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Zoom Through Tokyo’s neon jungle with these Street Kart tours!

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Imagine zipping through the bustling streets of Tokyo, not in a traditional vehicle, but in a Go Kart just like the one in Mario game! This Go Kart experience, which used to be known as the Mario Street Karts, blends the thrill of real-life racing with the fun and fantasy of one of Japan's most beloved video game franchises. The Street Kart taps into the heart of the pop culture craze, offering an unforgettable adventure as participants dress up as their favorite characters and drive customized karts around Tokyo's iconic landmarks.

What’s the Street Kart in Tokyo all about?

Tokyo Tower

Fun way to see Tokyo

A knowledgeable guide leads the convoy on a sightseeing tour through the city's vibrant streets. Choose from six different locations for departure, dress up as a favorite superhero character, and enjoy thematic music through Bluetooth speakers.

Iconic landmarks

You’ll cross multiple landmarks in Tokyo, especially the famous Shibhuya crossing and experience the energy of the city in a unique way. Tokyo Tower, Akihabara, and Asakusa are also part of the route, providing a mix of traditional and modern sights.

Kart specs

Enjoy the thrill of a 50cc engine kart with speeds up to 60 km/hr, and the option to record with a live action camera.

Day or Night Rides

Experience Tokyo's beauty by day or illuminated by night, with photo stops on routes like the Rainbow Bridge and the Tokyo Tower.

Safety first

Safety protocols are strictly followed, including a detailed safety briefing before departure and the provision of helmets. Drivers are required to have a valid international driving permit.

What you’ll need

  • For Japanese citizens, a full Japanese driving license is a must-have.
  • If you're a foreign tourist, bring your international driving permit, making sure it complies with the 1949 Geneva Convention and remains valid for a year post-entry in Japan.
  • An American license alongside US military ID is also applicable for Yanks stationed in Japan.
  • A driving license from Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Estonia, Taiwan, Slovenia, or Monaco is fine too, with a Japanese translation by an approved body.
  • Remember, they roll out in groups, and the max they can take is ten participants per trip!

Recommended tickets for Street Karting in Tokyo

Street Go Kart locations in Tokyo


Explore historical neighborhoods and the scenic views of the Sumida River. This one hour ride takes you through the old town feel of Asakusa, Kaminarimon gate, and finishes with the towering Skytree in sight.

Asakusa Kannon in Asakusa- Tokyo, Japan


Shibuya Crossing is one of the busiest intersections in the world. Feel the pulse of the city as you navigate through the crowds and spot the famous Hachiko statue.

People at Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, Japan

3Tokyo Bay

The Tokyo Bay route takes you through the iconic panoramic Rainbow Bridge. The ride around Tokyo Bay offers a stunning mixture of modern and futuristic architecture alongside the sea.

Cruise ships in Tokyo Bay at night against the Rainbow Bridge


Experience the heart of Tokyo's electronic district, weaving through streets famed for anime and gaming shops. The route takes you through Electric Town's Otaku culture highlights before zooming past Radio Kaikan. The vibrant district is a haven for gamers and manga fans alike, with its plethora of electronic stores and maid cafes dotting the landscape.

Akihabara in Tokyo

Safety precautions for Street Go Karting

Safety is of the utmost importance when participating in Street Karts. All drivers must attend a safety briefing to understand the rules of the road. Helmets are provided and must be worn at all times while driving. Reflective clothing is also available to ensure you are visible to other drivers after dark. Follow the lead kart and maintain a safe distance between other karts to prevent collisions. Always adhere to Japanese traffic laws throughout the adventure. Racing isn’t allowed and competitive driving should be avoided. In addition, all street go karts are equipped with seatbelts that must be fastened at all times. Accident insurance is included with the activity's cost. The karts are also regularly maintained to meet the highest safety standards.


How many passengers can sit in a Street Kart?

Street Karts are designed to be single-seaters, providing a personalized driving experience for each participant.

Can we drive on the highway?

Street Karts are not permitted on highways or expressways. They are strictly for use on public roads designated for their operation, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience while you take in the sights. Always stick to the predetermined routes guided by your tour leader.

Is there an age limit for driving a Street Kart?

You must be at least 18 years old to drive a Street Kart in Tokyo. This is in line with the requirement for holding a valid driver's license.

Why can’t we rent Mario costumes anymore at the Street Kart?

Recently, the company offering Street Kart experiences has discontinued providing Mario-themed costumes due to intellectual property rights issues. Nintendo did not authorize the use of their characters for such activities, leading to a legal dispute which resulted in this change. However, kart drivers can still enjoy the experience by wearing other superhero characters or accessorizing in fun, themed outfits that align with the adventurous spirit of go-karting. 

How many Street Karts per group?

To ensure everyone gets to enjoy the experience safely, each tour is limited to 10 drivers. 

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