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Here’s how you can skip the lines at the Versailles Palace!

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Step into the glorious palace of Versailles, one of the world’s most renowned palaces known for its magnificent architecture and endless gardens. Over 30 years ago, the Versailles Palace was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and ever since, it’s been one of the most important landmarks in French history.

As popular as this landmark is, the Palace of Versailles is just as crowded. How does one get to experience the best of this palace without having to waste hours waiting in line? There are a few tricks of the trade you could benefit from knowing beforehand- and that’s exactly what we’re here to tell you.

Versailles Palace: Skip The Line Tickets

Buy your tickets in advance!

Needless to say, you’d benefit greatly from booking your tickets in advance. Choose skip-the-line tickets and you’ll be at the front of the line, guaranteeing a quicker entry into the Palace of Versailles. The choice is yours:

Wait Time At The Versailles Palace

The Versailles Palace is one of the most popular attractions in France and more than 10 million tourists frequent this landmark every year. Given the number of visitors floating around the Palace, it is obvious that you may have to bump shoulders with strangers at the ticket counter. The average wait time at the Versailles Palace can range from 10-15 minutes (with skip the line tickets) to 2 hours (if you’re buying your tickets at the ticketing counter during peak season).

Fret not about this arduous wait time. We’re here to give you some insider tips on how you can combat this insane wait time even during peak season.

6 Tried & Tested Ways To Skip The Lines at the Versailles Palace

1. Skip the lines by pre-booking your tickets

Since the palace is a popular attraction, it can take a long time for you to enter the museum if you plan on buying your ticket on-site. You can skip the chaos and beat the line of ticket buyers by purchasing your ticket in advance, which will lead you directly to one of the main entrances of the Palace (which is otherwise not accessible). Take your pick of days to visit the Palace and save yourself the hassle of waiting to actually get in. No harm in planning ahead of time, is there?

2. Grab A First-Entry Time Ticket

If you wish to explore and admire the Versailles Palace peacefully without people crowding the space, you should choose an early time slot while purchasing your tickets online. Timings are available from 9 AM onwards- the quicker you go, the smaller the crowds. 9 AM is the most suitable time to stroll around the Palace with the most room to view the admirable landmark. Snap great pictures of the interiors and enjoy the rooms - all to yourself.

Tip: Head to the palace at 8:45 AM to ensure you have enough time to get through security and scan your ticket in advance. As soon as the palace opens its doors to the public, you’ll be the first one in!

3. Know Your Entrances

Main Entrance

All visitors who have already purchased their tickets or those who are yet to purchase need to walk through the main entrance, otherwise called grille d’Honneur, to enter the Versailles Palace.

Entrance for groups

If you have chosen a group tour for a given time, you can enter the palace from Gate B and those visiting solo can enter through Gate A.

Entrance for disabled persons

Disabled persons with guided dogs or a plus one accompanying them can enter the palace through a pedestrian path, designed specifically to meet their requirements.

Entrance to the Garden

Get free direct access to the gardens by walking through the top left side of the Versailles Palace.

Heading to Marie Antoinette’s Estate

From the palace, take a 30 min stroll through the gardens, hop onto the little train or rent electric vehicles to get to Marie Antoinette’s Estate.

Tower of London

Palace of Versailles Entrances

Want to learn more about all of the Palace of Versailles' entrances? Read here.

4. Consider Taking a Guided Tour

Scrap the idea of strolling across the palace’s corridors on your own and opt for a guided tour of the Versailles Palace instead. This is a great way to steer clear of the long queues and make an easy entrance into the palace. Gate B is a dedicated guided tour entrance that will allow you to explore the space peacefully. Additionally, with the presence of an expert tour guide by your side, you’ll get insight into the rich history, culture, and all significant highlights of the palace!

5. Visit the Versailles Palace on a Wednesday/Thursday

The Palace of Versailles is the least crowded on Wednesdays and Thursdays during the week, and Sundays during weekends. The Palace is open on all days of the week except for Mondays. We would recommend avoiding booking tickets for Tuesday, because this is the most busy day for the Palace. The Louvre is closed on Tuesdays, diverting a lot of its usual traffic towards the Versailles Palace. Fridays and Saturdays are also equally busy (along with national holidays), so we would recommend steering clear of those days as well.

6. Hit The Gardens Before Heading To The Palace

The Versailles gardens open at 8 AM, an hour before the Versailles Palace does. You can start at the gardens and visit all the popular areas before the crowds start to trickle in. This is a suggested route to take: visit the gardens at 8 AM, then head to the palace by 9 AM. The gardens are pretty much empty that early during the day, giving you oodles of privacy and a great view of the palace from your standpoint. When you’re done with the garden, work your way to the palace.

Versailles Palace skip the line
Bask in the beauty of the most influential landscape architect in French history

Perfect Time To Visit The Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles is best to visit between the months of April-June and October-November. Pleasant weather meets thinner crowds, making it the ideal time to visit. The low season months include November, February and March. So if heavy crowds are what you’re hoping to avoid, visit during these months. Best to visit early in the day or later during the evening to beat the crowds.

Tips To Skip The Line At Versailles Palace

  1. We recommend you to visit the attraction on a weekday, preferably Wednesday or Thursday.
  2. Avoid visiting the Palace during weekends if you can.
  3. Get to the spot as early as possible if you want to beat the rush. If not, visit during the evenings when the crowds thin out.
  4. It is a smart choice to book your tickets online in advance to avoid the stress of waiting at the security check and ticket office on-site.
  5. If you want to learn about the palace’s rich culture and wish to explore the forbidden spots of the palace, take a guided tour and make the most of your visit to the Versailles Palace.
  6. You can visit during the off-season, that is, late spring or early fall as the weather is quite pleasant at this time.
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