Best Workation Destinations – The Digital Nomads Roundup

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A workation is literally what the word means - working + vacation - a working vacation. With most of the world working remotely, there's no better time to go on a workation than now! If you're wondering what the best places for a workation are, we have a few interesting suggestions from 32 digital nomads who pioneered the workation culture! From Maldives to Chamonix, these workation destinations are just where you need to head for a productive change of scene.

Best Workation Destinations 2022

Here's what top travel influencers and digital nomads had to say about where they'd like to go on a workation

Alex & James - @twosometravellers

Alex and James quit their jobs back in 2019 to explore this beautiful world. After working for impressive organisations like American Express, Ritrz-Carlton and many more, the couple were certain that travel blogging was their calling.

Mexico! We think it would be the perfect combo of beach hunting and working, mixed with good food and a great expat community.
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Angie - @angieaway

Angie quit her full-time PR role to follow her dreams of travel and writing. She embarked on a year long journey back in 2011 and visited 13 countries from which paved way to her instagram page - angieaway.

I’m used to working everywhere I go, so this is a tough call! I’d probably choose somewhere off-the-beaten path like Montana or Wyoming. I’d get a cabin in the woods where the only distractions would be wildlife and my daily hike.
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Becca & Dan - @halfhalftravel

Becca and Dan began as long-distance couple and soon became the founders of the halfhalftravel blog. What started as an attempt to create memories while they were apart took the internet by storm soon enough and there has been no looking back since.

Our dream workation destination is Georgia (the country, not the state!) We've heard incredible things about going to Georgia as a digital nomad and using Georgia's capital city as a base for exploring the rest of the region. This is SUPER high on our list and we hope to get to Georgia sooner rather than later. 
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Annika - @midnightblueelephant

After launching a successful E-book and getting featured in many articles in different languages, Annika has found herself wanting to explore more. She presents an array of adventure sports, hidden gems, sustainable hotels and authentic cultures through her blog and social media.

I think for many it is still a place like Bali and that with good reason - it has great infrastructure for digital nomads and I like how easily you can get to other Indonesian islands for adventures. Personally I get more done in Cape Town as I consider it one of my basecamps and the wine is better which sometimes helps 🙂 These days, I do appreciate the couch at my dad's house in Germany. It might not be my dream destination but it is cozy and I am getting loads done!
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Sabina - @girlvsglobe

Sabina, orginally from Western Europe is now settled in the rainy country of Scotland. She started off her blogging journey back in 2014 while working as a broadcast journalist in Russia. She hopes to backpack across Malawi someday.

Anywhere near the sea! Spending 2020 in London has been wonderful in many ways, but I really miss having sand between my toes. Mexico seems to be a popular choice among travel bloggers at the moment.
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Jacob - @jacobthefu

Local Adventure is a travel lifestyle blog featuring Jacob Fu and team. This blog was hatched to encourage travellers to explore hidden gems within their own city/state. Ever since, this blog has been a voice for all things local.

Maui, it's been a while since we've had a beachcation. 
best workation destination

Nikki @britotmove

Nikki Webster manages a successful travel blog along with a full-time job. She has travelled over 50 countries across 6 continents and hopes to discover every nook and corner of the globe.

The Maldives! I draw a lot of my creative energy from space. While I’m not into beaches or sitting on them trying to catch a tan. I can stare at the ocean for hours. I’ve never been but I know that staying in an overwater bungalow looking out at the clearest blue water would make a workcation totally stress free.
best workation destination

Lucy - @absolutelylucy

I think my top ones currently would be New Zealand, Colombia, Argentina and Indonesia because they were my goals for working remotely in 2020-21. I was very excited to spend some time living in each and working remotely but sadly that has been put on hold, but they remain my dream and I will make them come true.

I think my top ones currently would be New Zealand, Colombia, Argentina and Indonesia because they were my goals for working remotely in 2020-21. I was very excited to spend some time living in each and working remotely but sadly that has been put on hold, but they remain my dream and I will make them come true.
best workation destination

Denise - @chroniclesinwonderland

Denise describes herself as a chaotic traveler who indulges in very little planning and lets her instincts do the traveling. She has been traveling for the last 7 years and currently resides in Germany, the country she was born in.

