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Experience Venice on a budget with the Venice Water Bus

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While using private transportation is a costly alternative in Venice, there are several options in Venice that can help you save money. The Water Bus is one of the easiest modes of transportation. It is the most affordable and practical method of getting about the city. Continue reading to learn further about the Venice water bus, where to purchase tickets, their schedules, as well as other information that will aid you organise your excursion!

What is the Venice Water Bus

The water bus is locally known as the vaporetto. The vaporetto is a commuter ship, like a bus that is used elsewhere. Passengers can ride these water buses (singular: Vaporetto; plural: Vaporetti) all around the lagoon, along the primary canals, and to the distant islands. Despite being sometimes packed, they are by far the most affordable form of transportation (other than walking).

In Venice, there are roughly 20 water bus services. They also link Venice to the mainland and the main island to neighbouring islands.

Venice Water Bus vs. Water Taxi

Both are boats, however, they differ greatly from one another. Like taxis in other cities, you may hire a water taxi on your own and go wherever you choose, while the water buses follow a set schedule and route, similar to public buses in other places.

Venice Water Bus Tickets

Why Take the Venice Water Bus Pass

  • Will last for one day and more: The nicest feature of purchasing tickets for the Venice water bus is that they will last for a day, and longer if you want to add on additional days. It enables you to schedule your activities and travel around the city's highlights on a tight budget.
  • Affordable and convenient: The city operates and travels on waterways, and these water buses link the Venetian Lagoon's farthest reaches to the Grand Canal. It is the simplest and most practical method of transportation in Venice.
  • Effective: The tickets for the Venice water buses also give you unlimited access to the ACTV buses in Mestre and Marghera, in addition to allowing transit between and within Venice, Lido, and the Lagoon islands.
  • Optimal for Sightseeing: A Vaporetto, as they are known locally, is a type of water transport that operates in Venice. The Grand Canal, San Marco, and the Rialto Bridge are just a few of the city's most distinctive landmarks that the Vaporetto vans travel along. It's the best way to get about town and see all the amazing architecture.

Venice Transportation App

Venice Public Transportation
AVM Venezia Official App

The AVM Venezia Official APP allows users to buy and validate local ACTV public transportation tickets, pay to park in Venice's "Parcheggia Venezia" (blue stripes), read news about ACTV services, and check schedules and itineraries using the "Calculate route" and "Search timetables at Stops'' features. It is advised that only cell phones with iOS or Android operating systems run the APP (excluding tablets, even 6-inch inch ones).

Venice Public Transportation
MyPass Venezia

This is undoubtedly one of the best Venice-specific all-in-one applications. MyPass is a cutting-edge PMI that enables immediate access to the sites while always paying the lowest fee and skipping the ticket offices. You may reserve and purchase legitimate tickets for museums, events, public transportation, as well as parking using the MyPass Venezia APP.


    How much are the water buses in Venice?

    The price of Venice water bus tickets start from €7.50 and could be up to €25 depending on the perks you want to avail.

    What is a water bus called in Venice?

    A Venice water bus is known as Vaporetto. 

    Can you take luggage on the water bus in Venice?

    Yes you can take luggage with you at a set price. The price covers one piece of baggage with a maximum length, width, and height of 150 cm.

    How late do water buses run in Venice?

    Approximately about midnight. Three nighttime routes run from 11:30 p.m. to 5 a.m., while the main routes run from 5 a.m. to midnight.

    How do you pay for water buses in Venice?

    Tickets may be ordered online or from locations bearing the ACTV emblem, including Piazzale Roma, Ferrovia, Rialto, and San Marco. Validate your boarding pass at the boarding entry by "swiping or tapping" it on the machines there.

    How early do water buses start in Venice?

    The typical water bus schedule runs from around five in the morning until around midnight.

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