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Visit England’s ancient criminal lair at the Clink Prison Museum

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Discover the captivating Clink Prison Museum in London, where history comes alive in the eerie confines of a medieval prison. Uncover the secrets of crime and punishment as you step into the footsteps of notorious criminals. With its immersive exhibits and chilling stories, the Clink Prison Museum is a must-visit for those seeking a thrilling journey into the dark past of London's criminal underworld.

Clink Prison Museum in a Nutshell

The Clink Prison Museum
The Clink Prison Museum
The Clink Prison Museum

Handy information

⏰ Suggested Duration: 1-2 hours
☀️ Best Time to Visit:Weekdays, avoiding peak hours
🎟️ Entry Ticket: €9.21
🚇 Closest MetroLondon Bridge Underground Station

Must-see at the Clink Prison Museum

    1. The Torture Chamber
    2. The Crypt Chapel
    3. The Prisoners' Exhibition

Getting There

1 Clink St, London SE1 9DG, UK
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Opening Hours

10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Closed on 25th December

Why is Clink Prison Museum worth visiting?

  • Step into History: Immerse yourself in the chilling atmosphere of the Clink Prison Museum and experience the fascinating world of medieval crime and punishment firsthand.
  • Uncover Dark Secrets: Discover the intriguing history of the Clink Prison, known as the most notorious medieval prison in London, and delve into the sinister tales of its former inmates.
  • Torture Chamber Experience: Brace yourself for a spine-tingling encounter with medieval torture devices, showcasing the grim reality of punishment in centuries past.
  • Riveting Stories and Guides: Listen to captivating stories narrated by knowledgeable guides, who will transport you back in time and provide insights into the prison's dark past.

Recommended Clink Prison Museum Tickets

Depending on the kind of experience you seek and time in hand, you can choose from a variety of Clink Prison Museum tickets.

Clink Prison Museum History

Dating back to the 12th century, the Clink Prison stands as a testament to the dark underbelly of medieval London. Its very name has become synonymous with imprisonment, giving birth to the phrase "in the clink." Imagine the echoes of shackles and the whispers of prisoners as you step into its hauntingly realistic cells.

This iconic institution has witnessed the confinement of notorious criminals and rebels throughout its storied past. From common thieves to religious dissenters, the Clink Prison held them all. Its walls hold countless tales of daring escapes, gruesome punishments, and acts of defiance against oppressive authorities.

The impact of the Clink Prison on pop culture is undeniable. It has served as inspiration for countless novels, movies, and TV shows, cementing its place in the collective imagination. Remember the eerie dungeons of "Game of Thrones"? They drew inspiration from the haunting depths of the Clink.

The Clink Prison Museum

Clink Prison Museum Architecture

The architecture of the Clink Prison Museum is a fascinating blend of historic elements and modern restoration. The building itself showcases a stunning combination of medieval and Victorian architecture, transporting visitors back in time. As you explore, you'll come across intriguing areas such as the Torture Chamber, where the design and layout evoke a spine-chilling atmosphere that perfectly reflects the prison's grim past.

Highlights of Clink Prison Museum

1The Authentic Cells

Step into the actual prison cells that once housed desperate criminals, each with its own intriguing story etched into the walls, reminding you of the harsh realities of life in the Clink.

The Clink Prison Museum

2Medieval Torture Devices

Brace yourself for a spine-tingling encounter with an array of medieval torture devices, from the infamous rack to the menacing thumbscrews, showcasing the chilling ingenuity of past punishments.

The Clink Prison Museum

3Historic Souvenirs

Browse the museum's gift shop, filled with unique and intriguing souvenirs inspired by the Clink's history. Take home a piece of the past, from replica torture devices to medieval-themed trinkets.

The Clink Prison Museum

4Secret Tunnels

Delve into the mysteries of hidden tunnels rumored to have connected the Clink to other parts of medieval London, sparking the imagination and curiosity of those intrigued by hidden passages and clandestine activities.

The Clink Prison Museum

5Criminal Profiles

Encounter the tales of infamous criminals who once resided in the Clink, from smugglers and thieves to rebellious dissenters, offering a glimpse into the lives of London's most notorious individuals.

The Clink Prison Museum

Best Time to Visit Clink Prison Museum

The Clink Prison Museum should be visited during weekdays to avoid the larger crowds that tend to flock there on weekends. Opting for the morning hours or late afternoon can also help you beat the peak tourist rush.

