Solo and Secure: A woman’s guide to safe solo travel across the globe

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Solo travel for women has become increasingly popular in the recent decade. Despite the increase in solo travel, the challenges of a woman traveling alone continue to persist worldwide! Women face safety concerns, societal expectations, and cultural barriers that can impact their solo travel experiences. However, empowerment movements and increased awareness about female solo travel have led to more resources, support networks, and opportunities for women to explore the world independently with confidence.

The world’s tourism industry has developed quite a bit over the last few decades and there are more places to explore now than there ever was. There are a good number of countries that are safe for women travelers!

Check out the best solo female travel destinations to explore!

16 Safe Female Solo Travel Destinations

1. Finland

Approx Budget: Around US$150 per day
Safety Index: 6.7

safe female solo travel destinations-Finland

Finland, home to the midnight sun and the Northern Lights is a must-see for all travelers. The Scandinavian nation is also an ideal option for sustainable travelers looking to make a conscious shift towards green travel. Finland is considered to be among the safest places to visit in the world and hence an obvious choice for female solo travelers.

Recommended experiences for solo female travelers: Suomenlinna Fortress, Rovaniemi, Helsinki Churches
Hot tip: Take advantage of Finland’s excellent public transport to save some bucks.

2. Iceland

Approx Budget: Around US$100 per day
Safety Meter: 6.5

safe female solo travel destinations-Iceland

Whether you’re wandering the picturesque streets of Reykjavik, chasing the northern lights, or driving the famous Ring Road, you’ll never feel unsafe in Iceland. This small island nation off-mainland Europe is known for being a great host to travelers from all around the world, especially first time female solo travelers.

Recommended experiences for solo female travelers: Bathing in the Blue Lagoon, exploring Reykjavik, driving the Golden Circle route.
Hot tip: Most Icelandic people can speak English, so talk to the locals to experience the best of Iceland.

3. New Zealand

Approx Budget: Around US$130 per day
Safety Meter: 6.3

safe female solo travel destinations-New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the few places on the planet that is both quirky and mystical. It is the adventure travel capital of the world, with spectacular mountain ranges and infinite landscapes to explore. It makes for an excellent choice for solitary female travelers, especially those who have an adventure streak!

Recommended experiences for solo female travelers: Exploring South Island in a solo vehicle, Kayaking on Lake Rotoiti, Hiking the Fiordland National Park.
Hot tip: Plan a long trip to New Zealand, a minimum of 2-3 weeks. This country deserves to be savoured slowly.

4. Spain

Approx Budget: Around US$140 per day
Safety Meter: 6.1

safe female solo travel destinations-Spain

Spain is one of the best options for first-time solo female travelers to visit. It is easy to get around, has an excellent tourism infrastructure, and has consistently ranked as the world's second most visited country. You’ll likely meet a lot of other solo travelers, both men and women; and what better way to make friends while solo tripping?!

Recommended experiences for solo female travelers: Exploring Prado Museum in Madrid, witnessing Gaudi’s architecture on foot in Barcelona, gorge on the best of Spanish gastronomy in San Sebastian.
Hot tip: If you live in Europe, hop on a low-cost flight and begin your visit to Spain from Barcelona and then make your way around the rest of the country.

5. Canada

Approx Budget: Around US$150 per day
Safety Meter: 6.1

safe female solo travel destinations-Canada

Canada has a diverse terrain, including centuries-old woods, snow-capped mountains, rural areas, and lakes. Its untouched wilderness is breathtakingly refreshing and is a true haven for solo female travelers looking for a break from monotony . The cities are a stark vibrant contrast with a distinct charm and multicultural flavor. Head here for the best of both worlds.

Recommended experiences for solo female travelers: Visiting the winter wonderland of Banff, exploring Killarney Provincial Park, basking in the glory of Sunshine Coast.
Hot tip: Squeeze in a music festival on your Canada itinerary. It’s intoxicatingly good!

6. Japan

Approx Budget: Around US$140 per day
Safety Meter: 6.2

safe female solo travel destinations-Japan

In Japan, millennia-old customs marry cutting-edge technology. For solo female travelers who like a mix of history with modernity, there’s no better place on earth than Japan. Make sure to add Tokyo, a mega-city widely regarded as the cleanest and most well-organized in the world. And there is Osaka, a fascinating city with an assorted range of activities, from Universal Studios to the Harukas Observatory.

Recommended experiences for solo female travelers: Going to the International Manga Museum in Kyoto, Taking part in Origami workshops, exploring the Castle town of Matsumoto.
Hot tip: Pub crawling in Japan is a fun experience, but inquire about transport and train timings before you make plans.

