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Riding The Peak Tram Hong Kong Amidst Lush Greenery – The Ultimate Guide

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Hong Kong is among the top Asian tourist destinations. Its proximity to the South China Sea gives it a unique appeal to the world. Hong Kong has also emerged to be a commercial hub in the past few decades because of a few shrewd economic decisions. Because of all of these factors, it is kind of easy to forget that Hong Kong is also a treasure trove of natural beauty. The Peak Tram lets you explore this side of Hong Kong. The funicular railway is a lifeline for visitors and locals alike, taking the passengers to the upper levels of the island. The Peak Tram project has existed since 1881, and over the centuries, it has gained global fame. It has transitioned from steam to electricity driven cars. The Peak Tram is one of the essential Hong Kong experiences.

The Peak Tram Hong Kong Hype

Peak Tram Hong Kong

The Peak Tram project could only be foreseen by a visionary of Alexander Findlay Smith’s ability. The plans were drawn up in 1881, but construction could not be started before 1885. The construction took three years and was a momentous achievement, given that all the heavy equipment had to be carried manually to the high ground. The Peak Tram began its first journey on May 28, 1888. It was powered by a static steam engine and was meant only for the residents of Victoria Peak. Subsequent improvements and renovations have resulted in the current yearly volume of 4 million.

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The Peak Tram Route

The Peak Tram begins at Central from the Garden Road stop. This is the lowest lying station on the Peak Tram route. The carriage keeps ascending with each of the subsequent stops. Kennedy Road, MacDonnell Road, May Road, and Barker Road are followed by the highest stop, the Peak. The entire route affords you a wonderful view of Hong Kong. You can disembark at the intermediate stops, but remember to press the bell in advance to alert the driver about it. Also, trams do not stop at all stops, so getting down at intermediate stops may leave you stranded there for awhile if you don’t have other plans in the area.

Peak Tram Hong Kong

Riding the Peak Tram Hong Kong

Getting Tickets

You can buy one way or round-trip tickets for Peak Tram at the Garden Road stop. All the subsequent stops also have ticket counters. Expect long queues, given that an average of 11,000 visitors rides the Peak Tram every day.

Know Your Boarding Point

You can start your Peak Tram ascension from the lowest point at Garden Road stop. It is located in the Central area. Apart from that, all subsequent stops can be accessed via public transport mediums.

Enjoying the Scenic Vistas

The Peak Tram ride is famous for its pristine pastoral scenes it can afford. Even though Hong Kong is an urban hub now, the Peak Tram route maintains original appeal. You can also visit a number of attractions that line the route. The Peak Tower and the Sky Terrace are the marquee attractions. You must also visit the Peak Tram Historical Gallery and Madame Tussauds.

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What Can You See from the Peak - The View

The Peak Tram takes you to Victoria Peak, the highest point on Hong Kong Island. Standing 554 meters above sea level, the peak is rightfully one of the most sought-after luxury housing destinations. The view of Victoria Harbor at night from the peak is truly priceless. The Lion Pavilion and the Peak Square are also great viewpoints. The Sky Terrace 428 is the highest viewing platform in Hong Kong, and you can see the entire island from this vantage point.

Peak Tram Hong Kong

Best Time For Your Peak Tram Ride

The Peak Tram is one of the most famous attractions in Hong Kong. This means that there are two factors that play a role in deciding what time is best to take the Peak Tram ride. Firstly, weather-wise, you should avoid the rainy months. In Hong Kong, July to September sees the highest precipitation. Secondly, you should choose the shoulder season to ensure that the crowd isn't overwhelming. This means that October and November should be the ideal time of the year for a Peak Tram ride. Target the evening tram ride so that you can see the glory of Hong Kong both in daylight and in the dark.

Getting to The Peak Tram Lower Terminus

Peak Tram Hong Kong


The lower terminus, Garden Road, can be reached from the Hong Kong Central MTR station after a short bus or taxi journey.

By Car

The Garden Road stop is located at the Garden Road and Lower Albert Road intersection.

By Foot

You can reach Garden Road Peak Tram Terminus by taking a short walk from the Hong Kong Park bus station. If you take exit K from the Central MTR station, you can reach Garden Road station within 15 minutes via Bank of China and St. John's Cathedral.

