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Catch The Best Of American Art At The Whitney Museum Of American Art

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Explore the Whitney Museum of American Art and immerse yourself in the 20th and 21st century American Art. Walk through a collection of over 21,000 paintings,sculptures, drawings, prints and more by over 3,000 artists. Recognized all over the world, this museum attracts over 350,000 visitors each year. Check out works by Marsden Hartley, Andy Warhol, Edward Hopper and more.

The Whitney Museum is dedicated exclusively for American Art from the 20th century onwards. The museum building itself is an architectural masterpiece and the exhibits are spread over 9 floors for you to explore.

Whitney Museum of American Art in a Nutshell

Whitney Museum of American Art - Things to know

⏰ Suggested duration:2 hours
📍 Location: New York
☀️ Best Time to Visit:Weekdays and after 4 pm on weekends
🎟️ Whitney Museum of American Art Tickets: $25
🚇 Closest Train Station: 14 St / 8 Av

Whitney Museum of American Art Opening Hours

• Sunday to Thursday : 10:30 AM - 6 PM
• Friday and Saturday : 10:30 AM - 10 PM
• Closed on Tuesdays

Must-see at Whitney Museum of American Art

Marsden Hartley, Painting Number 5
George Bellows, Dempsey and Firpo
Alexander Calder, Calder’s Circus
Alice Neel, Andy Warhol

Whitney Museum of American Art Address

99 Gansevoort St, New York
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Why You Should Visit Whitney Museum of American Art

Pioneers of American Art since the 20th and 21st century, the Whitney Museum of American Art lays great stress on works of artists that are alive. This standout feature has lead them to be among the top bracket of museums in the space. The museum itself was founded by sculptor and art patron Gertrude Vanderbilt in 1931, and is home to works of over 2,000 American artists. These include the likes of Willem de Kooning, Edward Hopper, Louise Nevelson, Jasper Johns and Andy Warhol to name a few.

Whitney Museum of American Art

Another key highlight of the Whitney Museum are the exhibitions. You can check them out with your day ticket. To know the schedule of the exhibitions, you can check them out at the official site. The new building, decamped in 2015, designed by internationally acclaimed architect Renzo Piano. With artwork spread over 9 floors and over 63,000 square feet of exhibition space, you’re bound to be mesmerized through your visit.

The Whitney museum also features an exclusive dining restaurant called ‘Untitled’. You can check out the menu details here. The museum also has another cafe and a shop for you to purchase memorabilia and artworks at the museum.

Whitney Museum of American Art Tickets

Whitney Museum of American Art

Whitney Museum of American Art Admission Tickets

• Admission to Whitney Museum
• Skip-the-line priority access

Book Now from $22

Avoiding The Crowd At The Whitney Museum

Buy Tickets in Advance - Buying tickets in advance is the best as it not only saves you money but also a lot of time. You can dive right into the artworks of museum with your skip the line tickets.

Avoid Rainy Days - Rainy days are when most people go to indoor attractions and the Whitney Museum is a truly one of a kind rainy day experience. Sadly, a lot people know this and the museum is often crowded on a rainy day.

Avoid Mornings - The best time to visit the museum is early evening or late afternoon. The crowds are most in the mornings.

Famous Whitney Museum of American Art Exhibits

Whitney Museum of American Art

Marsden Hartley, Painting Number 5. A key figure of American modernism, Marsden Hartley is well known for his queer aesthetics which are far ahead of their time. This ‘avant la lettre’ expression by the artist is composed in an abstract language and balances the conflicting nature of war and peace beautifully. Titled Painting Number 5, this work is among the best pieces in the museum.

Whitney Museum - George Bellows

George Bellows, Dempsey and Firpo. Dempsey and Firpo were two famous boxers who met in the ring on September 14, 1923. George Bellows, a painter from the Ashcan School had been assigned to sketch the fight. In doing so he managed to capture a timeless moment where Firpo sends Dempsey sailing through the ropes onto the sportswriters’ ringside table.

Whitney Museum NYC

Alexander Calder, Calder’s Circus . Considered to be the signature work of Alexander Calder, the Calder’s Circus is a truly mesmerizing spectacle. Composed of 70 odd figures of performers and animals along with a over 100 additional detailing pieces. A unique mix of childlike innocence and modernist sophistication, Calder’s Circus is a one of a kind exhibit.

Edward Hopper Whitney Museum NYC

Edward Hooper, A Woman in the Sun. Whitney Museum is considered to be a shrine to Edward Hopper and rightly so, it exhibits more than a dozen or more works by the artist. A Woman in the Sun is considered to be one of his most iconic and eye-catching pieces and tells an entire story at a single glance.

Alice Neel Whitney Museum

Alice Neel, Andy Warhol. Alice Neel beautifully captures a tragic event in his work Andy Warhol. Released in 1970, the piece has been described as a ‘crucifixion scene’ and is well known for the juxtapositioning of Warhol’s expression. What makes the expression so poignant? Well the piece was composed in the hospital after Andy was shot three times at his studio.

Whitney Museum of American Art Insider Tips

Top-down Viewing - To make the most of your visit, you should visit the museum from top to down. A top down viewing lets you check out the most important works at the top and slowly make your way down.

Take the Subway - The easiest way to get to the Whitney Museum in Manhattan is via the subway and exiting at 14th Street. You can take the A, C and E trains to get to 15th and 16th streets at 8th Avenue; then take the L train to 14th Street and 8th Avenue. The museum is five-blocks from the stop.

Whitney Museum Shop - Be sure to check out the shop inside the Whitney Museum. You can see unique artworks and aesthetic products which is hard to find elsewhere.

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