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Your guide to getting around the Vatican Gardens

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Vatican City is beautiful and mysterious at the same time. It was founded in the year 1929 but has a history lingering with power and beauty. The St Peter’s Basilica is one of the most beautiful and the biggest churches in the world. Sistine Chapel’s ceilings have forever captured the essence of religious glory. While these may be overwhelming, there is a place inside the Vatican to calm you down. The Gardens of Vatican City cover more than half of the Vatican (57 Acres) with Statues, impressive fountains, and buildings dating back to the 6th century. While in Rome, Vatican City is a country you must visit, and here are the important information and reasons to check out the Vatican Gardens.

Vatican Gardens Tours - Best Recommended

To take a tour of the Vatican Gardens, you are required to purchase Vatican Gardens Ticket. Here is a chance foor you to enjoy a regenerating walk in the vast gardens of Villa Barberini and get to see the Italian Papal Villas of Castel Gandolfo, and trade the same path as the Popes would have. A trip to the Apostolic Palace is a bonus! Click on the card below to know more.

Top Things to see at the Vatican Gardens

The Gardens of Vatican spread over 57 acres. This means there is more to it than what meets the eyes. Here is a list of noteworthy things to see in there during your time.

1. Bramante’s Belvedere Courtyard

Cortile del Belvedere or Bramante’s Belvedere Courtyard is an epitome of Renaissance architecture at the Vatican Palace. It was designed by the famous Donato Bramante. The long enclosed courtyard connected the Vatican Palace with the Villa Belvedere through a series of terraces and stairs. The famous Spiral Staircase is one of them. Unfortunately, Bramante did not live to see the completed work, but it will forever tell his legacy.

Sistine Chapel

2. Berlin Wall

It’s obviously true that the Berlin Wall is in Berlin, Germany. But did you know that Vatican Gardens has a piece of it inside? In the year 1994, Marco Piccininni gifted to the Vatican. Even before entering the Vatican Garden, you would find the Berlin Wall. If you are taking a Vatican Garden Tour, the Berlin Wall would be your first stop with the guide, and if you’re lucky, you can click many pictures standing next to it.

Sistine Chapel

3. The Fountains

Rome and fountains are inseparable. The best of them are in Vatican City. During the 1590s the Borghese Pope Paul V ordered the beautiful fountains to be stored around the Gardens. Of the hundreds of fountains that you would lay your eyes on at the Vatican, Galea fountain (Fontana della Galera) is one of the most stunning fountains that would capture your attention. It represents a medieval wrecked warship that is placed in the center of a massive water basin.

Sistine Chapel

4. The Italian Garden

One of the most recent installations of the Vatican, the Italian Gardens was created in 1929. The layout of the garden is very traditional and follows hedges and pine trees around them. It is very easily visible from the top of St Peter’s Basilica’s Dome. It makes for a quiet walk and offers many photo ops.

Sistine Chapel

Vatican Gardens Map

Vatican Gardens Facts No One Told You Before

  • A piece of the Berlin Wall is in the Gardens of the Vatican.
  • The gardens of the Vatican were started when Pope Nicholas III began planting an orchard, a lawn, and a garden in 1279.
  • The Garden covers 57 acres of land, which is more than half of Vatican City’s area.
  • The visitors usually go by the name of “Giardini Vaticani” to identify the gardens. It is also referred to as the Pope’s playgrounds.
  • The Gardens are designed in French, Italian, and English styles and you can see them individually.

Visit Vatican Gardens - Opening Hours

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  • Monday - Tuesday - 9 AM - 6 PM
  • Wednesdays and Sundays are closed
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