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Top 3 Camp Nou Guided Tours 2022

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One of the greatest names in all world sports is FC Barcelona, the football club of Catalonia in Spain. Camp Nou tour isn’t just any other ordinary football stadium tour - it is an exploration of the grandeur of the Spanish love for football and a nostalgic trip into one of the greatest football club’s life.

For an ardent fan of Lionel Messi or the club, the Camp Nou guided tour is no less than a pilgrimage - no that’s not an exaggeration. A stadium experience unlike any other is what the largest football stadium in Europe holds for you.

What’s the hype about Camp Nou all about? We’ll tell you. Read on!

Advantages of a Camp Nou Guided Tour

Simply skip the line:

You might want to save all your time and energy by exploring the vastness and the rich history of Camp Nou. The guided tour allows you the freedom to skip the long lines that might drain you and gives instant direct access to the stadium. Choose a time slot convenient for you and just head in at the right time and on time.

Get the help of digital audio guides:

The Catalan love and madness for the FC Barcelona football club have a long history to it, making the digital audio guide on the Camp Nou tour a rich repository of information. Soak into the atmosphere of the stadium as you walk through the exclusive areas that are otherwise not accessible to the general public. The guides are available in 13 languages which include Catalan, Spanish, English, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Dutch, Arabic, Russian and Korean.

Get the Camp Nou Museum tickets

Hold your breath before entering the museum that’s dedicated to preserving the rich history and legacy of this great football club. Some of the memorabilia from important matches, of great football players, and the story behind the birth and glory of FC Barcelona are all showcased here. There’s a dedicated space, called “Messi Space” to highlight the glory of Lionel Messi, who was the face of the club for a number of years. You can also see some of Messi’s greatest goals and pick your favorite, while also getting access to a ton of videos and photographs of iconic moments.

With exciting prizes with the Robokeeper Challenge

A significant highlight of your Camp Nou tour is the robokeeper challenge which is an exciting contest with a robot-goalkeeper. You get three turns to score against the robot - and boy is it difficult! What makes it even more challenging is that you have just 1 minute to take all three shots. If you happen to score 3 on 3, you’ll walk away with prizes from the football club.

Camp Nou Guided Tours

The Best Camp Nou Guided Tours

Guided Tours

Camp Nou Guided Tours
Camp Nou Barcelona

Discovering The Home Of FC Barcelona: Camp Nou

Planning to buy Camp Nou tickets? Our handy guide will take you through everything you need to know.

Choosing the Best Camp Nou Guided Tour

Before choosing your tour, take a look at the main features of each type of tour and then make an informed decision. Here’s a list of all your Camp Nou tour options and their highlights.

1Skip the Line Entry

With this tour, you’re on the fastest track to see the grandest stage of football in Europe. While you enjoy the priority access, enjoy thoroughly the experience of walking in the change rooms of the players, and of sitting by the dugout on the field-side. This tour is self-guided with digital guides in 13 languages and has a timed entry.

Camp Nou Guided Tours

2Open Dated Ticket - Anytime entry with Skip the Line

If you feel like not wanting to explore the home of Barcelona’s football at a designated time, then you have the option of getting your hands on the open-dated ticket. Enter the stadium on your own time and avoid all the hassle of having to wait in long lines for entry. These tickets cannot be canceled. However, you can use them anytime till the end of the year.

Camp Nou Guided Tours

3Tour tickets with Robokeeper Challenge

After you explore the massive stadium that can host about a hundred thousand people, head straight to the museum that unfolds various stories and the legacy of the club, its players, and some insane moments. Along with this, this tour comes with the Robokeeper challenge inclusive. Try your hand (leg) at getting the ball behind the robot with three chances in less than one minute!

Camp Nou Guided Tours

Camp Nou Tours deconstructed - A Typical Guided Tour Experience

Camp Nou Guided Tours

Some of the most iconic places in Camp Nou must be the tunnel that leads into the football field, the dugout, the press box, and the robokeeper challenge. Know what to expect before you head into the stadium for a hair-raising experience.

