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Which is the best entrance to enter St. Peter’s Basilica? Find out in this guide.

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St. Peter’s Basilica, revered as a pinnacle of Christian pilgrimage, stands as a testament to breathtaking architecture and spiritual significance. This colossal structure, boasting the title of the largest basilica, is a cornerstone of Rome's tourism, drawing 10 milliom/year to marvel at its treasures. Among its myriad masterpieces, the basilica's towering dome has influenced architectural wonders far and wide.
Despite enduring lengthy queues, travelers can seek out four covert entrances for a smoother experience. Visiting St. Peter’s Basilica is an unforgettable journey for tourists, an experience not to be overlooked.

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St. Peter’s Basilica entrances

St.Peter's Basilica: Getting there

St. Peter's Basilica, is located on the Southeast side of the city and accessible from Via Della Conciliazione. For those planning to visit St. Peter's Basilica, here are some ideal routes that you can keep in mind.

By bus

To get to the Basilica by bus, you can opt for two options that stop on either side of the Basilica. Bus numbers 32, 81, 982 stop at the Piazza del Risorgimento which is a 10-minute walk from the Basilica. This stop lies to the left side of the Basilica.

Bus No. 64 stops at Via di Porta Cavalleggeri to the right of St.Peter's Basilica. This is slightly closer than the other bus stop. Bus 64 is one of the most used lines in Rome as it connects Termini station with the Vatican City, stopping at key sites such as Piazza Venezia or Largo Argentina. Be prepared for a stuffy bus!

By metro

The Ottaviano Metro Stop is closest to those looking to head to St. Peter's Basilica. The Basilica's entrance is a quick 10-minute walk from the metro exit.

By tram

As there is only one tram stop in Vatican city, you can choose to take Tram 19, which stops at Piazza del Risorgimento. A brisk 13-minute walk from there should have you at the Basilica's entrance.


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