7. Switzerland

Approx Budget: Around US$220 per day
Safety Meter: 6.4

safe female solo travel destinations-Switzerland

Switzerland needs no introduction. It is a country rich in cultural diversity with stunning attractions and urban vistas that give way to stunning natural landscapes. In addition, it has a very clean record when it comes to crime and misdemeanors - one of the reasons it tops the solo female travel destination list.

Recommended experiences for solo female travelers: Touring Lausanne and discovering its medieval heritage, taking a helicopter ride to Jungfraujoch, beholding the scenic beauty of Rhine Falls.
Hot tip: Bring a pocket translator if you are planning to cover all regions of Switzerland.

8. Belgium

Approx Budget: Around US$135 per day
Safety Meter: 5.7

safe female solo travel destinations-Belgium

Brimming with historic monuments, superb infrastructure, and a variety of other tourist attractions - this nation is a true gem. Be it roaming the bizarre lanes of Brussels or walking the cobbled streets of Bruges, there’s never a dearth of things to do here.

Recommended experiences for solo female travelers:Visiting the wilderness of Dinant, shopping at Kortrijk, getting tipsy on half-en-half (a heady mix of white wine and champagne).
Hot tip: Don’t forget to visit the Princely Beguinage Ten Wijngaerde to learn all about Belgian history.

9. Austria

Approx Budget: Around US$135 per day
Safety Meter: 6.2

safe female solo travel destinations-Austria

Austria is a near-perfect nation for female solo travel. They claim that troubles vanish in the country, which must be because Austrians have one of the highest standards of living in Europe. Furthermore, the country boasts some incredibly breathtaking scenery - from snow-capped mountain peaks to lush green forests, and crystal-clear waters.

Recommended experiences for solo female travelers:Visiting the countryside of Salzkammergut, exploring the Barque city of Salzburg, attending a festival in Carinthia.
Hot tip: If you have an international license, hire a car and go on a road trip around Austria. It is one of the most underrated road trips, but worth every penny!

10. Turkey

Approx Budget: Around US$100 per day
Safety Meter: 4.3

safe female solo travel destinations-Istanbul

Touring Turkey on your own may be thrilling, but a tad bit intimidating, particularly if it is your maiden visit. If there is one thing traveling alone in Turkey teaches you, it is to mingle with the locals. Just about all of Istanbul, from the Grand Bazaar to the Galata District is a treat for a daring enough female solo traveler.

Recommended experiences for solo female travelers:Sign up for a cooking workshop, explore the Prince Island for a full day, bargaining in the local bazaars of Istanbul.
Hot tip: Use the Bitaksi app for cheap and reliable cab rides around Istanbul.

11. Thailand

Approx Budget: Around US$100 per day
Safety Meter: 4.8

safe female solo travel destinations-Thailand

Thailand is widely regarded as one of the greatest solo travel locations. It is a very tourist-friendly country, with tourism accounting for 20% of GDP, low levels of harassment and assault, high levels of safety, and very friendly locals. It is also one of the most attractive backpacking destinations in the world and makes for the perfect choice if you’re looking for a budget female solo travel destination.

Recommended experiences for solo female travelers:Day tripping to Khao Yai National Park, experiencing the seclusion of Hua Hin, visiting Khaosan Road in Bangkok.
Hot tip: Avoid public boat ferries as they can often be unsanitary and overcrowded.

12. Galápagos

Approx Budget: Around US$120 per day
Safety Meter: 4.0

safe female solo travel destinations-Galápagos

The Galapagos Islands are among the few places on the earth that are still “off the beaten path,” making it an ideal destination for female solo travellers who are yearning to go somewhere truly unique and unspoiled. The fact that visits to the Galapagos are strictly regulated contributes to its purity.

Recommended experiences for solo female travelers: Exploring the San Cristobal Island, encountering free roaming wildlife on the island, snorkeling with Sea Lions at Playa Mann.
Hot tip: Try their unique local coffee in any of the neighborhood cafes.

13. French Polynesia

Approx Budget: Around US$150 per day
Safety Meter: 5.0

safe female solo travel destinations-French Polynesia

French Polynesia consists of 118 islands covering a total area of 6,400 square kilometers. It is one of the most popular female solo tourist destinations in the Pacific. The most popular islands are Tahiti and Bora Bora, an expensive affair but ideal for those looking for their first solo travel to be truly special. The region has some of the most spectacular dives in the world thanks to its rich marine life.

Recommended experiences for solo female travelers: Jet Skiing in Bora Bora, going on a helicopter flight in Le Taha’a, experiencing the cultural blend in Rangiroa.
Hot tip: Pack light when you are island hopping in French Polynesia.

