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Visiting Ocean Park Hong Kong |All you need to know

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As far as holiday destinations in Asia are concerned, there are quite a few distinguished places that come to mind. Hong Kong is definitely one of the few that come to mind in the first 10 seconds. Hong Kong receives over 65 million visitors every year, and just like most places, theme parks are a crowd favorite in Hong Kong as well. Hong Kong Disneyland is naturally a top attraction, but there is another theme park that beats it to take the top spot. The Ocean Park, situated in Aberdeen, undergoes regular reimaginations and is bolstered with new attractions often, maintaining its favorable status with the tourists. The Ocean park has thrilling roller coasters, wholesome aquariums, and controversial animal performances. All in all, regardless of your age, the Ocean Park is a must visit and we have just the perfect Ocean Park Hong Kong tickets you're on the lookout for.

Ocean Park Hong Kong

Ocean Park Hong Kong Fun Facts

  • Ocean Park Hong Kong is spread over 915,000 square meters of land area, which is more than twice the size of Vatican City.
  • It is amongst the top 10 most visited amusement parks in Asia.
  • Ocean Park has welcomed over 125 million guests since its opening in 1977.
  • Ocean Park is one of the few award-winning animal conservation institutions in the world.
  • The Grand Aquarium at Ocean Park that has the world's largest aquarium dome.

Ocean Park Hong Kong Entrance Fee

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Ocean Park Hong Kong Map - Understanding The Layout

Before venturing onto the best rides and insider tips we have in store for you, let's understand the layout of the Ocean Park Hong Kong. The park is divided into two major areas - The Waterfront & The Summit.

The Water Front

Closer to the entrance is the Waterfront. It has some of the most exciting rides in the park, including the Aqua City and Amazing Asian Animals.

The Summit

The Summit is the other area, connected to the Waterfront via Cable Cars and the themed Ocean Express. Top attractions at the Summit are Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium and Thrill Mountain.

Insider Tip : Since the Waterfront is closer to the main entrance, most of the visitors tend to begin there. It would be wise to start at the Summit instead and roll back to the Waterfront later in the day to work against the crowds.

Ocean Park Hong Kong Rides - Best To The Worst

It's quite possible that you'll lose count of the number of rides at Ocean Park Hong Kong, and possibly not cover them all in a day. Here's our ranking of the Ocean Park Hong Kong rides, from the worst to best to help you plan your visit. Obviously, the bottom 5 ought to make it to your list and the rest could be given a skip.

Note, these are just the dry and wet rides. Ocean Park Hong Kong has many shows and animal encounters that are a must see.

ocean park hong kong rides
10. Raging River

Raging River is one of the many water based rides at the park. It is also quite busy. It features log shaped cars and descend into the small body of water. The name of the ride builds up an expectation of thrill, but the drop is too small to entertain adults and teens. It may be an underwhelming experience for most.

ocean park hong kong rides
9. Bumper Blaster

Bumper cars are a regular presence in almost all parks. It is a kids' favorite at Ocean Park Hong Kong as well. The Bumper Blaster is open for all ages, but the problems with the ride are the limited track area and the relatively high number of cars. You are likely to end up in a gridlock.

ocean park hong kong rides
8. Arctic Blast

Arctic Blast is one of the mellow rides you can opt for if a roller coaster is not your cup of tea. The moderate height and speed are good for kids and people with vertigo. There are adequate twists in the track to inspire reasonable amount of adrenaline.

ocean park hong kong rides
7. Crazy Galleon

The pirate ship themed rides are a must at all parks. The Crazy Galleon is Ocean Park's version of the classic swinging ship. It is the absence of secure seat belts that make it an attractive option for visitors. It may seem unsafe to you if you are not accustomed to thrill rides.

ocean park hong kong rides
6. The Dragon

The Dragon has held its place at Ocean Park Hong Kong for years now. The roller coaster is quite thrilling with its three loops and a climactic corkscrew. The serene South China Sea is visible from The Dragon, providing a wonderful contradiction to the thrilling experience on the ride.

ocean park hong kong rides
5. The Abyss

The Abyss features a steady ascent to a height and then a plunging drop. This kind of rides is becoming increasingly popular at theme parks, given the sudden rush of adrenaline during the descent. The Abyss also features an anticlimactic bob after the descent that comes across as a spoiler, neverthless enjoyable.

ocean park hong kong rides
4. The Rapids

The Rapids is the best ride for a hot, sultry Hong Kong day. This water ride lets you board circular floaters and ride the waves in the pool. The walkways around the pool have water guns, which means random strangers may aim streams of water at you. Getting drenched in this ride is guaranteed.

ocean park hong kong rides
3. The Mine Train

If you are an explorer at heart, this is the ride for you. The Mine Train is one of the most enjoyable rides at Ocean Park. You can choose between the traditional experience or the VR experience. The rise in popularity of the VR experience means there is virtually no queue for the traditional experience. This ride will also provide you with a great view of Hong Kong.

ocean park hong kong rides
2. Hair Raiser

We have now officially entered the flagship zone. Hair Raiser one of the two rides that stands to represent the Ocean Park Hong Kong. This is the only ride in which your feet are left dangling in the air, adding a bit of a precarious element. The ride reaches a speed of around 90 km/h or 56 m/h and sheer joy is assured.

ocean park hong kong rides
1. The Flash

By far the scariest ride at Ocean Park Hong Kong, The Flash is recommended only for the ones with nerves of steel. On this ride, you are strapped in and dangled upside down for what would seem like ages, before you are brought crashing down. The ride is quite popular and you should be prepared for the wait time.

