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All about taking a ferry to Macau | Routes & tips

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Often called the "Vegas of China", Macau is a tiny independent city-state that lies 65 kilometres west of Hong Kong. Defined by Portuguese colonial architecture and glitzy casinos, Macau is a fascinating mix of cultures. While luxury entertainment ( read : gambling) here is world-class, the city has much more to offer than that. One moment you’ll be admiring 17th Century Portugese church, then you could be sampling Chinese street food and the next moment you could step into a casino for some harmless gambling!

Being such a short while away from Hong Kong, most people squeeze in a 2 day visit to Macau on their trip to Hong Kong. If you're planning to do so too, taking a ferry to Macau is your most economical and efficient bet. You have plenty of options, price ranges and can be picked up from different points across Hong Kong.

Traveling From Hong Kong to Macau By Ferry

Ferry to Macau

While traveling by ferries are a popular mode of transport across China, the ferry from Hong Kong to Macau is especially popular. It boasts excellent services from both the two ports and there are a large number of high-speed crossings operated by some of the region’s leading ferry companies. Here's all you need to know before hopping on a ferry to Macau.

What is distance from Hong Kong to Macau by ferry?

Macau lies 19km from Hong Kong via ferry. It should take you 55 minutes approximately to cover the distance.

What are my ferry options from Hong Kong to Macau and back?

Well, you have 2 ferries - the TurboJet Ferry and Cotai Ferry that offers you combined total of 158 sailings per day! Yes, you heard that right. The red ferry is run by TurboJet and the blue ferry is run by Cotai Water Jet. 158 sailings up and down, which means you can pretty much choose an slot of your choice and convinience.

Is it cheaper to buy round trip tickets?

Yes! It most definitely is cheaper to buy round-trip tickets.

Do you need a visa to travel to Macau?

No. Your Hong Kong visa is sufficient to give you entry into Macau.

TurboJet Vs Cotai - Know Your Ferry Better

TurboJet Ferry
Cotai Ferry
Number of Routes 7 Routes 3 Routes
Most Popular RouteSheung Wan Ferry Terminal in Hong Kong and Macau Outer Harbor Ferry TerminalHong Kong Sheung Wan Ferry Terminal to Taipa
Prices Range from HK$330 to HK$540 ( round trip) Range from HK$310 to HK$370 ( round trip)
Point Of Difference

The TurboJet mainly ferries to Macau Outer Harbour and is convenient for those visiting Macau city.

The Cotai Ferry mainly ferries to Taipa, the area of Macau home to some of the city’s most popular casinos and hotels!

Night Ferries

TurboJet runs special ferries at night, peak hours, and during holidays and festivals.

Cotai ferries do not have any ferries scheduled out of their usual timings.

Ratings & Reviews

4/5 - Tripadvisor
"Great prices and clean, comfortable ferries meant that my return journey from Hong Kong to Macau was a delight. The boarding process at both ends was clear and easy, and finding seats once you’re onboard was a breeze. They offer mobile boarding passes for smart phones" - stevebintley, Tripadvisor 2019

4/5 - Tripadvisor
"The trip was fast, the seats were comfortable and the view was great. I loved getting the opportunity to visit Macau in a cheap and convenient way. If possible choose the seat in the middle part of the boat, if you can get seasick easily. Place to store your big luggage is limited" - Violetbsu , Tripadvisor 2019

What's best for me?

If you're visiting the Ruins of St. Paul, Macau Tower, Senado Square, and nearby areas, the TurboJet ferry harbour at Outer Harbour Macau is closer. It is also where most restaurants, hotels and the Portugese parts of Macau are.

If you're visiting the Venetian, the casinos, House of Dancing water and A-Mo Cultural Village, the Cotai Ferry at Taipa is closer.

Apart from the appearance, both the Turbojet ferry and Cotai Ferry are quite similar. Prices are marginally different, so go ahead and choose whichever ferry drops you closest to the area you intend to explore.

Pro Tip : If you happen to find only TurboJet ferries at the time of your convenience, you can disembark and take the casino shuttle to reach the Taipa casino area.

Macau Ferry Routes Simplified

Ferry to Macau

If you're new to the city, seeing the maps and trying to figure out the ferry routes can be taxing. Let me simplify the most popular and frequently used ferry routes for you. If you're looking to travel via any of these routes, grab your tickets right away to avoid last minute hassles!

1. Hong Kong and Macau Outer Harbour - TurboJet

2. Kowloon and Macau Outer Harbour - TurboJet

3. Hong Kong Airport and Macau Outer Harbour - TurboJet

4. Tuen Mun and Macau - TurboJet

5. Hong Kong and Macau (Taipa) - Cotai

6. Kowloon and Macau - Cotai

Handy Tips For Your Ferry Ride To Macau

  • Queue up early and get a seat on the upper deck. Your 1 hour of travel will be all the more worth it with the pristine views.
  • If you have a tendency for sea-sickness, the middle seats help combat the nauseating motion.
  • You're allowed to bring food onboard. You can also purchase snacks and beverages onboard.
  • While Macau’s currency is Macanese Patacas (MOP), the region warmly accepts Hong Kong Dollars (HKD) as well. So, do not worry about getting your currency exchanged as you can pay and request for change anywhere in HKD itself.
  • Though ferries run between Hong Kong and Macau every 15 minutes, you can pre-purchase your tickets online for a better deal. Moreover, during peak season, the queues for tickets can get quite long.