During the summer months, consider visiting earlier in the day to enjoy cooler temperatures and maximize daylight. Be aware that London's street traffic can vary throughout the day, so planning your visit outside of rush hours will ensure a smoother journey to the museum. Additionally, it's worth noting that the Clink Prison Museum may have extended hours during daylight savings, allowing for more flexibility in planning your visit.

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Clink Prison Museum Timings

  • The Clink Prison Museum is generally open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
  • The last entry time for visitors is usually 30 minutes before closing, at 5:30 PM.
  • While the museum remains open throughout the year, it is closed on Christmas, on 25th December.

Getting There


Bus numbers 17, 21, 35, 40, 43, 47, 48, 133, 149, and 343 stop at or near London Bridge, which is a short walk away from the museum.


The nearest metro station to the museum is London Bridge Underground Station, served by the Jubilee and Northern Lines. From there, it's just a short walk to the museum's location.


If you're arriving in London by train, you can disembark at London Bridge Station. From there, it's just a brief stroll to the Clink Prison Museum.

Insider Tips to Visit Clink Prison Museum

  • Look for hidden symbols etched into the prison walls, beleved to be marks left by inmates.
  • Engage with the knowledgeable staff—they have fascinating stories and additional insights to share.
  • Consider booking a guided tour for a deeper understanding of the prison's history and hidden details.
  • Explore the surrounding area of Borouh Market for delicious food and unique shopping experiences.

Clink Prison Museum Facts

  • The Clink Prison was one of England's earliest and most notorious prisons, operating from the 12th century to the 18th century.
  • Over the years, the Clink Prison has inspired numerous works of literature, includig William Shakespeare's play "Henry VI, Part 2."
  • It is believed that the Clink Prison was one of the first places in England to sell alcoholic beverages, leading to the term "the clink" being associated with drinking establishments.
  • The prison was known for imprisoning individuals who opposed the religious doctrines of the time, including Catholics and Protestants alike.
  • The museum houses a collection of authentic medieval torture devices, showcasing the chilling methods used to extract confessions and punish prisoners.

Restaurants Near Clink Prison Museum

Borough Market
Borough Market

This vibrant food market near the Clink Prison Museum offers an array of culinary delights. Indulge in fresh seafood, delectable street food, and artisanal treats while immersing yourself in the bustling atmosphere.


Roast offers a stylish and contemporary dining experience. Try their succulent roast meats, including the famous roast beef, and savor stunning views of the market from their elevated setting.

The Ivy Tower Bridge
The Ivy Tower Bridge

Enjoy sophisticated dining with a view at The Ivy Tower Bridge. Their elegant ambience, diverse menu, and signature cocktails make it a perfect spot for a special occasion or a memorable meal.

The George Inn
The George Inn

Step into history at The George Inn, a traditional pub just a short walk from the Clink Prison Museum. Relish classic British dishes, cozy up by the fireplace, and soak in the historic charm of this 17th-century establishment.

Elliot's Cafe
Elliot's Café

Elliot's Café offers a relaxed and unpretentious dining experience. Sample their seasonal menu featuring dishes made with locally sourced ingredients for a true taste of London's culinary scene.

Places to Stay Near Clink Prison Museum

Things to Do Near Clink Prison Museum


How old is Clink Prison Museum?

The Clink Prison Museum dates back to 1144, making it approximately 879 years old. It is the oldest museum in England.

Who built attraction Clink Prison Museum?

The museum was owned by the Bishops of Winchester back in the day.

Are skip the line tickets for Clink Prison Museum worth it?

Skip-the-line tickets for Clink Prison Museum are worth it, as during peak seasons you can jazz past the long queues.

What is the best mode of transport to reach Clink Prison Museum?

You can reach Clink Prison Museum easily by public transport like metro, bus and train, as their stations are just a walk away from the museum.

On what dates is the Clink Prison Museum closed in a year?

Clink Prison Museum is closed on 25th December every year.

Is Clink Prison Museum open on Christmas and New Year?

Clink Prison Museum remains closed only on Christmas.

Are there any restaurants inside Clink Prison Museum?

No, there aren't any restaurants inside Clink Prison Museum. However, there are many eateries around the place.

Are there washrooms at Clink Prison Museum?

No, there aren't any washrooms present on-site at Clink Prison Museum.

Is there a dress code to visit Clink Prison Museum?

There is no dress code for visiting Clink Prison Museum.

Clink Prison Museum Guide