Eurail Country Pass: Which country are you headed to next?

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The Eurail Country Pass is a flexible and convenient way to explore a European country by train. It's perfect for travelers who want to dive into the unique landscapes, cultures, and cities at their own pace. This pass offers various options tailored to different travel durations and age groups, ensuring a personalized experience. It's a practical choice for those keen on discovering the rich diversity of a single European nation through the comfort and charm of rail travel.

Whether you're a culture enthusiast, nature admirer, or simply in search of new experiences, the Eurail Country Pass is your gateway to a memorable journey.

Eurail One Country Pass

What is the Eurail Country Pass?

The Eurail Country Pass is a single train pass which allows you to fully experience the wonders of a single European country. With this pass, you have the freedom to embark on memorable train journeys throughout your chosen country, uncovering hidden gems, iconic landmarks, and the diverse local culture at your own pace. Whether it is to explore haute couture in France, cultural diversity of Spain, or to experience the expanse of Switzerland’s landscapes, a Eurail Country Pass is a convenient way to explore the essence of a country without travel limitations or complications.

Why choose the Eurail Country Pass?

  • Unlimited flexibility: With the Eurail Country Pass, you have the freedom and flexibility to design your itinerary. Within your chosen country, hop on and hop off trains as you like and explore the country at your own pace.
  • Cost-effective: Would you rather have a single ticket to travel anywhere within a country (within a set period of time) or go through the hassle of purchasing individual tickets for each leg of your journey? The former is what a Eurail Country Pass is for. Save money and travel extensively.
  • Extensive network:The Eurail Country Pass grants you access to an extensive network of trains, within the country of your choice. Reach your desired destination with ease and convenience, be it iconic landmarks or off-the-beaten-path locations.
  • Cultural immersion: Connecting with locals and immersing yourself in local culture is the unspoken game-changer on a trip! By traveling with a Eurail Country Pass, know that you have the opportunity to mingle and discover the local culture at your desired destination and at your own pace.

What your Pass includes

  • Up to 8 flexible days of travel*
  • Use within a month of issue
  • Multiple train journeys each day
  • Discounts on ferries, hotels, city cards, and more

*Greek Islands Pass only offer 4-6 days of travel

Countries you can visit

Purchase a Eurail Country Pass to spend your vacation exploring one European country, from the list below:

