Where can you travel from Spain, complete guide

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The Estado Alarma (State of Emergency) in Spain was lifted on 21st June, 2020, following which Spain first reopened borders to a list of EU nations(including the UK), and on July 3rd, 2020 it opened borders to an expanded list of third-party nations outside the EU. Tourists from a approved third countries outside of the EU: Australia, Canada, China, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, and Uruguay are allowed to visit Spain, subject stringent checks upon arrival.

Note: The following information is accurate as of the date of publishing (major developments updated daily) and to the best of our knowledge. The countries mentioned and travel restrictions listed are subject to change as new developments unfold. If you are planning to travel to any of these destinations, please visit the official website of the country you're visiting for the.

Where Can You Travel From Spain Right Now?

Below is the complete list of countries you can visit from Spain.

Who Can Visit Spain Now?

On June 21st Spain’s borders open to European Union member states, countries in the Schengen area, and the United Kingdom. If you are coming from any of these countries you do not need to do a quarantine after your arrival but you still need to get your Health Control Form. Remember that anybody entering Spain needs to follow the health guidelines and have their Health Control Form upon entry. If you don’t follow these rules you won’t be able to visit Spain.

Spain also opened for a group of non-European countries. From July 1st the following countries can travel to Spain: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Serbia, Montenegro, Morocco, Rwanda, Tunisia, Georgia, Algeria, and Uruguay.

What Should I Keep In Mind While Traveling To and From Spain?

  • All passengers upon arrival in Spain can expect a health screening from a border officer, as well temperature scans. Passengers are also being asked to wear a mask and must adhere to social distancing of 5ft (1.5m).
  • All travelers to Spain must fill out and sign a FCS Health Control Form prior to arrival or download the free "Spain Travel Health" app and fill in the information there. The generated QR code must be presented to officials upon arrival.
  • There are no quarantine measures in place for visitors to Spain. However some countries have quarantine periods on travelers coming back from Spain - Canada, South Korea, China, Denmark,Slovenia, Finland, Georgia,Greece, Italy, Norway, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Uruguay, Germany, Austria (exception if arriving from Canary Islands), Australia, Belgium (exception if arriving from the Region of Valencia or the islands of Tenerife, El Hierro, La Gomera or La Palma).
  • There is free movement within Spain, with occasional exceptions in specific places to ensure safety.

Where Can I Check The Current Travel Restrictions In Spain?

For a complete list of the current travel restrictions in Spain, simply type in your home country and add Spain as the destination.

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