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The best Neuschwanstein Castle guided tours to bookmark

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One of the most popular palaces in Europe, Neuschwanstein Castle was built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria (also known as the fairy-tale king) as an escape from public life. Built atop a rock ledge near Fussen in Germany, the castle has a white limestone façade adorned with deep blue turrets. It was opened to the public seven weeks after King Ludwig II’s mysterious death and sees a footfall of over 1.4 million tourists annually.

The Neuschwanstein Castle guided tour includes an expert guide who possesses in-depth knowledge of the palace and will tell you all you need to know about the attraction – its history, architecture, cultural significance, and more. Neuschwanstein Castle tickets include a skip-the-line feature that allows you to skim past large crowds by guaranteeing priority access to the attraction.

Advantages of a Neuschwanstein Castle Guided Tour

Priority Entrance

Neuschwanstein Castle usually sees large crowds of tourists throughout the year due to which access to the site gets difficult. You might have to wait for a good couple of hours to enter the castle grounds. Your Neuschwanstein Castle tour tickets include a skip-the-line feature that guarantees priority entrance to the palace, thereby allowing you to walk past long queues, meet your guide and enter the attraction at your chosen time slot.

An Expert Guide

The Neuschwanstein Castle guided tour tickets include an expert historian, who possesses in-depth knowledge of the attraction. They know the palace like the back of their hand and will provide you with all the information you need about the attraction – its history, architectural style, interesting stories, anecdotes, and cultural significance. An attraction as massive as the Neuschwanstein Castle can be overwhelming to explore all by yourself, which is why we recommend taking a guided tour of the palace.

AC Coach transfers or Train Transfers to and from Munich

The Neuschwanstein Castle tickets allow you to enjoy comfortable AC coach and train transfers to and from Munich. Enjoy a memorable trip to the castle in luxury air-conditioned and WiFi-enabled coaches that also serve a selection of snacks and drinks. A well-informed guide will give you fascinating insights and tell you all that is there to know about the Versailles-inspired castle and other interesting spots across Bavaria while you enjoy the ride. Also, enjoy round-trip transfers from Munich on a train tour of the magnificent vicinity of the castle and the surrounding gardens.

A chance to explore other scenic attractions around

The Neuschwanstein Castle guided tour tickets offer tourists the opportunity to explore King Ludwig’s Versailles-inspired palace and other iconic spots of Bavaria. Take a stroll along the gardens in the vicinity of the castle, visit the scenic town of Oberammergau at the foot of the Bavarian Alps, explore Linderhof Castle, and soak in unparalleled views of the castle and nature around.

Neuschwanstein Castle Guided Tours

The Best Neuschwanstein Castle Guided Tours

Guided Tours

Combo Guided Tours

Neuschwanstein Castle Guided Tours
Neuschwanstein Castle

Your All Inclusive Guide To The Fairy tale Castle : Neuschwanstein Castle

Planning to buy Neuschwanstein Castle tickets? Our handy guide will take you through everything you need to know.

Choosing the Best Neuschwanstein Castle Guided Tour

Before choosing your tour, take a look at the main features of each type of tour and then make an informed decision. Here’s a list of all your Neuschwanstein Castle tour options and their highlights.

1Guided Tour with Train Transfers

The Neuschwanstein Castle tickets include an immersive guided tour of Neuschwanstein, Oberammergau, and Linderhof led by English and German-speaking expert historians, who know the attractions inside out. The tickets include train transfers from Munich as well as a tour of the best vantage points around the castle. You can also visit the inner sanctums of the castle by paying an extra fee of 17 EUR.

Neuschwanstein Castle Guided Tours

2Premium Guided Tour with AC Coach Transfers

This Neuschwanstein Castle guided tour ticket includes transfers to and from Munich in air-conditioned, Wi-Fi-enabled coaches that also serve snacks and drinks. Enjoy a tour of the most fascinating and iconic sights of Bavaria like the Versailles-inspired Neuschwanstein Castle, Linderhof Castle, and a visit to the beautiful town of Oberammergau for shopping and photographs.

Neuschwanstein Castle Guided Tours

Neuschwanstein Castle Tours Deconstructed - A Typical Guided Tour Experience

Neuschwanstein Castle Guided Tours

Built on the orders of King Ludwig II, Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Germany. Here are a few must-see landmarks on your visit to the castle.

The Singers Hall

One of the most important rooms in the castle, the Singers’ Hall is a beautiful combination of two iconic rooms in the Wartburg Castle – the Festival Hall and the Singers’ Hall. This hall is located on the fourth floor of the castle and is adorned with murals, paintings, carvings, and other artworks. The ceilings depict the signs of the zodiac as well as carvings with symbols and figures portraying the winged Lucifer and the Grail saga.

Throne Room

The Throne Room is spread across the third and fourth floors of the castle. Occupying the entire western section of the palace, the beautiful Throne Room draws inspiration from Byzantine churches, particularly Munich’s All Saints Court Church. It consists of a 4-meter-high chandelier, a mosaic floor depicting flora and fauna, and a cupola adorned with stars. Also, find pictures and illustrations depicting Christ, the Twelve Apostles, and the six Holy Kings and their deeds on the walls of the apse. The hall is a representation of King Ludwig II’s interpretation of kingship.

