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Unlocking The Wonders Of The Campania Card: Your Complete Guide

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The Campania Card, also known as Artecard Campania is the perfect way to explore the best of the Campania region in Italy. This special pass grants access to numerous museums, historical sites, and exciting experiences. What's more, it offers free rides on any UNICOCAMPANIA public transport line in Naples and Campania. With so much to explore in the Campania region, this card provides an easy and cost-effective way to enjoy it all. Let's delve into how the Campania Card can enhance your visit to Naples and Campania, making it a truly unforgettable experience!

Campania Card - What Is Included?

Woman inside a museum
Royal Palace of Caserta
Fresco in Campania region

The Campania Card opens doors to a range of museums, monuments, and attractions with both free and discounted access. It's not just about that – the card also covers public transport, visitor attractions, and tours with complimentary or reduced rates.



Churches and Monasteries

Archaeological Sites

Castles and Historical Houses

Campania Card Validity

The Campania Card is valid for 72 hours from the point of activation. Activate the card by following the instructions in the provided voucher post-booking. With 72 hours at your disposal, delve into the treasures of the Campania region, from Naples to Pompeii, Herculaneum, Paestum, and beyond – all under the umbrella of a single pass. Your first two attractions are complimentary, while the third boasts a 50% discount. Subsequently, you can enjoy reduced rates for other attractions and enjoy free travel via UNICOCAMPANIA public transport throughout these three days. The Campania Card ensures an immersive and cost-effective exploration.

Ruins of Herculaneum

5 Reasons Why You Should Get The Campania Card

#1. Unlimited Exploration

With Campania Card, you gain access to numerous museums, historical sites, and attractions in the Campania region, including Naples, Pompeii, and more.

#2. Cost-Efficient Adventures

Enjoy the first two attractions for free and the third at a 50% discount, followed by reduced rates on subsequent visits. It's an affordable way to uncover Italy's cultural treasures.

#3. Seamless Travel

Benefit from free rides on UNICOCAMPANIA public transport in Naples and Campania, ensuring easy and budget-friendly movement during your visit.

#4. Time Flexibility

Once you buy the Campania Card, you can activate it any time up to 6 months. Valid for 72 hours from activation, the Campania Card allows you to experience the region at your own pace, maximizing your exploration within a convenient timeframe.

#5. Immersive Experience

Immerse yourself in the history, art, and culture of Campania with this all-inclusive pass. From ancient ruins to vibrant museums, the card enhances your journey, making every moment a memorable adventure.

Is The Campania Card Worth It?

To see whether the Campania Card is actually worth it or not, let's do a quick cost benefit analysis of the pass.

Let's consider that you want to keep aside three whole days to explore Campania and it's monuments and museums. You would purchase a 72-hour Campania Card in this case.

At full price, the attractions would cost:

Day 1
Castel Sant’Elmo:
Villa Rufolo:
Royal Palace of Caserta:
Public Transport:

Day 2
Scavi di Oplontis - Villa Poppea:
Museo Diocesano di Napoli:
Public Transport:

Day 2
DOMA-Complesso Monumentale San Domenico Maggiore:
Complesso Monumentale San Lorenzo Maggiore:
Catacombe di Napoli: San Gennaro and San Gaudioso:
Public Transport:

With an all-inclusive Campania Card, you can visit all these places for a total of €72. It is totally worth it even if you visit the best 10 atractions included in the pass and and use public transport. Moreover, during high season chances of scoring tickets to some of these experiences are slim. However, with Campania Card you can gain entry into many of them!

San Gennaro Catacombs

How Do I Book The Campania Card?

Step 1: Book your Campania card online

Click here to book your Campania Card. Once you do that, you'll receive a booking confirmation on your email ID, along with the Campania Card voucher attached.

Step 2: Activate the card

When you've reached Campania, contact the service provider as per the instructions in the voucher you will receive by e-mail. You'll be taken through steps to activate your card.

Step 3: Head out and start experiencing Campania!

From the moment you use your card for the first time, your Campania Card will be valid for the next 72 hours!

Tips For Using The Campania Card

  • Research the attractions you want to visit and their opening hours. This helps you make the most of your 72-hour Artecard Campania validity period.
  • Activate your card exactly when you're ready to start exploring. The 72-hour countdown begins upon activation, so time it to align with your sightseeing plans.
  • The voucher you receive after booking will have activation instructions. Contact the service provider as directed to ensure a seamless start to your Artecard experience.
  • Begin with the attractions that interest you most. Remember, the first two are free, and the third offers a 50% discount – make these count!
  • Plot out your itinerary to minimize travel time. The Artecard includes free UNICOCAMPANIA public transport, so plan a logical route to cover more ground efficiently.
  • Use Google Maps to mark all the locations you want to visit, and plan the shortest path from one attraction to another to make the most of your 72 hour validity.
  • Some attractions might have special events, closures, or limited access on certain days. Confirm the schedule in advance to avoid disappointment.


What is the Campania Card? 

The Campania Card is a card that allows you to access various discounts and services on attractions, museums, and other sites in the region of Campania. It also includes free entrance to some locations with special offers and benefits exclusive to users of this card. 

Who can use the Campania Card? 

The card is available for both Italian and foreign visitors. It can also be used by people residing or visiting in Naples, Salerno, Avellino and Benevento provinces. 


How many attractions are included in the Campania Card? 

The Campania Card includes access to over 90 different attractions in the Campania region, including historic monuments, archaeological sites, art galleries, nature reserves and parks.

Does the Campania Card include transportation services? 

Yes, the card includes free public transportation services in the region.


Can I get a refund if I don’t use my Campania Card? 

No, all purchases of an Campania Card are final and non-refundable, regardless of whether or not it was used. 

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