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Swiss Travel Pass map: Chart your Swiss escapade with ease!

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Charming and breathtaking, words fall short of describing Switzerland, endowed with great natural beauty and equally well taken care of by its friendly people. If you are considering a trip to this country, quickly obtain a Swiss Travel Pass—an all-inclusive transit pass. A brief glance at the Swiss Travel Pass map below makes it evident that it offers extensive transport coverage of Switzerland via it's trains, buses, cable cars, and boats. Zoom in on the Swiss Travel Pass map or download it for offline use and have a grand time planning your Swiss adventure.

Plan your journey with Swiss Travel Pass map

Swiss Travel Pass - Route Map

How to read the Swiss Travel Pass map?

The Swiss Travel Pass map above indicates the area of coverage of a Swiss Travel Pass. The legends on the map indicate what each line stands for. However, here’s a breakdown of the map:

  • Red lines: Rail network
  • Yellow lines: Bus network
  • Black lines: Cable cars
  • White lines: Boat rides
  • Continuous lines: Unlimited travel on all train, bus, and boat routes with Pass
  • Dotted lines: Unlimited travel with reduction in prices for Pass holders
  • Red/White dot: Unlimited public transport access in cities marked with red/white dots
  • Grey lines: No reductions

Frequently asked questions

Swiss Travel Pass Map

What does the dotted red line indicate on the Swiss Travel Pass map?

The red line indicates train connections and the dotted line means travel with reductions. Therefore, the dotted red line means that you can travel along that train route at reduced prices with a Swiss Travel Pass.

What is covered by a Swiss Travel Pass?

The entire Swiss Travel System which includes trains, buses, boats, and cable cars is included in your Swiss Travel Pass. You can also enjoy added perks like access to 500+ museums, discounted use of the mountain railway, and other high-altitude excursions to Brunni, Stanserhorn, and Stoos.

Can I use the Swiss Travel Pass to connect from Zurich to Interlaken?

As you can see on the Swiss Travel Pass map, Interlaken and Zurich are connected via rail lines. If you have a Swiss Travel Pass, you can board all trains in Switzerland as shown on the map. Therefore, you can easily connect from Zurich to Interlaken with this Pass.

Does the Swiss Travel Pass cover scenic trains in Switzerland?

Yes, the Swiss Travel Pass covers scenic trains like the Glacier Express, Bernina Express, Gotthard Panorama Express, and more. However, in these trains, you are often required to purchase a seat reservation before boarding the train.

Can I use the Swiss Travel Pass for boat rides in Switzerland? 

The lakes and rivers in Switzerland are well connected via boats and all the boat rides indicated by white lines on the Swiss Travel Pass map are accessible to you with a Swiss Travel Pass.

Is the Glacier Express included in the Swiss Travel Pass?

Yes, all scenic Swiss trains like the Glacier Express are included in the Swiss Travel Pass. However, scenic trains might mandate a prior seat reservation.

What are the museums covered by the Swiss Travel Pass?

A Swiss Travel Pass is all the more attractive as it covers not just travel in Switzerland but also 500+ museums.  

Do we need seat reservations even with a Swiss Travel Pass?

Most Swiss trains can be accessed without seat reservations. But, certain popular scenic trains like Chocolate Train, Bernina Express, Palm Express, and a few others mandate a seat reservation even with a Swiss Travel Pass.