World’s most unique beaches: A winter escape to Red, Pink, Black sands, and more!

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With winter knocking on our doors, it's time to trade snowflakes for sunshine. In this blog, we're diving into the magic of winter sun escapes at some of the world's most unique beaches. Picture this: red, pink, and even green sand beneath your toes as you soak up the warmth. We're here to show you these extraordinary sandy spots that'll make your winter a beachy affair. So, grab your shades and join us on a journey to discover beaches like you've never seen before. Let's turn the winter blues into a vibrant beach-hued adventure!

1. Red Beach

Where: Santorini Island, Greece
High / Low temperature in winters: 15°C / 11°C

Santorini's Red Beach is a jaw-dropper! Thanks to volcanic tantrums, this place is a showstopper with its vibrant red sand and black pebbles. Tourists flock here like seagulls for its wild scenery surrounded by colossal volcanic rocks. It's a visual feast! And if you're into snorkeling, the marine life here is like an underwater carnival. Get ready to be wowed at every step!

2. Playa del Amor

Where: Marieta Islands, Mexico
High / Low temperature in winters: 28°C / 17°C

Mexico's got a secret, and it's called Playa del Amor, the Hidden Beach. Tucked away in the Marieta Islands, this sandy haven is like a fantasy come to life. Picture this: a hidden cavern with Pacific blue waters rushing in. How to get there? Through a cool water tunnel, of course! Six feet of space above water, so bring your swimsuit or kayak. It's a tropical paradise waiting to be discovered!

3. Pink Sands Beach

Where: Harbour Island, Bahamas
High / Low temperature in winters: 25°C / 20°C

Bahamas' Pink Sands Beach in Harbour Island is a slice of paradise. Imagine a 3-mile long carpet of soft pink sand! How? Thank the marine maestro, foraminifera, and its crushed red shell mingling with the white sand. Perfect for sun-soaking and crystal-clear swims. Plus, the island's got swanky resorts for ultimate chill vibes. Days for swimming, snorkeling, and fishing, nights for town adventures and lively vibes. Beach dreams, unlocked!

4. Green Sand Beach

Where: Hawaii, United States
High / Low temperature in winters: 26°C / 20°C

If you're on the Big Island, Papakōlea Beach, aka Green Sand Beach, is a must-see wonder. Carved into a 49,000-year-old cinder cone from the Mauna Loa volcano, this unique spot boasts olivine crystals, turning the sand green. Take a dip if you dare—the surf can get a bit feisty. Just a heads up: no lifeguards, no snacks, so pack wisely and leave no trace.

5. Punaluʻu beach

Where: Hawaii, United States
High / Low temperature in winters: 26°C / 20°C

Punaluʻu beach is the best black sand beache in Hawaii! This place isn't just stunning with its pitch-black lava fragments making up the sand, but it's also a spot for catching a glimpse of endangered Hawksbill and green turtles sunbathing. There are rows of coconut palms providing the perfect shady retreat because, trust me, that black sand can sizzle! Grab a handful, see if you can spot ancient lava flow bits, and soak in the unique beauty.

6. Rabida Island's red beach

Where: Galgapos, Ecuador
High / Low temperature in winters: 27°C / 21°C

Our second red beach on this list, but this one’s different! Introducing, Rabida Island's red beach—pure magic! The sand has a vibrant red hue thanks to the iron-rich volcanic ashes nearby. It's the island's sole port, flaunting pristine beauty and a wild habitat with sea lions and diverse bird species. Beyond the beach, a brackish lagoon plays host to flamingos and other exotic birds. Dive into the eastern end's turquoise waters for a mesmerizing underwater world—rays, sea turtles, and maybe even a chill white tip shark. Rabida's off the beaten path but easily accessible via guided tours.

7. Pfeiffer Beach

Where: California, United States
High / Low temperature in winters: 16°C / 9°C

Ever heard of Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur? It's not just a beach; it's a purple sand paradise! And that's not all—meet the famous Keyhole Arch, a Instagram-worthy gem just offshore. With Bixby Creek Bridge and McWay Falls as neighbors, this spot's a top draw in Big Sur. Getting there's a tad tricky, but the breathtaking views and tranquil vibes make the detour totally worth it. California's hidden gem awaits—prepare to be smitten!

8. Benagil Cave Beach

Where: Algarve, Portugal
High / Low temperature in winters: 17°C / 8°C

This natural wonder, shaped by 20 million years of erosion, is a bright twist on the cave stereotype. No gloom here—just sunshine streaming through a skylight created by rainfall, making it an Insta sensation. Tourist magnet, especially in warmer months, with boat queues eager to explore. And guess what? There's a sandy beach inside, a real tide-time treat. Nature's masterpiece with a touch of magic, Benagil's a must-see coastal gem. Pack your sunnies and get ready for some serious cave envy!

9. Green Sand in Kourou

Where: French Guiana
High / Low temperature in winters: 30°C / 23°C

When it comes to green beaches, forget Hawaii; French Guiana's Kourou takes the cake! A shoreline against the Atlantic, rocking an odd emerald tint. It's not Dr. Seuss magic; it's science—olivine from speedy-cooling lava. Yeah, nature's chemistry experiment! Knowing the deets doesn't dull the enchantment, but the green sand vibe in Kourou is straight-up surreal. Time for a beach trip with a twist!

10. Hot Water Beach

Where: Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand
High / Low temperature in winters: 17°C / 8°C

Hot Water Beach is New Zealand's natural spa! Imagine golden sands where hot mineral water bubbles up from the Earth. Head to the southern rocks, dig your own hot tub in the sand, and soak in the warmth. The best time to visit is two hours around low tide. Don't forget your gear and a shovel, or just snag one from the local cafes. Hot tub by the ocean? Yep, it's a thing!

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