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Lyric Theatre Seating Chart

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This guide on the Lyric theatre seating chart will help you find the best seats in the house. Get insider tips on the best seats and more.

Navigating Lyric Theatre Seating Chart

The Lyric Theater has a total seat count of 1930 spread across three primary seating section namely, orchestra, dress circle, and balcony, along with some box seats. The orchestra section is the biggest in the theatre with 1100 seats in total, followed by the dress circle with 371 seats, and the balcony bringing up the rear with 350 seats. Let’s look at each of these seating sections in detail.


Lyric Theatre - Recommended Seats

Value for money seats
Second Orchestra - seats numbered 2 to 20 on the right side and 1 to 19 on the left side
Dress Circle - the middle rows E to H in the center section
Balcony - front couple of rows (A-C) in the balcony section are also value for money
If money were no matter
Center Orchestra - Middle seats in the premium orchestras section (A to D)
Dress Circle - Middle seats, numbered 107 to 116, in rows A to C • Best views of the stage
Centre Orchestra and front couple of rows of the dress circle
Best Legroom
Row A in Orchestra and Row A in Dress Circle and Balcony.

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Lyric Theatre Orchestra

The Lyric Theater orchestra has an atypical setup, in that it doesn’t have three separate orchestra sections (left, center, right) that exist in most theatres, but instead the orchestra is broken into two sections right down the middle. As is the case with left and right orchestras in most venues, there is even and odd-numbered seating depending on whether you’re on the left or right side of the break down the middle of the orchestra. The orchestra section at the Lyric Theatre is much deeper than other Broadway theatres, so the last few rows are further back from the stage than you might be used to.

This section has 27 rows starting from AA and ending with ZZ. The left section is odd numbered and the right one is even numbered.

Lyric Theatre Dress Circle

The dress circle is the first of the two elevated levels in the house and holds 371 seats that are divided among three subsections. The 12 rows (A-M) are divided into three sections, left, center, and right.

The left mezzanine section has odd numbered seats in the range of 1 to 29, the right mezzanine has even numbered seats falling in the range of 2-30. Seats in the center mezzanine are consecutively numbered in the range of 101-128.

Lyric Theatre Balcony

The balcony section holds some of the cheapest seats in the theatre being the farthest from the stage. The seats are again spread across three subsections, left, center and right and eight rows from A to H.

The left Balcony seats are odd numbered and fall in the range of 1 to 29, the center balcony has consecutively numbered seats starting from 101 to 118, and the right balcony subsection has even numbered seats in the range of 2 to 30..

Which Seats Offer The Best View?

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is an experience to behold what with all the magic you’ll get to experience on the stage. To make your experience memorable, you need to find the best seats in the theatre. Not sure how to proceed? We’re here to help!

Undeniably, the orchestra has some of the best seats in the theatre. The middle seats (2 to 14 and 1 to 13) in rows A to E offer a great, direct look at the stage without any obstructions. For people who would rather not be that close to the stage, there are the elevated dress circle seats. The middle seats, numbered 107 to 116, in rows A to C of the mezzanine offer a great look at the stage.

Which seats/section offer the best value for money?

Owing to the popularity of the Harry Potter brand, you’ll have to shell out a lot of money if you want the absolute best seats in the theatre. We have a solution that’ll allow you to watch the play from a good seat without having to pay upwards of $400 for each seat! Here are the best value for money seats in Lyric Theatre for you.

The second orchestra rows K-P are quite decent and cost a lot less than the premium orchestra seats. Try and get the seats numbered 2 to 20 on the right side and 1 to 19 on the left side for the best view without paying a lot. In the dress circle section, the middle rows E to H in the center section offer a good look at the stage and cost left than most orchestra seats. Finally, the front couple of rows (A-C) in the balcony section are also value for money considering they are amongst the cheapest seats in the house.

30-Second Takeaway: Lyric Theatre

  • With 1930 seats in total, the Lyric Theater is the second largest theatre on Broadway.
  • There are three primary seating sections in the theatre, namely orchestra, dress circle and balcony. Additional seats are available in the box seats.
  • The orchestra section accounts for over 60% of the total seats in the theatre with an official count of 1100 seats.
  • The dress circle is the second largest section and also happens to be the first of the two elevated seating sections. The dress circle has 371 seats in total.
  • The final primary section of the Lyric theatre is the balcony. With a seat count of only 350 seats, this is the smallest section in the theatre and also the furthest away from the stage.
  • If a private theatre viewing experience suits your fancy, there are additional seats available at the boxes on either side of the dress circle and the balcony.
  • Lyric Theater is currently home to the Olivier-winner Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in its Broadway debut. Both fans of Harry Potter and casual theatregoers alike have made the show a blockbuster in London and the same results are expected for its Broadway production.
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How many sections does Lyric Theatre have?

The Lyric Theatre has a capacity of 1622 seats. Section capacities are 802 Orchestra , 476 Dress Circle and 344 Balcony.

Where are the best seats in Lyric Theatre?

The best seats in the Lyric Theatre are in rows A to E of the Orchestra, as central as possible. They are set at a perfect distance from the stage to avoid uncomfortable neck craning whilst still feeling totally immersed in the magic of the show.

What is the seating capacity of Lyric Theatre, New York?

The Lyric Theatre has a capacity of 1061 seats. Section capacities are 477 Stalls , 178 Dress Circle , 178 Grand Circle and 228 Balcony.

Which section has wheelchair accessibility at Lyric Theatre?

The Stalls can be accessed via 24 steps down from the foyer. This section is not recommended for those with limited mobility.

There is level access to the Dress Circle from the foyer and the section can also be accessed step-free via the alternative entrance on Shaftesbury Avenue. There is level access to wheelchair spaces in Boxes C, D and E, which all have space for 1 wheelchair user and their companion.