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Playhouse Theatre seating plan | Best seats & views at the best prices

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After multiple renovations, the present seating capacity of the Playhouse Theatre is 780. These seats are spread across three sections, stalls, dress circle and upper circle. Let's look at each of these sections in detail to help you identify the best seats in the house.

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Playhouse Theatre | Recommended seats

Value for money seats
Front row seats and all of Row E in Dress Circle
Best views of the stage
Most seats in the Stalls section; centrally located seats in rows A-C (Stalls).
Sufficient legroom
Stalls - All aisle/central seats


The first seating section is the stalls. Unlike most ground level seating sections, the stalls in Playhouse Theatre doesn't feature any central aisle and is a large single block of seats. The rows start out smaller, when they're close to the stage but fan out as they move back. An important thing to note here is that the length of the row doesn't impact the view in any way. Another consideration is that since the stage is quite high, shorter patrons should skip seats in the first two rows. The back rows of the stalls also offer a great look at the stage, primarily because of the small size of the section and the gradual rake. If you're looking for extra legroom, opt for seats in the central rows of the stalls.

With 360 seats in total, the stalls is the biggest seating section in the Playhouse Theatre. The section has 17 rows in total, starting from BB and ending with Q. The seats are numbered between 1 to 25 moving right to left.

Check out the real-time seat availability of the Stalls in the Playhouse Theatre.

Dress circle

The first of the two elevated seating sections in the theatre, the dress circle houses a total of 214 seats. The section is divided into three subsections, with a main central housing a majority of the seats and two small sections on either side. While the section isn't too large, you can expect the best overall view of the stage from the central seats. Please note that a safety rail along the balcony can partially restrict the view from row A. Also check with the theatre management about restricted seats since there are many of those towards the end of each row in the side subsections.

The dress circle section has 9 rows in total, labelled A to J. The two subsections extend from row D on either side of the central subsection. The seats in this section are numbered between 1 to 27, moving right to left.

Check out the real-time seat availability of the Dress Circle in the Playhouse Theatre.

Upper circle

The last seating section in the Playhouse Theatre is the upper circle. Located at the highest level in the theatre, also the furthest from the stage, this section doesn't offer a lot in terms of the view of the stage. Due to the distinct rake, the section appears to be quite steep and should be avoided by patrons suffering from vertigo. Like the dress circle, the upper circle is divided into three subsections, with the central subsection offering the best look at the stage. If you end up getting seats at the very end of this theatre, don't fret. While the last few rows do feel very cut off from the stage, the view offered is pretty clear.

The upper circle has 9 rows beginning with A and ending with J. The seats fall in the range of 1 to 25, moving right to left. Try and avoid the extreme end seats of the two subsections on either corner since they offer a restricted view of the stage.

Which seats offer the best view?

The seats in the stalls section are often considered the best in the house since even the seats at the rear of the section offer no restrictions. We would recommend opting for the central seats in rows A to C for the best viewing experience. These seats are great because even if someone tall sits in front of you, your view of the stage won't get blocked due to the gentle rake. If you're watching a bustling musical, opt for any middle seats in the first three rows of the dress circle. These seats offer a great, direct look at the stage and the elevation ensures that you get a complete look at the stage and don't miss out on any detail.

Which seats offer the best value for money?

On an average, the premium seats of the Playhouse Theatre cost upwards of £65, depending on the show. If you're unwilling to spend this much on one ticket, we have the next best thing; value for money seats. The great thing about these seats is that they offer a great view of the stage without costing quite as much as premium seats. The front row seats of the dress circle are often discounted due to a slight curve in the balcony.

The curve doesn't really affect the sight lines, which makes these seats extremely value for money. Do note that due to hand rails, these seats have slightly limited legroom. Row E of the dress circle is also often discounted and offers a great look at the stage below. We would recommend avoiding the upper circle seats if possible, since they aren't the best in terms of the view offered.

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