Hohenschwangau Castle

The neo-Romantic castle of Neuschwanstein was originally named Hohenschwangau and took 22 years to complete. It was named so as a tribute to the magnificent restoration of King Ludwig II’s childhood home. Located near Fussen in the German village of Hohenschwangau, this castle was built by King Ludwig II’s father King Maximilian II and served as the official summer and hunting residence of the Bavarian royal family.

Museum of Bavarian Kings

Located in Germany’s Hohenschwangau village, the Museum of Bavarian Kings is a must-visit if you’re interested in learning more about the history of the house of Wittelsbach – one of the oldest dynasties in Europe. The exhibition at the museum offers a fascinating insight into the house of the royal family from the time of Bavarian rule until the present. The architecture of the museum also offers spectacular views of the surrounding landscape.

Neuschwanstein Castle Guided Tours

Linderhof Palace

Located in the village of Ettal in Germany’s Bavaria, Linderhof Palace is the smallest of the three palaces commissioned by King Ludwig II and the only one he lived to see completed. The castle draws inspiration from the Palace of Versailles but is rather small in size comprising only four rooms and some of the most beautiful gardens that are a blend of Renaissance and Baroque designs.


Oberammergau is a small town located at the foot of the Bavarian Alps. The town is known for its handicrafts, fresco paintings, and wood carvings. Besides the history and age-old traditions, the town is extremely popular for the 380-year-old tradition of staging Passion Play. The play is organized and performed by more than 2,000 residents of the village once a decade.

Are Neuschwanstein Castle Tours Really Worth it?

Yes, the Neuschwanstein Castle tours are definitely worth the hype and your money because the palace is one of the most popular and beautiful tourist destinations in the world and has several fascinating stories to tell. A guided tour led by an expert historian is the best way to explore the castle and know interesting facts and anecdotes about the attraction. It offers an immersive experience to tourists, something that might not be possible if you go about exploring the palace on your own.

Neuschwanstein Castle Practical Information

Opening Hours

Neuschwanstein Castle is open from April to October 15 from 9 AM to 6 PM and from October 16 to March from 10 AM to 4 PM. It remains closed on 24th-25th December, 31st December, and 1st January.

Getting to Neuschwanstein Castle

  • By Bus: If you are taking the bus, join a tour that arranges your transfers from Munic to the castle and back. If not, take the Flixbus operators from Munich.
  • By Car: If you prefer to travel by car, take one from Munich to Neuschwanstein via A7.
  • By Train: Take a train from Munich’s central station to Fussen. Get off and take a bus towards Steingaden or Garmisch-Partenkirchen. You can also take a bus to Schwangau and then get off at the Hohenschwangau or Alpseestrabe stop.

Please note that you cannot take your car right up to the castle. No public transport will go up to the castle either. After you reach your desired point, there are three ways to reach the castle – trek, horse carriage, and authorized shuttle bus.

The 30-minute uphill trek offers awe-inspiring views of the stunning Bavarian Alps. You can also take a horse carriage, but it’s quite expensive and a huge burden on animals. It is a form of animal abuse and we are strongly against it. You can also opt for a shuttle bus and get off at the castle or the viewing bridge near the castle.

Insider Tips

  • Book tickets online and in advance because Neuschwanstein Castle is almost always crowded with tourists from across the globe.
  • Wear comfortable footwear because you will have to do a lot of walking to get to the castle as well as inside the palace and nearby attractions.
  • A cost-effective option is to take a shuttle bus up to the castle and then trek back to the village after your tour.
  • There is no best time or season to visit the castle because it’s beautiful all year round. However, October to June is recommended since it is less crowded.
  • Make sure you set aside an entire day for your visit.
  • Those with reduced mobility may face slight problems getting to the castle since no cars or public transport take tourists right up to the attraction. Those with reduced mobility can take a horse carriage to the castle.
  • Pick a weekday. Reach the castle early at around 9 AM or post 3 PM to avoid large crowds.
  • Photography and videography are strictly prohibited.
  • Carry your own water, snacks, and refreshments as everything around is expensive.
  • Make sure to check the weather conditions before booking your tour so that you can dress accordingly.
  • Wearing a face mask is compulsory.
  • Animals are not allowed inside the castle.
  • Rucksacks, prams, and other bulky objects are not allowed inside the castle.
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What is the best time to visit Neuschwanstein Castle?

The best time to visit the castle would be in the early hours when the attraction opens at 9 AM or post 3 PM on weekdays if you want to avoid large crowds.

What time do Neuschwanstein Castle guided tours start?

The Neuschwanstein Castle guided tours start between 8:30 AM to 9:15 AM. The tour is 9-10 hours long, including travel time.

How long should I allow for a tour of Neuschwanstein Castle?

The castle can only be accessed through a guided tour. It is best if you set aside an entire day for your tour since traveling to the attraction also takes a long time.

Can I book a private tour just for myself?

No. You cannot book a private tour just for yourself. However, you can book a small group tour of the castle.

What is included in a tour of Neuschwanstein Castle?

A Neuschwanstein Castle tour includes a tour of the castle and its gardens, Linderhof Palace, Hohenschwangau Castle, the scenic town of Oberammergau, and beautiful vantage points of Bavaria. The tour tickets also include AC coach and train transfers from Munich to the castle and back.

Ready to head to Neuschwanstein Castle ?

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