Camp Nou Museum

There’s a lot more cultural significance than just football to the Camp Nou stadium - we’ll let you find out on your visit. Loaded with some of the greatest moments of the club’s existence, the trophies that the team has won, the Messi Space dedicated to the man with a golden leg, and iconic memorabilia, the museum is a Barcelona fans’ temple.

Tunnel and Pitch

Remember how thrilling the view of your favorite team running onto the pitch through the tunnel is? Relive those very moments while you walk into the tunnel and also have an opportunity to sit on the same benches in the dugout as your favorite players.

Dressing Room

A whole lot of energy for the players comes from the meetings in the dressing rooms. Get a chance to soak that very energy of the dressing room in, while you are on the guided Camp Nou tour. This certainly is a dream come true for ardent fans of football.

Camp Nou Guided Tours

Press Box

All the great images you get from the match-day, the press conference area pot and pre-match, and the area where the players mingle with the press are all private access areas during the game. It isn’t so for you while you’re on the guided tour. Also get to see the view from the commentators’ box, which is simply magnificent.

Robokeeper Challenge

If you’ve ever felt like you want to test your skills in kicking a penalty, you must try this challenge out! The robot goalkeeper makes life difficult for you to score a goal, while the bright side of it is you get to walk away with prizes if you score all of your three chances to kick.

Are Camp Nou Tours Really Worth It?

There needs to be barely any doubt about whether the tour is worth it. The stadium that houses a hundred thousand people and that which carries great stories in its very air is definitely an experience not to miss. The experience of seeing the dressing rooms, the dugouts, the museum, and the robokeeper challenge makes it all more than worth it!

Camp Nou Practical Information

Opening Hours

1st November to 19th December: 10 am to 6 pm from Monday to Saturday. 10 am to 3 pm on Sundays.

20th December to 9th January: 10 am to 7 pm every day.

The stadium remains closed on match days, and one day prior to match days with access to the museum and a panoramic view alone until 3 pm.

Getting to Camp Nou

  • By Bus:Take lines 59 or 54 to reach via bus.
  • By Car:The closest car park to the stadium is 300 meters away and is called 'BSM Tanatori Les Corts'. You can find the location here
  • By Metro:Stop at Collblanc or Badal station and make the short 5-minute walk to the stadium

Insider Tips

To enhance your experience at Camp Nou, here are some useful tips.

  • Visit the stadium on a match day to get to understand what it means to be a Barcelona fan. It is worth it although you may only get limited access.
  • It’s best to spend a good amount of time understanding the history and other nuances via the audio guide, make sure you subscribe to it.
  • Although the time period to spend at Camp Nou is not specific, it would need about 2 hours to fully explore. So plan your day accordingly!
  • Getting a few munches in the store inside the stadium is a bit expensive. Consider eating before visiting the stadium to avoid feeling hungry.
  • Do not miss clicking great pictures in the Press Rooms, on the pitch, and at the iconic tunnel leading to the pitch.
  • Don’t miss out on playing the Robokeeper - it’s truly fun!
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What is Camp Nou guided tour?

The Camp Nou guided tour is a self-guided tour with the help of a digital guide, of the famous stadium that’s home to FC Barcelona.

Where can I buy tickets to Camp Nou?

You can buy tickets to Camp Nou online. It is the most convenient way to save time.

Is the robokeeper challenge available for all at Camp Nou?

Yes, the robokeeper challenge is available for all but you need to opt for it at an additional cost.

What is included in a Camp Nou tour?

A Camp Nou tour includes a visit to the dressing room, the press room, the player's tunnel, the pitch, and the museum.

Can I take pictures on the Camp Nou tour?

Yes, you are welcome to take pictures throughout the tour.

Ready to head to Camp Nou ?

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