Top Ocean Park Hong Kong Tickets

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Best Time to Visit Ocean Park Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a hot tourist destination in Asia. So whenever the weather is favorable, you will see a surge in the crowd. The best time of the year to be in Hong Kong is Autumn, during the months of September, October, and November. The crowds are slim before the holiday period hits, and the temperatures are cool and breezy during these months.

As for the best time to visit the park, reach early as soon as the doors open as the crowds only increase through the day. A great way to avoid the crowds would be to start at the Summit half of the Park and work your way down to the Waterfront. Most people follow the reverse as the Waterfront is at the entrance, hence working against the crowds can help you avoid standing in long queues.

Ocean Park Hong Kong Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 10 AM to 6 PM
Saturday and Sunday 10 AM to 7 PM

How To Get To Ocean Park Hong Kong

Ocean Park Hong Kong Location

Getting There

You can avail MTR from all across Hong Kong to Ocean Park station, which is very close to the park entrance.

By Bus
Citybus Route 629 connects Admiralty to Ocean Park. Other than that, there are several other bus routes connecting the city to the park, including 15R, 48, and 107.

By Car
It takes about 15 to 20 minutes based on traffic to get to Ocean Park from Central. You can take the third exit from Wong Chuk Hang Road and converge onto Ocean Park Road.

Ocean Park Hong Kong Dressing and Packing Essentials

  • Wear light and breathable clothes at all times, as the temperature is always high in Hong Kong.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes as you will be covering most of the park on foot.
  • Do not forget to pack an umbrella irrespective of the time of the year because the sun comes down harsh in Hong Kong through the year.
  • Apply an SPF 40+ sunblock before entering the park and carry a bottle and reapply frequently.
  • Carry a water bottle and refill on the way. Chances of dehydration are high and you'll be parched walking from one end to the other.
  • Carry a change of clothes as some rides at the Ocean Park will get you drenched.
  • Bring chargers and travel adaptors in case you plan to use your phone extensively.
  • Pack hand sanitizers and bug sprays for the trip as well. As the evening sets in, so do the mosquitoes.

Best Restaurants at Ocean Park Hong Kong

Hong Kong Disneyland

You will not be allowed to carry food and beverages (except for baby food) into the park. Here are a couple of eateries you can grab a bite while in the park.

  • Lakeside Chill Bar is one of the best places to enjoy a sweeping view of the park while cooling off with a drink. By popular demand, the restaurant is open both in the afternoon and the evening.
  • Neptune’s Restaurant offers you a wonderful view of the Grand Aquarium while offering a spread of classical Chinese cuisine. The seafood options are delightful at this restaurant.
  • Tuxedos Restaurant is known for its curated dining experience and environmentally sustainable food options. Watching the penguins play around as you eat is a priceless experience.
  • The Bayview Restaurant lets you take in the view of the wide South China Sea as you wait for your food to be cooked in the open kitchen concept. This is another unique dining experience.

Top Ocean Park Hong Kong Tickets

Ocean Park
Ocean Park Hong Kong
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HK$480 HK$418
Ocean Park
Ocean Park Seal Encounter
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Tips To Supercharge Your Ocean Park Hong Kong Visit

  • Buy Ocean FasTrack tickets for all the rides of the Ocean Park Hong Kong as you can get priority access to all the rides with it for just a small additional cost.
  • Use the eScheduler feature of the Ocean Park Hong Kong app to reserve your place in the queue for up to three rides.
  • Connect to the Ocean Park Hong Kong free wifi to get the most out of your ticket.
  • Enjoy the view of Hong Kong during your cable car ride from Waterfront to the Summit.
  • Opt for the Ocean Express if heights are not something you are comfortable with.
  • Head to the Giant Panda Adventure first thing in the morning as this is the feeding time for the two giant pandas.
  • Experience aquatic life like never before with the large aquarium holding about 400 species of creatures.
  • Book a Penguin Encounter to get up close and personal with adorable penguins at the Summit.
  • Ride the Mine Train, which is a unique Ocean Park Hong Kong attraction. It lets you get an immersive VR experience of the train ride.
  • Drench yourself at one of the many water based rides at the park. The Rapids are definitely worthy of our recommendation.
  • Visit the Old Hong Kong area of the park that transports you to the 50s. You can experience the culture and history of Hong Kong here.
  • Feast on halal-certified delicacies at the numerous eateries within the park premises.
  • Snag a piece of souvenir to remember your trip to Ocean Park Hong Kong by at one of the many gift shops in the park.

Ocean Park Hong Kong Reviews

Read what past visitors have to say about this fun amusement park. We hear only good things!

This is my first time to visit Ocean Park. Since I have been here in 2005 and been here often after that. I took the train to Ocean Park station which right in front of the park in May 2019. The weather is good cool but not cold and not too much sunny but rained in the late afternoon. The part after the entrance was so chill with a good aquarium. I and friends have chance to took the cable car to the second park behind the hill which the extreme part. So cable car is small, we open the cable car window to see the good view of Pacific ocean and repulsed bay. So I think it is a huge park in the good location for amusement park.

ToroK2, Tripadvisor 2019

Ocean park is a place you will never get bored to go visit . They provide different variety of activities for elderly, kids, teenagers to spend a whole day there. Great variety of sea animals like sharks, different fish, sea lion and etc, land animals such as panda, kangaroo and etc which will surely win kids’ heart. They have exciting rides, or comparatively mild ride Ferris wheels, and kids rides to entertain all ages of visits. Flowers, trees, many types of goldfishes makes people feel so peaceful and relaxing. If you can’t finish all activities in a day, there is a newly built hotel next to the park and you can stay there and continue your exciting journey the next day.

Lauralalala2018, Tripadvisor 2019

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