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10 Best Museums in Dubai – Understand Emirati Culture and Futurism in Dubai

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Dubai has been hailed as a modern marvel by many seasoned travelers and is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world with its continuously developing infrastructure and industries. Nowadays, you might associate Dubai with modern marvels and luxurious escapes, but the crowning jewel of the UAE is also steeped in culture and traditions. It is no wonder why Dubai has several museums and exhibitions that are renowned worldwide!

Why Explore Museums in Dubai

While you might be familiar with the many infrastructural developments in Dubai, you might not be privy to the traditions and culture of Dubai. Once a quaint fishermen's town, Dubai has now grown to become a mecca of luxury and opulence.

Did you know that till the 1930s, Dubai was well-known for its pearl trade? In around 1833, the modern Dubai that we know today became the powerful state that it is when some pearl fishers from Abu Dhabi took over Dubai. It was during this time that Dubai rose to significance. Dubai has many such historical stories that explain why it is important within the economic and political structure of the United Arab Emirates. Visiting the museums of Dubai will help you fully appreciate the culture and traditions that drape this beautiful city.

Guide to Museums in Dubai

Museums are a great way to learn more about the culture and traditions of a place. Dubai is not necessarily known for its museums, but you would be missing out if you didn’t visit at least some of the museums mentioned here in this article!

#1 Museum of the Future

Innovative Museum in Dubai

from AED 145

Museums in Dubai
FuturisticArtificial IntelligenceTechnology

The Museum of the future is usually one of the first names that come up when talking about museums in Dubai. The museum of the future was inaugurated on 22/02/2022 by Sheikh Muhammed and is dedicated to showing its visitors innovations and technology and what you can expect from the future. They have a space flight simulator, where you can take a few pictures for your Instagram feed, as well as an exhibition where they simulate the effects of global warming. The beautiful calligraphy on the side of the building is an optimistic quote about the future -"We may not live for hundreds of years, but the products of our creativity can leave a legacy long after we are gone."

Best Time to Visit
Visit the Museum of the Future during the Weekdays, from 6 pm to 10 pm.
Recommended Duration
2-3 Hours

Museum of the Future Highlights

  1. Witness The Wonders Of Nature in the Digital Amazon.
  2. Explore A Library Of Life in The Heal Institute
  3. Revive Your Senses in the Al Waha, or the Oasis.
  4. Discover New Worlds in the New Explorers exhibit.
  5. Inhabit The Skies in the ‘A New Moon’ exhibit.

Recommended Museum of the Future Tickets

Museum of the Future Reviews

Museum of Future, is awesome. Gives a glimpse into the future , 2071. Has 3 chapters. Bonus chapter for kids under 10. And especially the sky deck was awesome.

- Abhishek, Headout, October 2022

It was an amazing museum and we loved it me and my sister, we enjoyed ever min of the full 3 chapters and it was interesting seeing all of these different chapters.

- Dana, Headout, October 2022

#2 Dubai Museum

Oldest Museum in Dubai

Museums in Dubai
Al Fahidi FortHistoryArabic Architecture

The Dubai museum is located in the Al Fahidi Fort, one of the oldest buildings in Dubai. This museum is a must-visit to get a taste of old Dubai. and houses shreds of evidence of the way people lived before the discovery of oil in the emirates. The galleries recreate historic Arab houses, mosques, souks, and date farms, while also depicting scenes from the desert and marine life. This is one museum in Dubai you can't afford to miss when visiting Dubai.

Best Time to Visit
Opening hour is from 8 AM to 8 PM from Saturday to Thursday. The best time to visit is early in the morning.
Recommended Duration
2-3 Hours

Dubai Museum Highlights

  1. The monuments wing.
  2. Markets from 1950 exhibit.
  3. Traditional Home and Masjid exhibit
  4. Oasis Wing, Desert at Night, and the Sea Exhibit

#3 Etihad Museum

Best Museum in Dubai

Museums in Dubai
Military HistoryHeritage

Were you ever curious about how the seven emirates unified into a single federation? Well, the Etihad Museum is the best museum in Dubai to learn more about the unification story of the UAE. The museum has dedicated itself to becoming the source of all things history in Dubai and offers a unique visitor experience. The whole museum covers a 25,000 square meters area. and it is divided into several pavilions housing its many exhibits calling back to the history of UAE. The programs also aim to educate visitors about the nation's constitution, in particular - the rights, privileges, and responsibilities that it bestows upon the people of the UAE.