It’s definitely Bali! Bali is super cheap to live, has wonderful beaches and mountains. The roads are filled with traditional ceremonies and everyone is happy. Seriously, everyone is happy. The food is good with lot’s of plant based options. And there are small (nicely designed) cafes everywhere (especially around Canggu). The WiFi is good and you’ll meet many many other digital nomads around Bali. Plus the surf is good (I could go on for ages, hahaha)
best workation destination

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Nellie - @wildjunket

Nellie Huang, a Singaporean by birth and a wanderbug by choice. Her first backpacking trip to Australia back in 2007, inspired her to travel around the world for a living. She started her blog in 2008 and has travelled to 142 countries ever since.

My dream workation: working from a villa in Tulum with my own private pool and daily trips to the beach and cenotes!
best workation destination

Tiffany - @luxetiffany

Tiffany Dowd, a Boston resident travel expert shares her luxury getaways and is the founder of Luxe Social Media. She helps travelers find the best resorts, spas, hotels for a memorable trip through her blog and social media.

My dream workation destination would be The Brando Resort, a sustainable luxury resort on the private island of Tetiaroa. It’s the ultimate private island hideaway in French Polynesia, and it would be the ultimate “remote office”, The resort has lightning-speed WiFi allowing you to get all of your work done quickly so you can play the rest of the day paddle-boarding or snorkelling in the lagoon or relaxing at the Polynesian spa.
best workation destination

Becky - @wearetravelgirls

Becky is a British born, tea loving, world travelling small business owner and recovering banker based In Sunny California! She and Vanessa are the founders of @wearetravelgirls, an instagram community built to inspire, connect & educate female travelers across the globe.

Bora Bora! It has been on my travel bucket list for as long as I can remember and whilst it might not be the best place to get much work done (!) it would give you some amazing laptop views and be a dream workation destination! 
best workation destination

Kach - @2monkeysTravel

This beautiful couple embarked on their adventure together back in 2013 and have visited over 80 countries together! The couple currently live in the sunny country of Montenegro and look forward to their next adventure together.

Our dream "workation" destination is Montenegro, which is exactly why we chose to live here! The sea on one side, the mountains on the other, amazing fresh food and overall very cheap to live. In fact, Montenegro is fast becoming a new haven for digital nomads and remote workers who feel the same way that we do. You can read our articles about living in Montenegro on our new website -
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David - @davidsbeenhere

A Miami born, David started his travel blogging journey in 2007 and there's been no looking back since. 22 countries and many wholesome travel videos later, he's in Albania currently.

Great question! Work-cations are basically what I do anyway, but I guess my dream destination for one would be either Nagaland, Mizoram, Tripura, or Manipur in Northeast India. I actually had a trip to Nagaland planned about a year ago, but it got scrapped at the last minute, and I've been dying to get back to northeast India since my first trip in March of 2019. It's such a unique region, so different from the rest of the country, and it's a region that many people don't cover or visit. I want to showcase these places in-depth and really dive into the people, food, culture, and natural beauty. More people need to know about these states and I want to show people why they should visit them. 
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Nora @hobonora

Nora Dunn is a travel enthusiast and has travelled to over 60 countries in 12 years. She gave up her financial planning practice to start a life of an adventure and explore untouched travel destinations. Through her experiences with finance along with her travel adventures, Nora focuses on financial sustainable travel to help avid travellers visit countries they never thought they could.

I have already visited some dream workation destinations (like Chiang Mai and Bali), but I would like to check out Bansko in Bulgaria. It’s a small mountain town that has a low cost of living, fast internet, and a huge digital nomad presence. A close second choice would be somewhere in Estonia. 
best workation destination

Raghav - @raghavmodi

Raghav is an avid traveler. What started off as a hobby is now a major part of his day. His blog features a plethora of genres which include - food, movies, books and of course, travel! After travelling to more than 15 countries, Raghav hopes to share his exciting trips on his blog in the future.

Even though I write about travel and food I much prefer to “enjoy” my holiday than “work” during it. In a world full of digital nomads, I guess I’m somewhat of an old soul. I’m also lucky that I can take a week or three off from working so that I can completely immerse myself into the place I’m visiting. Still, the thought of spending a long period at one place does sound dreamy. And if I do decide on that, it would either be a quiet island or mountain getaway - a small secluded place like an island in the Maldives/Bora Bora or maybe a chalet in Switzerland (don’t think I can afford that).
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