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Sydney and Bondi Day Tours: Everything You Need to Know

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Located on Australia's east coast, Sydney is a breathtaking harbour city with a distinctly loud and uncompromising personality. The city, surrounded by stunning beaches and harbours, is a traveler's paradise, attracting almost 15 million visitors annually. From the idyllic Bondi beach and iconic Sydney Opera House -- known for hosting some of the most talented performers in the world -- to the picturesque Sydney Harbour Bridge, there's a lot you can see and do in the city. There are numerous other attractions you can experience in Sydney as well, including the Van Gogh and Anne Frank House museums, Sydney Mardi Gras, Sydney Tower, Royal Botanical Gardens and more.

What makes Bondi beach special?

Bondi beach Sydney

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Sydney’s Bondi beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations for travelers. Mesmerizing blue-green water, a landscape of rocks and white sand and a beautiful sunset is in store for you at Bondi beach. Known for its vast, playful waves, this beach is perfect for surfers, both novice and experts. If you’re looking to grab a bite, Bondi beach hosts several restaurants and bars where you can indulge in delicious local cuisine while enjoying a beachside view. For those who love a good outdoor music or food festival, this beach is right where you should be headed; every few months, several cultural events take place here. So whether you’re looking to just relax and sunbathe, surf, or plan to climb some rocks, Bondi beach has something for every traveler.

Organized Sydney day tours

Sydney has a rich history and learning about it while on the go will only elevate your experience. A great way to explore is by opting for a guided day tour of the city. These tours cover important attractions in Sydney, provide pick up and drop services in Wi-Fi-enabled air conditioned coaches and allow you to skip time-consuming lines, making the entire process seamless. Moreover, their great offers and deals allow you to enjoy the day without burning a hole in your pocket.

Here are some of the best Sydney and Bondi tours:

Other things to do in Sydney

Here's a look at some other attractions you should definitely try to visit while in the city:

Sydney Harbour Bridge

One of the most recognizable landmarks in Sydney, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is a sight to behold. Constructed in 1932, this monument stands tall -- in the shape of a ‘coat hanger’, as locals refer to it -- over the Sydney Harbour and is open to traffic, railway lines, and pedestrians. If you want a closer look at the bridge or a thrilling panoramic view of the city, you can climb the arches of the bridge and get to the top!

Sydney Opera House

Your trip to Sydney is incomplete without a visit to the legendary Sydney Opera House. Its interlocking shell-like structure is often hailed as one of the most challenging designs of the 20th Century. Located on the Sydney Harbour, this performance venue hosts almost 40 shows every week and houses various restaurants, bars and cafes. Even if you're not a fan of the opera, there's plenty to do at the Sydney Opera House: you can simply take a tour of the structure or enjoy a leisurely lunch overlooking the Harbour.

Blue Mountains

Leave Sydney behind with a trip to the incredible Blue Mountains. Located around 2 hours away from the city, the Blue Mountains are an uninterrupted expanse of forests, canyons, sandstone cliffs, waterfalls and other gems of nature. Over 140 km of walking tracks are available for hikers and you can also make the most of your time at the mountains by indulging in a fun hike.

Sydney Harbour Cruise

Perhaps the best way to explore Sydney’s impressive skyline is while sipping a cocktail on a magical cruise. Witness important landmarks in the city and capture memorable photographs while relaxing in a comfortable ferry. You can also opt for a dinner cruise with your partner and experience Sydney at night!

Taronga Zoo

Australia is known worldwide for its diverse wildlife. A trip to the city would be incomplete without a visit to Taronga Zoo in Sydney. Located next to the harbour, this zoo is home to a variety of exotic animal species, most of which are under threat of extinction. You will also come across native Australians animals, like kangaroos, Tasmanian Devils, reptiles, koalas and more.

Getting around Sydney

As the most populous city in Australia, Sydney is designed with a robust public transport network. Here are the public transport options you can choose from:

  • Light rail: Operated by Trabsdev, the light rail network connects Central Station to Lilyfield -- a suburb located 6 km west of Sydney's central business district -- in about 25 minutes. The Sydney light rail service runs between 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM from Monday to Thursday and 6:00 AM to 12:00 AM on Friday and Saturday. There's a 24-hour service from Central to the Star -- the second largest casino in Australia.
  • Ferry: Given that the city is surrounded by water, ferries are one of the most popular modes of public transport. Ferry services leave from the terminal at Circular Quay, one of the most popular harbours in the city, and travel to destinations like Taronga Zoo and suburban areas like Balmain, Kirribilli, Parramatta and more. You can get Sydney ferry tickets from offices at Circular Quay and Manly. There are ticket vending machines available at Circular Quay, Manly and Darling Harbour for your convenience.
  • Bus: On weekdays, half of those commuting use bus services in Sydney. In the city centre, Town Hall Station and Stand H are the most popular stops with 25 bus routes crossing it. Bus services in the city are available almost 24 hours a day and most routes are prepaid. You can buy tickets from one of many ticket outlets placed throughout the city, usually next to bus stops. Additionally, travelers can use the NightRide, a special bus service that runs specifically from 12:00 AM to 4:00 AM.
  • Sydney train: Unlike the light rail which is newer and has a "lighter" passenger capacity, the traditional Sydney train network is much more expansive with over 175 stations and a higher passenger capacity. In central Sydney, train stations include Central, Museum, St James, Town Hall, Wynyard, Circular Quay, Martin Place and Kings Cross. This well-connected train system runs from 4:00 AM to around 12:00 AM.

If you aren't a fan of public transport, you can always hail a taxi on the street, or hire one from designated taxi stands located throughout the city centre. Taxis are also available through private app-based taxi services in the city.

Practical information

sydney skyline
  • Flight tickets to Australia can be pretty expensive, especially if you make last minute bookings. Plan your trip in advance and make all the necessary bookings ahead of time to get a better deal
  • If you're planning on getting around Sydney using public transport, keep some buffer time. While the public transport network is expansive, you can't really predict the traffic situation. To avoid delays, leave a little earlier or avoid routes that go through the more populous parts of the city
  • Make travel easy by getting an Opal card. This handy integrated payment method can be used on ferries, trains, light rail and buses. You can recharge your Opal card online, or at convenience stores and train stations
  • There are plenty of places in Sydney you can explore on foot. These include famous attractions like Luna Park and Sydney Harbour Bridge, and smaller lanes and streets. Remember to pack a pair of comfortable walking shoes to make the process easier
  • Most parts of Sydney shut down early in the day, including restaurants and bars that close by 9:30 PM. If you're planning to grab a late dinner, make sure there are late night dining options available around your hotel
  • The city has a strict no-smoking policy in public transport, recreation areas and sporting grounds. Make sure to only smoke in designated zones to avoid paying heavy fines
  • To stay on schedule, make sure to arrive 10 to 15 minutes before your guided city tour. Also remember to carry ID cards for verification