Best Time to Visit
Monday to Sunday from 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Recommended Duration
2 Hours

Highlights of Etihad Museum

  1. The Founding Fathers
  2. The UAE Interactive Map
  3. The Interactive Timeline Hall
  4. The Canals
  5. The Seeds of Unity

#4 Museum of Illusions Dubai

Most Famous Ancient Greek Oracle

from AED 67

Museums in Dubai
Family FriendlyExhibitionsOptical Illusions

The Museum of Illusions Dubai has one of the best collections of optical and sensory illusions in the world. The exhibits aim to confuse and entertain your senses while also being educational and feature more than 60 interactive exhibits. There are also programs and films on play throughout the day! Therefore, if you have little ones and want to take them somewhere, the Museum of Illusions Dubai is the place to be.

Best Time to Visit
During the weekdays from 10 am to 5 pm
Recommended Duration
Approximately 1 hour

Highlights of Museum of Illusions

  1. The chair illusion room
  2. The Ames Room
  3. The Anti-gravity room
  4. The rotating room
  5. The Infinity Room

Recommended Museum of Illusions Tickets

Museum of Illusions Reviews

The experience was really awesome and entertaining. It was really worth visiting. The staff there were very helpful in explaining things and, being senior citizens, they helped us take good snaps also. I will definitely recommend the visit to everyone, through headout.

- Pramod, Headout, September 2022

Truly enjoyable experience. Spent almost 1.5 hrs. Good place for people of all ages. Good place for amazing photos. Science made enjoyable.

- Shahrukh, Headout, October 2022

#5 Infinity des Lumières

Digital Art Centre in Dubai

from AED 125

Museums in Dubai
Digital Art Technology Virtual

If you are a lover of art and everything colors, then Infinity des Lumières is just the place for you. Infinity des Lumières has the best collection of contemporary and modern art exhibitions in the Arabian peninsula. At the moment, the museum features three prominent exhibitions, namely the Van Gogh, Dreamed Japan, and Verse exhibits. The Van Gogh experience is a multi-sensory exhibit that focuses on Vincent's most famous works, like the potato eaters, sunflowers, and the starry night. The light and art display also pays tribute to Japanese art that heavily influenced van Gogh's work.

Best Time to Visit
Early in the morning on Sunday 10 am to 5 pm
Recommended Duration
2 Hours

Infinity des Lumières Highlights

  1. Raise Vibration exhibit
  2. The Imagination Architect
  3. The Abstraction Of the Odyssey
  4. The Music Painter
  5. Feel The Future_now

Infinity des Lumières Tickets

Infinity des Lumières Reviews

It was seamless and great. Infinity de Lumieres is one of those magical places where you get to experience everything in big screens depending on which show you are going for. The whole arrangement is gold mine for photo enthusiasts. And HEADOUT had discounts which is why the tickets were cheaper than regular for me. Great experience overall.

- Moumita, Headout, August 2022

#6 3D World Dubai Trick Art Selfie Museum

Interactive Museum in Dubai

from AED 89

Museums in Dubai

3D Murals Innovative Art Trick Art Museum

There are many one-of-a-kind museums in Dubai, but nothing beats the uniqueness of the 3D World Dubai Trick Art Selfie Museum in Dubai. It is the best museum in Dubai to fulfill all your selfie needs! Most museums in the world would discourage you from using your phone, but the 3D World Dubai Trick Art Selfie Museum actively encourages you to use a selfie phone to take your photos. Most of the exhibits here are hand painted and many of them reveal some sort of optical illusion or the other. The staff will also help you come up with poses for your selfies should you be drawing up blanks!

Best Time to Visit
10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Recommended Duration
2 Hours

3D World Dubai Trick Art Selfie Museum Highlights

  1. Illusion
  2. Arabic
  3. Egyptian
  4. Water World
  5. Animal Kingdom
  6. World of Masterpieces

Recommended 3D World Dubai Trick Art Selfie Museum Tickets

3D World Dubai Trick Art Selfie Museum Reviews

Fun and different experience. I was taken care of by several ladies to take my pictures because I was alone, this was a great service and the ladies were amazing.

- Reem, Headout, October 2022

Take a couple of hours out and visit here, you won't regret it. Easy to take photos with placement signs and ideas. Thoroughly enjoyed it. The staff are very helpful.

- Richard, Headout, May 2022

#7 Madame Tussauds

Wax Museum in Dubai

from AED 135

Museums in Dubai

Life-size Wax Statues

When it comes to wax statues, nothing beats the good ol’ Madame Tussauds. The Madame Tussauds in Dubai has some of the best collections of celebrity wax figures and also offers the option for you to glam up before taking pictures with the wax statues of your favorite celebrities. Madame Tussauds museum in Dubai has collaborated with N.Bar on Bluewaters to offer this. Visit N.Bar for an essential glam-up session, and then take paparazzi-worthy shots with your favorite celebrities and mega stars!

