The best helicopter tours in the world you need to add to your bucket list

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Conventional sightseeing can get boring, right? Here's how you can spice things up. Have you thought of exploring a city via a Helicopter tour? It offers a one-of-a-kind viewpoint that you simply can't get from the ground or even an observation deck! You get to see iconic landmarks and gorgeous landscapes and skylines from the sky! From the earthy tones of the Grand Canyon to the concrete jungle of New York City, these helicopter rides offer a perspective that you won't get otherwise!

So, here are the best places for the best helicopter tours in the world-

1. New York City

An aerial view of the concrete jungle is a sight to behold! A helicopter tour over New York City offers a stunning bird’s eye view of towering skyscrapers and famous landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. If you’re familiar with Jay Z ft. Alicia Keys’ iconic ‘Empire State of Mind’, you might even feel like you’re part of the song while riding the helicopter! It's honestly the ultimate way to experience the Big Apple.

Here are the highlights of our NYC Helicopter Tour:

  • A 20-minute shared helicopter tour from Downtown Manhatten
  • Live commentary to elevate your aerial experience with interesting information
  • Ariel view of 15 Attractions
Disney world

2. Grand Canyon

If you’re a fan of the iconic movie - Into the Wild, then a Grand Canyon helicopter tour definitely must be on your bucket list. When you hover over on the helicopter ride, you’ll get to witness the Grand Canyon in all its glory - while it unveils its vastness and unique rock formations carved over millions of years. From the South Rim to the North Rim, every angle offers a breathtaking view of one of nature's most awe-inspiring creations.

Here are the highlights of our Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour:

  • Bird's eye view of the majestic Hoover Dam and Lake Mead
  • Hotel transportation is provided to the helipad
  • Live commentary so that your experience is not only visually stunning but also deeply informative
  • Upgrade to VIP Grand Canyon Skywalk access
Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

3. Hawaii

Jurassic Park and World lovers, this one’s for you! If you didn’t know already, the movie franchise was shot right here in the Hawaiian islands. So why not island-hop with a helicopter ride over Hawaii's volcanic landscapes, lush rainforests, and beautiful waterfalls? From the cliffs of the Napali Coast to the lava flows of Kilauea Volcano, this aerial ride showcases the tropical beauty of the Hawaiian Islands in all its glory.

Helicopter ride over Maui in Hawaii

4. Great Barrier Reef

Any guesses for what Australia is known for apart from Kangaroos, Koala Bears and its distinct wildlife? Well, it’s the Great Barrier Reef! With a helicopter tour, dive into the mesmerizing world beneath the waves of the Great Barrier Reef! You'll be treated to breathtaking views of vibrant coral reefs, colorful fish and marine life. Watch out for manta rays, sea turtles, and even the occasional whale shark swimming below!

Helicopter ride ovver Great Barrier Reef

5. Fox Glacier

New Zealand's stunning Fox Glacier is one of the very few glaciers in the world that transitions from snow & ice to a rainforest! Pretty smooth, right? From the moment you lift off for a helicopter tour, you'll be treated to views of icy peaks, blue glaciers, and alpine landscapes. Oh, you never know, you might get to spot a cheeky kea bird or a seal basking on the ice below too!

Here are the highlights of our Fox Glacier Helicopter Tour:

  • 30-minute flight over Fox Glacier with spectacular views of Southern Alps, Lake Matheson
  • Snow landing
  • Live commentary so that your experience is not only visually stunning but also deeply informative
  • An english-speaking tour guide is available
Fox Glacier Helicopter Ride

6. Niagara Falls

Sitting right in between NYC in the U.S.A. and Ontario in Canada, Niagara Falls forms the largest waterfall in North America. Experiencing the majestic Niagara Falls by boat tour isn’t the only way! Shuffle it up and take a helicopter tour – hovering above the waters of this natural wonder, you'll feel the mist on your face and hear the falls beneath.

Niagara Falls Helicopter Ride

7. Dubai

The desert’s very own concrete jungle – Dubai! So why not experience the glitz and glamor from a whole new perspective with a helicopter ride over the city's futuristic skyline? Being so high up in the sky, you can see up-close from where Tom Cruise performed his stunts in the movie – Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, at the iconic Burj Khalifa! Then, of course, the man-made islands of Palm Jumeirah and the desert beyond.

Choose from different Helicopter Tours available:

Here are the highlights of our Dubai Tour:

  • Luxurious ride from Atlantis, The Palm
  • Helicopter tour durations available from 12 minutes to 30 minutes
  • In-flight commentary is available
Dubai Helicopter Ride

8. Mount Everest

For the ultimate bucket-list adventure, nothing beats a helicopter ride over Mount Everest, the world's highest peak. Did you know that it is still growing in height by 4 mm every year thanks to tectonic activity? With a helicopter tour, fly above the Himalayas and get a close-up view of Everest's majestic summit! Snow-capped peaks, mountain terrain and the view from above, what more do you need to be in awe of?

Helicopter ride over Mount Everest

9. Santorini

Santorini is pretty much a dream destination for everyone. With its white-washed buildings amidst a blue backdrop and a stunning sunset, using just a few words to describe the spectacular view would truly be an understatement! And to look at this view from a helicopter is taking it to the next level! Truly a picture-perfect way to experience this Greek island paradise.

Santorini Helicopter Ride

10. Capetown

Known for the blue flag beaches, Capetown’s iconic Table Mountain, coastline and vibrant neighborhoods make it a popular holiday destination. A helicopter tour should be on your itinerary as it promises jaw-dropping views at every turn. Keep your eyes on the lookout for whales breaching in the ocean below – Cape Town is one of the best places in the world for whale watching!

Cape Town view from Helicopter
Best Helicopter Tours in the World