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Exploring the Florence Duomo Rooftop and Secret Terraces

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The Florence Duomo Rooftop, also known as the Duomo Florence hidden terraces, has been open to the public since 1985. These elevated balconies are located around 32 meters above the ground and offer close-up views of the Cathedral's architectural intricacies, including its rose windows and marble cladding. Originally used by maintenance workers, the terraces now serve as showcases for historical artifacts from Brunelleschi's construction workshop. However, accessing these hidden terraces requires a guide, and entry is limited to a specific number of visitors.

Is it worth visiting the Florence Duomo Rooftop?

Duomo Florence Rooftop Terrace
  • Visiting the Terraces of the Cathedral offers a stunning panoramic view of the city center's North and South areas and nearby hills.
  • You can get up close to recently restored marble surfaces and see the large nineteenth-century rose window on the main facade.
  • You'll have a fantastic view of the Baptistery's lantern, Brunelleschi's Dome, and Giotto's Bell Tower.
  • Moving between the North and South Terraces provides a unique vantage point of the Cathedral from about 30 meters up, appreciating its architectural details and beautiful marble floor.
  • The visit concludes in the Dead South Tribune, displaying a wooden scaffolding and tools from Brunelleschi's construction workshop.


Types of Florence Duomo Rooftop tours

Visitors on a guided tour of the Duomo Florence Rooftop

Regular guided tour:

Timings: 10am onward

This guided tour of the Florence Duomo Rooftop starts at 10 am, and lasts about 1.5 hours. Accompanied by a knowledgeable guide, you'll explore the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral, including a thrilling ascent of Brunelleschi’s Dome via a 436-step climb, offering splendid panoramic views. The tour's highlight is a visit to the secret terrace, where you can admire the dome's exteriors up close and observe other intricate details of this magnificent cathedral.

Early morning special tour:

Timings: 6:45am

Experience a unique 2.5 hour long guided tour of the Florence Duomo Rooftop with exclusive early access at 6:45am. This special tour ensures a serene visit to the cathedral with minimal crowds. Plus, you'll enjoy a classic Italian breakfast with coffee and pastries included, eliminating the rush to eat before your tour.
The highlight of this experience is undoubtedly the visit to the secret terraces during the early hours, offering breathtaking sunrise views that are nothing short of epic. It's a must-do for anyone keen on exploring the hidden gems of Florence's iconic Duomo. You’ll have to customize your ticket while booking it to select the early morning guided tour.

Highlights of Duomo Rooftop

  • Up Close View of Brunelleschi's Dome: As you go up the roof, you’ll get a unique view of Brunelleschi's Dome, where you can further admire its details and brickwork.
  • Northern Terrace Skywalk: Experience the thrilling Northern Terrace Skywalk, a journey through narrow, open-air corridors that have been restricted for centuries. Emerging onto the Northern Terrace, you'll behold panoramic views of Piazza del Duomo and Florence's iconic skyline.
  • Panoramic Views: The rooftop tour treats you to sweeping panoramic views of Florence's charming cityscape. From the dome to terracotta rooftops and rolling hills, every detail comes alive.
  • Exclusive Circular Room: Conclude your guided tour in an exclusive circular room, accessible only with a private tour. Located within the Duomo, this intimate space houses a unique collection of ancient statues that once adorned the Cathedral's facade. Witness skilled restorers at work, observe tools bearing stucco traces, and learn about the meticulous restoration process.
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