Best destinations to see Spring flowers!

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Springtime is almost here! It’s time for flowers to start blooming in all it’s glory – like a breath of fresh air after the long and cold winter months. It’s also the perfect time people tend to take spring holidays. Now apart from the usual places for the spring holidays, have you thought about travelling to places where floral beauty is at it’s peak when the flowers have just bloomed? It's worth travelling just to witness these wonders in person. From the cherry blossom-lined streets of Tokyo to the sunflower fields of Tuscany, each of these destinations offer a spectacle.

Here are the best places to see Spring flowers and natural beauty-

Tokyo, Japan

Cherry Blossom in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo in springtime is associated with Cherry Blossoms. The Japanese name for cherry blossom – Sakura, adorns every corner of the city, from parks to temples to riverbanks. For the Japanese, sakura symbolizes the nature of life, making it a reminder to live in the moment! Heading to Tokyo during spring is great to experience the tradition of Hanami – a custom of experiencing the beauty of flowers. It’s a celebration for locals and visitors alike partaking in to go on flower-viewing picnics under the blooming trees, celebrating the season with food, drinks, and loved ones!
🌸 Types of flowers found: Cherry blossoms, Plum blossoms, purple Wisteria and Moss Phlox
🗓️ Best time to visit: From late March to early April

Keukenhof – Lisse, The Netherlands

Tulips in Keukenhof

Keukenhof is pretty much known as the garden of Europe, with an emphasis on tulips! Located in the town of Lisse, the floral paradise is about 79 acres to be precise. With such an enormous area of land, the display attracts visitors worldwide every year during the spring season, all eager to get a close-up of nature's work! Though the garden is open throughout the year for festivities and special events, it opens to the public only between mid-March and mid-May.
🌸 Types of flowers found: Tulips, Daffodils, Hyacinths, Muscari and Fritillaria
🗓️ Best time to visit: From late March to early April

Skagit Valley, U.S.A

Skagit Valley, USA

Situated in the heart of Washington State, Skagit Valley is an agricultural region that comes alive with tulip fields during the spring season! The best time to visit the valley is during the Tulip Festival. Locals and visitors alike come together to experience the festival, with events ranging from art shows to concerts to guided tours of the tulip fields. Although Skagit Valley is known for tulips, daffodils bloom too! They bloom a month before the tulips in March.
🌸 Types of flowers found: Daffodils and Tulips
🗓️ Best time to visit: During the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival,April 1st to April 30th, 2024!

Halle’s Forest, Belgium

Bluebells in the Halle’s Forest, Belgium

You can find bluebells everywhere in Halle's Forest! In late April and early May, this forest transforms into a sea of blue, creating a dreamy atmosphere that's straight out of Disney World. As you wander through the forest, you'll be surrounded by a carpet of bluebells! Apart from the bluebells, the forest is home to different flora and fauna like rare orchids and elusive deer. Birdwatchers also delight in the opportunity to spot woodpeckers and owls.
🌸 Types of flowers found: Wild yellow daffodils, Primrose, Marsh Marigold, blue and purple Hyacinth
🗓️ Best time to visit: Late April to early May

Provence, France

Provence, France

Though Provence is known for its fields of lavender, they don’t bloom during the spring period! So if you’re heading to the Provence region in June or July, you can see it everywhere in full bloom. You’ll also have the opportunity to witness the lavender harvest in July while driving through the countryside, which is the ultimate Provencal experience. The process includes the traditional art of lavender distillation, where the fragrant flowers are transformed into essential oils, soaps and perfumes.
🌸 Types of flowers found: Red Poppies, pink and yellow Peonies, purple Wysteria
🗓️ Best time to visit: From March to July

Cape Floristic Region, South Africa

Cape Floristic Region, South Africa

The Cape Floristic Region is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site with more than 9,000 different types of plants, including proteas, orchids, and fynbos. You can go hiking in Table Mountain National Park or explore the Cape Peninsula to see these beautiful plants up close! Fun fact: The Fynbos vegetation that grows here can’t be found anywhere else and has adapted to the Mediterranean climate.
🌸 Types of flowers found: Proteas, Orchids, Ericas and Watsonias
🗓️ Best time to visit: From September to November

Cotswolds, England

Flowers in Cotswolds, England

Cotswolds is one of those charming quaint regions what one imagines to be the perfect English countryside! With the onset of spring, the gardens such as Hidcote and Sudeley Castle, showcase blossoms of roses, wisteria and more creating a perfect backdrop for picnic adventures. It's a quintessential English experience, especially with the landscape and cottages! And lastly the local delicacies – springtime in the Cotswolds brings fresh produce like asparagus to juicy strawberries to the local markets, don’t forget to indulge.
🌸 Types of flowers found: Roses, Wisteria and Cherry blossoms
🗓️ Best time to visit: From March to May

Tuscany, Italy

Sunflower field in Tuscany, Italy

Apart from being known for destination weddings, Tuscany is a wonderful place to visit during springtime! Fields of sunflowers and poppies are a common sight in Tuscany during the spring months. And then there are the vineyards – the trademark of Tuscany! Springtime in Tuscany means the start of the grape growing season, and the countryside comes alive with the promise of a huge harvest.
🌸 Types of flowers found: Sunflowers, Poppies, Wildflowers, Wisteria, Oleander and Cyclamen
🗓️ Best time to visit: From April to June

Destinations to see Spring flowers