Best Time to Visit
Visit the Madame Tussauds museum during the afternoons to beat the heat. After noon ideally.
Recommended Duration
1 Hour

Madame Tussauds Highlights

  1. Music Party
  2. Fashion
  3. Film
  4. Media
  5. Bollywood

Recommended Madame Tussauds of Art Tickets

Madame Tussauds Reviews

Generally speaking Very Good application very useful and easy to use . Prices are good offers too cheap then website. Trust worthy application.

- Feras, Headout, March 2022

It was indeed a wonderful experience and feel proud to have one in Dubai!

- Amita, Headout, January 2022

#8 Coffee Museum

Arabic Traditions of Coffee

Museums in Dubai
Coffee Culture Brewing Styles

If you are a Javaphile (lover of coffee), then the coffee museum might be the place for you! Dubai houses the largest coffee museum in the middle east, which is located in the historical district of Al Fahidi. The museum houses the best collection of antiquities and goods that showcases the international and domestic coffee culture. You can find coffee presentations in the style of Arabic coffee, Persian coffee, Ethiopian coffee, Japanese style of coffee, and many more. The draw here isn't just the coffee but the presentation too! You can also sit back and enjoy as you sip on a cup of coffee for yourself.

Best Time to Visit
Recommended Duration
1 Hour

Coffee Museum Highlights

  1. Ethiopian Cafe
  2. The Grinder Room
  3. Japanese coffee place

#9 Al Shindagha Museum

World Class Heritage Museum

from AED 25

Museums in Dubai
Emirati Identity Dubai History

If you want to have a glimpse of what Dubai represents or where the future of Dubai is headed, then you should visit the Al Shindagha Museum. The Al Shindagha Museum takes visitors through their past. and talks about the city's dedication to openness and progressive thinking. The museum is dedicated to bringing the culture and traditions of Dubai to the forefront. The Al Shindagha Museum is the best in Dubai for learning more about the past of Dubai and the emirates. This museum is a must-visit when visiting Dubai and the Dubai Creek area.

Best Time to Visit
Early Morning to beat the tourist crowds
Recommended Duration
1 Hours

Al Shindagha Museum Highlights

  1. Welcome Centre
  2. Governance And Society
  3. Creativity And Well-Being
  4. Living Off The Sea And Land
  5. Children's Pavilion
  6. Education And Public Programming

Recommended Al Shindagha Museum Tickets

#10 Coins Museum

Specialised Museum for History of Coins

Museums in Dubai
Rare Coins Middle East History

Another interesting museum in Dubai is the Coins Museum. This museum is located in the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood. The museum is spread over two floors and is built out of coral, plaster, sandalwood, and even Teakwood. The museum traces back the origins of Dubai and its history through its coins and also uses multimedia to make exhibits interactive and enjoyable! The museum has 470 rare coins from different historical periods and showcases the monetary system that was used during different historical eras.

Best Time to Visit
before 2 pm
Recommended Duration
less than an hour

Coins Museum Highlights

  1. Early middle eastern
  2. European

Tips to Visit Museums in Dubai

  • Make sure to visit the Al Fahidi district in Old Dubai. This area boasts some very interesting museums and can easily be a full-day trip!
  • Most museums are huge and cover several complexes, so make sure to wear shoes to be able to walk comfortably.
  • Some museums might prohibit you from taking pictures. Please follow these rules carefully, as the fines can get pretty hefty if not heeded carefully.
  • Most museums will be indoors, so you don’t have to worry about the heat that much. Also, try to check museum timings during national holidays!


What are the best Museums in Dubai?

Dubai has some of the best Museums in the world. However, in Dubai itself, some of the best museums include 

  • Museum of the Future

  • The Dubai Museum

  • Al Shindagha Museum and

  • The Infinity des Lumières

But honestly, you should visit a museum that best suits your needs. This list is not exhaustive and can be expanded upon. 

What are the best museums for kids in Dubai?

Museums in Dubai are extremely kid-friendly, so almost all museums in Dubai are good for children. However, they might get bored with historical museums and educational museums. In that case, take your little ones to the Infinity des Lumières museum or the 3D World Dubai Trick Art Selfie Museum. These museums have fun exhibits that are suitable for both adults and children.

Which are the best museums for art lovers in Dubai?

If you are an art lover, then look no further than the Infinity des Lumières museum! Here you can see a digital art rendering of some of Van Goghs most famous works. Other multimedia art exhibits might be fun for you as well!

What are the best history museums in Dubai?

For a slice of Dubai's history, check out the Al Shindagha Museum, the Etihad Museum, and the Dubai Museum. All of these museums feature the stories of Dubai's history or culture!

Are there any restrictions I should know beforehand for entering museums in Dubai?

Though you can enter the museum as a walk-in admission, it is better to book your tickets online. This way, you can control your admission time. Also, make sure to check whether photography is allowed where you are going. Dubai takes these rules very seriously.  

                  Best Museums in Dubai Guide