11 of the World’s Most Unique Restaurants

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11 of the World's Most Unique Restaurants

From igloos to caves, ginormous aquariums to hanging tree pods – architects and designers have gone above and beyond to put an incredible twist on the traditional dining experience. Some restaurants have even gone as far as making sure you have a crappy experience… literally! These creative masterpieces belong on everyone’s bucket list.


11 of the World’s Most Unique Restaurants


1. Ben Abeba – Lailibela, Ethiopia

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2.  Ithaa Undersea Restaurant – Rangali Island, Maldives


3. Dinner In The Sky – Brussels, Belgium


4. Grotta Palazzese Hotel Ristorante – Polignano a Mare, Italy

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5. Lainio Snow Village – Kittilä, Finland

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6. Vertigo Moon Bar – Bangkok, Thailand

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#asia nowadays. shot on #sonyrx100m3 at #vertigomoonbar by #banyantreebangkok. circa late summer in 2016

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7. Labassin Waterfall Restaurant – San Pablo City, Philippines


9. The Dining Pod – Koh Kood Island, Thailand


10. Troll Wall Restaurant – Troll Wall, Norway


11. Modern Toilet – Taipei City, Taiwan Province

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