14. Hawaii

Approx Budget: Around US$250 per day
Safety Meter: 5.6

safe female solo travel destinations-Hawaii

Hawaii is an incredible island-country that should be on everyone's bucket list. It draws women seeking transformational travel, as well as surfers, wildlife lovers, and volcano enthusiasts. The islands have a lot of historical significance apart from being awe-inspiringly beautiful. Although crime is nearly non-existent, we’d recommend female solo travelers to be vigilant.

Recommended experiences for solo female travelers: JSnuba Maui, surfing in Oahu, hiking along the Kalalau trail.
Hot tip: Visit the smallest Hawaiian island of Molokai for its sea cliffs, scenic trails, and secluded beaches.

15. Sri Lanka

Approx Budget: Around US$70 per day
Safety Meter: 5.4

safe female solo travel destinations-Sri Lanka

Because Sri Lankan culture is predominantly Buddhist, women traveling alone will find the nation to be very hospitable and safe. If you are a female solo traveler in Sri Lanka, keep in mind that some locations may require you to dress conservatively. Locals are courteous and considerate so feel free to chummy up.

Recommended experiences for solo female travelers: A tuk-tuk safari of Arugam Bay, going on a scenic train ride in Nuwara Eliya, experiencing the mesmerizing landscape of Adam’s Peak, climbing the Sigiriya.
Hot tip: Be sure to respect local traditions and residents when in Sri Lanka.

16. Indonesia

Approx Budget: Around US$90 per day
Safety Meter: 5.4

safe female solo travel destinations-Indonesia

Indonesia, particularly Bali, is a popular location for female solo travelers. Because of the low cost of living, friendly locals, and generally safe atmosphere, the Island of Gods boasts a huge number of expats who have chosen to make it their home. If you’re looking to become a digital nomad, Bali is a great place to test the waters.

Recommended experiences for solo female travelers: Witnessing the gorgeous sunset at Ratu Boko, shopping at Beringharjo for batik, clothes, and local souvenirs, exploring the majestical Yogyakarta Palace.
Hot tip: Rent a scooter and explore the local communities in Indonesia to know more about this fascinating country.

4 things to consider when choosing a country for female solo travel


The unfortunate truth about the world we live in is that not all places inspire the feeling of carefreeness in women. Consequently, women traveling alone are far more concerned about their safety, so when picking a place to solo travel to, start with nations that have a high safety record and gender equality.


Tourist-friendly countries are easy to explore on your own. They have a steady influx of visitors, a well-developed tourism infrastructure, make it easier to meet fellow tourists, offer more options for day trips, tours, hostels, and other accommodations, and have a more tourist-friendly culture with more English-speaking establishments.


When picking a place to visit on your own, you must weigh the options available for solo transportation. Not all places are conducive to rented vehicles or availing public transport on your own. Also look at thescope for internet and mobile connectivity so that you can remain in touch with your family and friends back home.


It’s no surprise that vacationing alone is an expensive affair. Because the expense of a solo trip increases due to single supplements and the greater cost of not having a travel companion, several of the top locations for first-time solo female travelers are countries that are perceived as more economical.

Tips for female solo travelers

  • Know why you want to travel solo: The “where” of a traveling plan is often intrinsically related to the “why.” Knowing the latter will help you plan your trip better.
  • Be open to impromptu opportunities: It’s easy to go overboard with planning every detail of your trip. Build in some time to accommodate unforeseen opportunities.
  • Rest well the first night: Be prepared to rest well for the first night because that will decide how the rest of your trip progresses.
  • Take only what is necessary: A solo trip will not be quite as liberating with multiple large pieces of luggage.
  • Be careful about sharing your trip information: Everyone you meet on your trip will not have your best interest in mind. Be careful with whom you share your travel and accommodation information.
  • Keep your documents safe: Losing your identification and other documents can derail your entire trip. Ensure they are well-protected.
  • Find company when dining: There are several ways to grab a meal with strangers and locals when on a solo trip. Look for cooking classes and themed dinners in the area.
  • Sort out your tech requirements beforehand: In this day and age, it’s difficult to move about without technology. Check that you have the right adaptors, sim cards, chargers, and other essentials before leaving. Also pick a good local sim that gives you connectivity throughout your trip.
  • Meet fellow female solo travelers: Female solo travelers are everywhere. Look for hostels and online forums that can foster these meet-ups.
  • Maintain a journal of your trip: Taking a trip on your own can expose unexplored emotions and aspects of your personality. It is a healthy practice to maintain a journal and process everything. After the trip is over, you can even relive the experience by merely opening the journal.

Note: The Safety Index mentioned is a combination of the WEF Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report and country popularity index among female travelers

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