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Effective Europe train travel planning with Eurail & Interrail map

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If you are pondering over getting a Eurail or Interrail Pass for your next European adventure, you owe it to yourself to make sure that the pass is just the right fit for you. The first step to getting the maximum value out of your pass includes a bit of planning. And trust us, planning is half the fun of any trip. And that’s where a Eurail & Interrail map comes handy. As much as we would love to play detective, bring out our magnifying glasses and survey a big sheet of map, we’ve got something better for you - an interactive Eurail and Interrail map that is easy to understand and use.

Plan your journey with Eurail & Interrail map

This Eurail & Interrail map has all the big city train connections in Europe. Play around with the map and figure out the routes you intend to take and learn about the average travel time. Make a rough cost estimation of point-to-point tickets and compare it to the Eurail or Interrail Pass price, to identify if the pass is ideal for you.

However, do keep in mind that it's not just cost-savings that make the Eurail & Interrail Pass so popular but also the immense flexibility it lends to your travel plans. As opposed to the rigidity of point-to-point tickets, with the Eurail or Interrail Pass, you can simply turn up at the station and decide to take the next train that comes along. Additionally, planning the routes beforehand will also help you choose the most apt Eurail or Interrail Pass. Dive deep and find your primary travel routes below.

How to read the Eurail & Interrail Map?

  • All the bigger European cities and train connections between them are mapped above. Keep in mind that Eurail or Interrail Pass is not limited to these train journeys.
  • Click on the station icons to see the city name.
  • Click on the lines connecting the cities to find the average train travel time between them

Frequently asked questions

Eurail & Interrail Map

Can I use the Eurail or Interrail Pass in all European countries?

Eurail and Interrail Pass can be used in 33 European countries. To explore a single country, choose a single country pass and if you plan to go country-hopping, choose a Eurail or Interrail Global Pass.

What is the difference between Eurail and Interrail Pass?

The only difference between Eurail and Interrail Pass is the kind of travelers it targets. Eurail Pass can be used only by non-European residents, whereas Interrail Pass is for the specific use of European residents.

Can I customize my route based on my preferred destinations with Eurail or Interrail Pass?

The best thing about Eurail & Interrail Pass is that it is totally customizable. Decide the routes you intend to take using our interactive Eurail & Interrail map and simply add those journeys to your pass and get going!

How do I check train schedules and plan my itinerary accordingly?

You can find the train schedules on the Rail Planner App and select journeys as per your requirement. If you want to know the average duration of the journeys connecting main European cities, click on the lines connecting the two cities on the Eurail & Interrail map.

What are some tips for maximizing the use of my Eurail or Interrail Pass?

Planning ahead and choosing the right pass is the first step to maximizing the value of your Eurail or Interrail Pass. The main premise of the Eurail or Interrail Pass is that the more train travel you embark on, the more value you make of it. 

Are there any scenic Eurail or Interrail routes that I should consider?

Europe teems with scenic train routes and many people often embark on train journeys just for the view. Bernina Express, Glacier Express and the Golden Pass Scenic Train in Switzerland, Rhine Valley Line in Germany, Flam Railway in Norway are just a few of our recommendations.

What are some popular Eurail or Interrail routes?

Rome to Florence, Paris to Rome, Madrid to Barcelona, Vienna to Budapest are a few popular routes covered by a Eurail or Interrail Pass.