Peak Tram Hong Kong Essentials

Peak Tram Hours

Daily 7 AM to 12 Midnight

Peak Tram Frequency

Trams run at the frequency of 8-10 minutes.

Dining at the Peak

There is a wide range of dining options available at the Peak. You can choose from a selection of delectable Asian cuisine. The seafood options are also worth checking out. If you want to grab a quick bite, the fast food outlets have you covered. Wildfire + is an Italian restaurant at the Peak. Apart from the breathtaking views, you can also enjoy some of the thin crust pizzas in Hong Kong.

LÚ FĒNG offers you an authentic Hong Kong-style fine dining experience. Fujiyama Mama is a Japanese establishment known for the fantastic view from the dining area and the sumptuous seafood. Mimi Desserts offer the best of Hong Kong’s sweet dishes, while the Burger King outlet has all of its world famous ready to go food items.

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Tips to Ride the Peak Tram Hong Kong

  • Go for the return tickets if you are not planning to stay for any of the attractions at the Peak or the subsequent stops. You will save some money that way.
  • Buy the Peak Tram Sky Pass if you want to see Hong Kong Island from a height of 428 meters above sea level. The pass includes priority access to the Peak Tram as well as entry to Sky Terrace 428.
  • Get the fast pass if you want to save both time and money on the trip.
  • Grab the seat on the right side of the carriage on your way up, and left side the carriage on your way down for the best view.
  • Avoid the ride down if you have problems with backward motion. Take the bus
  • Pay by Octopus card at the ticket counter to save some time.
  • Hike down Victoria peak during the daytime to make the most of this scenic route.
  • Find out the sunset time for the day and queue up a little over an hour before it to see the sunset from the Sky Terrace.
  • Get your souvenir shopping done at the air-conditioned Peak Market.
  • Snap your own photos as the photographers at the Peak tend to overcharge.

Peak Tram Hong Kong Reviews

The peak tram is a very old cable tram which takes you to the peak where you can experience the fantastic views across Hong Kong and the harbour. During peak times this can be very busy with long waits and cues to even get your tickets. Therefore I suggest you either purchase your tickets early or a day before or otherwise use your octopus card. The tram has taken by cable up a very steep angle past the top of all the high rise buildings and the views from the tram are also reasonably good. Again if it's very busy you won't get a seat on the tram you will be standing but either way it is an experience you should try if you're in Hong Kong

- Jeffsreview, Tripadvisor 2019

The walk up would take some commitment so this is the easiest way to travel up the peak! However, it's quite a small train for the number of people so expect long queues out into the road as you wait to board. Once on the journey is quick, you won't get many photo chance from the train, wait till the top! Coming down the walk is really nice and it's an easy downhill incline all the way which better places you to explore once down.

- PGlover83, Tripadvisor 2019

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So there you have it - all you need to know about the Peak Tram in Hong Kong. Check out other things to do in Hong Kong and plan your trip better!

FAQs: The Peak Tram Hong Kong

How long is the Peak Tram Ride in Hong Kong?

The Peak Tram is a funicular railway, with the following technical parameters: Length: 1,364 metres (4,475 ft).

How long is the Peak Tram ride?

The Peak Tram ride itself takes only 7- 8 minutes each way conquering about 370-meter height differences while buses need at least one hour along the winding hill roads. Be prepared that the 1.4km journey is quite steep and a truly unique experience.

How does the Peak Tram work?

The Peak Tram is a funicular system with two trams in operation at all times, balancing each other on a single haulage cable that leads from the winding house at the top of the incline. The cable means both trams move at the same time, one moving upwards, the other downwards.

How steep is the Peak Tram?

Getting to the Peak by the Peak Tram is an unforgettable experience. One of the world's oldest and most famous funicular railways, the tram rises to 396 metres (about 1,300 feet) above sea level. It is so steep that the buildings you pass look like they are leaning a gradient of between 4 to 25.7 degrees!

Where does the Peak Tram start?

The lower terminus is at Garden Road in the Central, while the upper one is on the third floor of the Peak Tower on the hillside.