Sustainability travel tips to make sure you travel green

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More people have started to embrace a sustainable travel lifestyle and are much more concerned about their choices. Rather, how it affects the environment and whether their choices are eco-friendly or not. Needless to say, Sustainable Travel & Tourism is the need of the hour.

So, we’re here to help you with just that! Here’s how you can get started with a few simple tips to embrace a greener travel lifestyle.


Art of Travel: Pack Lightly

Sustainable Travel tip - Pack lightly

Packing light is hard, we get it. You would want to carry everything, you know – just in case! But packing light is one of the major keys to sustainable travel. When you carry just the essentials, you don’t need to worry about the luggage being overweight, paying extra bucks to the airline while flying or dragging overweight luggage wherever you go. And most of all, reducing your carbon footprint. Reusing the essential items and repeating outfits can have a considerable impact when you travel!


Why Off-Season Travel Goes Hand-in-Hand with Sustainable Travel

Offseason Sustainable Travel

Traveling off-season is truly the best! One simple factor offers several benefits. How so you wonder? Well, for starters – you get the best airfare deals. It’s cheaper and you can cut costs by a huge denomination. Second, you get to beat the crowds! Since peak season tourism spots have a standard influx of too many tourists and travelers, you don’t face the issue of crowds at all. That also helps you out with not having to worry about sold-out tickets to attractions and more! And last but not least, a great level of flexibility that you don’t really have during peak season travel. You get plenty of flexibility to be spontaneous with your itinerary and make last-minute bookings.


Carry Reusable Cutlery When You're On The Go

Reusable Cutlery

Whether you choose to eat at a fast-food restaurant or a local restaurant – carry your fork, spoon, knife and straw! It helps to minimize the use of plastic cutlery, especially plastic straws in fast-food settings. And helps with personal hygiene too! Using your own cutlery can contribute immensely to being eco-conscious and reducing the harmful use of plastic. Additionally, this habit isn’t restricted to when you’re traveling only! You can incorporate it into your daily life whenever you go out to dine and eat.


Choose Public Transport or Sustainable Transport

Sustainable Transport

Using public or sustainable transport helps in reducing carbon emissions released into the atmosphere. Instead of depending on private taxis all the time, try hopping on a bus or metro wherever it’s possible. You can also try to get your hands on bicycles for short-distance traveling!


Say Bye to High-end Hotels and Hello to Sustainable Accommodation

Sustainable Accommodation

An excessive amount of resources used for just 1 person is wasteful. Pick where you want to stay, wisely! So, an accommodation that supports the locals like a homestay, eco-friendly AirBnB or hostel is pretty ideal you know? You’re not splurging excessively for a high-end hotel room and aiding in the conservation of water and energy.


Time to Eat Local and Support Local Businesses

Eat local food

Skip the fast-food outlets and head to local restaurants! This way, you can discover and relish the cultural cuisine, all the more with fresh ingredients used!

To travel sustainably also means helping sustain the local community. You can shop and support small home-grown businesses, craftsmen and the local tourism industry. This helps to boost entrepreneurship and preserve cultural heritage!