. The collection had mostly table porcelain used by the Grand Ducal and the Royal Houses of the Medici, Lorraine, and Savoy.

Pitti Palace Guided Tours

Gallery of Modern Art

The Gallery is located on the second floor of the Pitti Palace and features an art collection from the 18th century to World War 1. The art pieces are described as works of neo-classical and romantic periods.

The Boboli gardens

The Boboli gardens are considered a feat in green architecture. A garden is a place of historical importance for Florence. The park boasts a wide range of flora and fauna and has statues and structures that are centuries old. Take in the Amphitheater, the garden of Cavaliere, the Koffeehouse, and the Grotta Grande.

Bardini Gardens

This hidden gem of a place is not that well known by the locals and tourists alike. The Bardini gardens become magical when the wisteria is in full bloom during April and May. The garden is perfect for an early morning or a late afternoon stroll. From certain points in the garden, you would also be able to see the whole skyline of Florence.

Is Pitti Palace Guided Tours Worth it?

Without a doubt! The whole of the Pitti Palace complex is 32,000 square meters. The complex is divided into several principal galleries and museums. To get the most out of your visit to the Pitti Palace, we would suggest you get the Pitti Palace guided tour. The Pitti Palace tickets will get you to the entrance to the Pitti Palace complex and your very own expert guide. Learn more about the history of the gilded baroque era, and the lifestyle that the Medici family lived.

Pitti Palace Practical Information

Opening Hours

The Pitti Palace is open to the public from 8:15 am. The Pitti Palace complex closes on 6:50 pm. The Pitti Palace complex is open from Tuesday to Sunday and is closed on all Mondays. The Pitti Palace is also closed on New Year and Christmas.

Getting to Pitti Palace

  • By Bus: To reach Pitti Palace by Bus, take bus 11 or Bus 36 to reach the closest bus station, Romana.
  • By Car: his is the least recommended way to visit Pitti Palace since there is almost no parking available at the destination. However, there are garages nearby where you can park your car like the Garage Fosi, Garage Lungarno, and Garage Ponte Vecchio.
  • By Tram: The nearest tram station is Unita which runs the tram line T2.

Insider Tips

  • To get the best out of your Pitti Palace trip, we would suggest you go from March to May. This is the spring season in Florence.
  • Another best time to go to Palazzo Pitti is during the autumn season. The florentines call it the off-season, but it allows you to walk around the palace without the crowd!
  • Three to four times during the year, there will be free admission days for the Palazzo Pitti. Keep on checking the website to see if any free admission days fall on your visit to Florence!
  • Since the Palazzo Pitti covers a large area, make sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothes.
  • Mobile phones must be kept silent, and flash photography is prohibited within Palazzo Pitti grounds.
  • Of course, since the Palazzo Pitti is an institution of great historical significance, try not to wear skimpy clothing or bathing suits.
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Are there locker rooms available to keep my luggage?

Yes, the Palazzo Pitti complex has cloakrooms to help accommodate people who are coming in with luggage.

Should I take a Pitti Palace guided tour?

A guided tour will help you see Palazzo Pitti from an expert's point of view. Things that you would otherwise have not noticed would be pointed out by your guide.

What attractions are there within the Palazzo Pitti complex?

A single Palazzo Pitti entry ticket will give you admission to: 

  • The Palatine Gallery

  • The Gallery of modern art

  • Treasury of the Grand Dukes

  • Museum of Costume and Fashion

  • and the Imperial and Royal Apartments.

Do children have to pay for tickets?

No, children below the age of 18 do not have to pay for any tickets.

When should I reach Palazzo Pitti?

The palace opens to the public from 8:15 am. We recommend that you try to reach by 8:30 to beat the crowds.

Ready to head to Pitti Palace ?

Purchase discounted Pitti Palace tickets via Headout today! Explore Pitti Palace in a hassle-free fashion with all the need-to-know information in hand.

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