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Your stress-free route to London Stansted Airport

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Yes, you are right! London Stansted Airport isn't exactly around the corner from the heart of the city—it's a good trek towards the north. But don't worry! Whether you're jetting off on a budget-friendly getaway or returning from one, I've got the insider scoop to navigate your way there without a fuss. Sit back as this handy guide explores various options you've got, from the super speedy trains to the more economical buses. We'll make sure you're airport-bound with ease.

How far is the London Stansted Airport from the city center?

London Stansted Airport is roughly 42 miles (68 KM) northeast of Central London, about a 90-minute drive. For the time-conscious traveler, the Stansted Express train is the ultimate time-saver, whisking you to your destination in about 47 minutes from London Liverpool Street.

How to get to/from London Stansted Airport?

By car

Navigating to London Stansted Airport by car is pretty straightforward if you're on the M11 motorway. Take Junction 8a when coming from London, or Junction 8 if arriving from Cambridge, and you'll see signs that lead you directly to the airport. Parking is a breeze with options to suit any need. In a rush? Choose the Express Set Down and you'll be at the terminal in no time, though it'll cost £7.00 for a quick 15-minute stop. If you're not time-bound, the Mid Stay parking offers free parking for an hour.

By bus

If you prefer a more budget-friendly approach, hopping on a bus is the way to go. The bus station is located right opposite the main terminal with amenities like a coffee shop, toilets, payphones, and a waiting area. With the Airport Bus Express service, you can catch a ride every 30 minutes from early morning until the wee hours, making it a flexible option. It'll drop you directly at key locations including Liverpool Street and Stratford. Alternatively, the National Express offers exceptional comfort with leather seats, power sockets, and air conditioning. With more than 200 daily services, you have the flexibility of choosing from 4 different routes to various central London stations, ensuring you can find the most convenient drop-off point for your journey.

By train

The Stansted Express is your swiftest link to London, offering a seamless connection to the Underground network. Departing every 15 minutes, it’ll drop you at Liverpool Street Station in just 48 minutes. If convenience is your priority and you're looking to avoid road traffic, this train service is ideal. The Stansted railway station is situated directly below the airport terminal. From there, you also have access to a variety of major rail networks that can take as far as Birmingham or Norwich.

By cab

If your luggage is heavy and you prefer the convenience of door-to-door service, then you can directly book a private cab with Headout . You can opt for a Sedan, Business Sedan, Luxury, Hybrid, Electric vehicles & Minivan depending on your needs and preferences. Alternatively, StreetCars is the official supplier for London Stansted Airport and provides a 24/7 booking service. It's advisable to book in advance to avoid any last-minute delays or issues.

Best way to get to London Stansted Airport

When considering travel time and convenience, the Stansted Express train is the best option to get to London Stansted Airport. It's faster than the bus and avoids potential road traffic delays. However, buses offer a more economical option and may be preferred if budget is a primary concern. While trains provide quick and direct access to the city, buses allow for a wider range of drop-off points which can be closer to your final destination, depending on where in London you need to be.

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