5 Reasons To Watch Tottenham Hotspur Matches At The Stadium 

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Picture this: the roaring cheers that have echoed for over a century, electrifying tension caused mostly by VAR decisions, the ball approaches the goal but the keeper’s got his eyes locked on it, and then a euphoric eruption when it’s finally a goal for The Spurs! From the legendary "Cockerel" emblem to the glory days of Bill Nicholson's 'Double' win, this stadium has seen it all.

But amidst the history, there's room for some playful banter. That nervous laugh which eating pre-match pie, that chuckle when Arsenal fans show up for the derby, and oh, the sweet satisfaction of walking away with bragging rights after a win…there are few things for a Tottenham Hotspurs fan, such as watching a home game. And if you’re not a full-fledged fan, you will still be glad to witness not just a match, but a living, breathing testament to the beautiful game's ability to unite, ignite, and captivate. And here’s why you should watch a few Tottenham Hotspur matches:

1. The Fans-first Stadium

An incredible experience whether you’re a fan or not, the Tottenham Stadium has been built with the fan in mind. The Spurs found a worthy successor to the historic White Hart Lane at this one, which is not only used for premier league games but also serves as a multi-purpose arena. The steep slopes make it seem much more intimate and fans will feel like they’re closer to the pitch than most other stadiums. It is also one of the most sustainable stadiums in the world in addition to being the most technologically advanced one. Apparently, it’s also entirely cashless which means shorter queues for half-time snacks and drinks. Oh, and they have WiFi so all you wired in folks are online all through! They also let out the stadium for concerts and shows, so head over for NFL games, Beyonce concerts and plenty more.

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2. Incredible Atmosphere

History and passion meet at all Tottenham Hotspur matches, more so at home. Like so many other clubs, Tottenham’s past reflects so much in its present. The fans are known for being vocal and supportive, and they create a raucous atmosphere that can be intimidating for opposing teams. The design of the stadium only helps the home team, by amplifying the sound, making it even more deafening. The club has won eight FA Cups and eight League Cups, and it has also reached the Champions League final, though a trophy remains elusive in the recent past. More reason to go cheer your heart out, eh?

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3. Top Players at Tottenham Hotspur FC

Sure Harry Kane is now at Bayern Munich, but that doesn’t stop Tottenham Hotspurs from having a phenomenal lineup of players. Why they still don’t have a trophy is anybody’s guess! Son Heung-min is a world-class player having scored over 100 goals for Tottenham. If South Korea is too far to go watch him in his national team, head to Tottenham. Dejan Kulusevski is another star, having joined The Spurs in January 2023. Go watch him dribble and pass, and assist Son to yet another goal. Rodrigo Bentancur is another player to watch since he too joined in 2023. A proper revelation for most, he is a strong and athletic midfielder who is good at both defending and attacking. For a great tackle on the pitch and in the air, Cristian Romero is definitely worth going to the Tottenham Hotspur matches for!

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4. North London Derby

What do you get when you put two popular clubs from London, with a rivalry that dates back over a century, against each other? The North London Derby! One of the most highly anticipated and fiercely contested football matches between Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal. With Arsenal’s Emirates and the Tottenham Stadium just a few miles apart, the historical competition for supremacy in North London has fueled the intensity of this rivalry. Almost always, the match also has a huge impact on the league table (and of Fantasy Premier League!). Both fans are known for their unwavering passion and the history of this fixture includes dramatic comebacks, brilliant individual performances, and heated confrontations on and off the field. In short, it’s one to watch.

The home fixture of the North London derby is set for April 28, 2024.

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5. The Local Beavertown Brewery

If you are a fan of craft beer, then you should definitely check out the microbrewery at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. It is a great place to enjoy a pint of beer and watch the match. Operated by Beavertown Brewery, a local brewery that is known for its innovative and award-winning beers, the microbrewery is located in the South East corner of the stadium, and pours pale ales, IPAs, stouts, and porters - all brewed on site! The microbrewery also produces a special beer called "Spurs IPA", which is brewed exclusively for Tottenham Hotspur. Other favourites include the Neck Oil, the signature beer of Beavertown Brewery, and a New England, Ludo which is a pale ale and Black Betty, a black IPA.

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