  1. Eurail Italy Pass: Uncover Italy’s rich history by exploring historical cities, such as Rome and Florence, and exploring iconic landmarks like the Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
  2. Eurail France Pass: Discover the beauty of France, from the romantic streets of Paris to the stunning beauty of the French Riviera and the iconic Eiffel Tower.
  3. Eurail Spain Pass: Immerse yourself in the diverse landscapes of Spain, from the vibrant city of Barcelona to the historic Alhambra in Granada.
  4. Eurail Portugal Pass: Explore the rich history and stunning coastline of Portugal, including the charming streets of Lisbon and the beautiful beaches of the Algarve.
  5. Eurail Sweden Pass: Experience the picturesque landscapes of Sweden, from the medieval streets of Stockholm to the stunning archipelago of Gothenburg.
  6. Eurail Austria Pass: Delve into Austria's rich offerings, with destinations like Innsbruck for mountain climbing, Graz's old town, and Vienna's renowned balls and proms.
  7. Eurail Bulgaria Pass: Discover the hidden gems of Bulgaria, from the historic sites of Sofia to the beautiful Black Sea coast and the stunning Rila Monastery.
  8. Eurail Croatia Pass: Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Croatia, including the breathtaking Plitvice Lakes, the historic city of Dubrovnik, and the charming islands of Hvar and Korčula.
  9. Eurail Czech Republic Pass: Explore the charming city of Prague, the medieval town of Český Krumlov, and the beautiful spa town of Karlovy Vary.
  10. Eurail Denmark Pass: Experience the historic streets of Copenhagen, visit the iconic Tivoli Gardens, and explore the beautiful coastal towns of Denmark.
  11. Eurail Estonia Pass*: Discover the medieval charms of Tallinn's Old Town, visit the picturesque Lahemaa National Park, and explore the beautiful coastline of Estonia.
  12. Eurail Finland Pass: Experience the stunning natural wonders of Finland, including the Northern Lights, the breathtaking fjords of the Finnish Lapland, and the vibrant city of Helsinki.
  13. Eurail Germany Pass: Explore Germany's iconic landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the stunning Neuschwanstein Castle, and the historic city of Munich.
  14. Eurail Greece Pass: Discover the ancient wonders of Greece, including Athens' Acropolis, the historic ruins of Delphi, and the beautiful islands of Santorini and Mykonos.
  15. Eurail Greek Islands Pass*: Island hop through Greece's stunning archipelago, visiting popular destinations like Crete, Rhodes, and Corfu for beautiful beaches and rich history.
  16. Eurail Great Britain Pass: Explore the diverse landscapes of Great Britain, from the historic city of London to the picturesque Scottish Highlands and the charming villages of the Cotswolds.
  17. Eurail Hungary Pass: Immerse yourself in Hungary's rich history and culture, from the beautiful architecture of Budapest to the historic spas of Székesfehérvár.
  18. Eurail Ireland Pass: Experience Ireland's stunning landscapes, including the Cliffs of Moher, the Ring of Kerry, and the vibrant city of Dublin.
  19. Eurail Latvia Pass*: Discover Latvia's charming capital, Riga, with its beautiful Old Town, explore the picturesque Jurmala beach, and visit the historic Turaida Castle.
  20. Eurail Lithuania Pass: Explore Lithuania's historic cities like Vilnius and Kaunas, visit the stunning Curonian Spit National Park, and experience the vibrant culture of the country.
  21. Eurail North Macedonia Pass: Discover the rich history of North Macedonia, visiting the ancient city of Ohrid, exploring the vibrant capital city of Skopje, and hiking in the beautiful Mavrovo National Park.
  22. Eurail Norway Pass: Experience the breathtaking landscapes of Norway, including the fjords of Bergen, the vibrant city of Oslo, and the stunning natural beauty of the Lofoten Islands.
  23. Eurail Poland Pass: Explore Poland's historic cities, from the charming streets of Krakow to the beautiful Old Town of Warsaw, and visit the historic Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum.
  24. Eurail Romania Pass: Discover Romania's diverse landscapes, from the medieval towns of Brasov and Sighisoara to the stunning castles of Bran and Peles.
  25. Eurail Scandinavia Pass: Explore the beauty of Scandinavia, including the fjords of Norway, the vibrant cities of Sweden, and the stunning landscapes of Denmark.
  26. Eurail Serbia Pass: Immerse yourself in Serbia's rich history and culture, from the historic city of Belgrade to the beautiful landscapes of the Đerdap National Park.
  27. Eurail Slovakia Pass: Experience the charming capital city of Bratislava, visit the stunning High Tatras mountains, and explore the historic towns of Banska Stiavnica and Kosice.
  28. Eurail Slovenia Pass: Discover the natural beauty of Slovenia, from the picturesque Lake Bled to the stunning Postojna Cave and the charming capital city of Ljubljana.
  29. Eurail Turkey Pass: Immerse yourself in Turkey’s rich history and culture, visiting Istanbul’s historic sites, exploring the stunning landscapes of Cappadocia, and relaxing on the beautiful beaches of Antalya.
  30. *Only available as a paper Pass.

Pro-tip: To help you travel to more destinations without spending excessively, Eurail Country Pass has combined some European regions to form 2 special Eurail One Country Passes. How amazing is this?
Benelux = Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg
Scandinavia = Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden

How to use the Eurail Country Pass?

Using the Eurail Country Pass is straightforward:

  • Purchase your pass: Either online or at select train stations (before your journey).
  • Plan your itinerary: We advise you to thoroughly research the train schedules and train routes to create a foolproof itinerary based on your interests and dates.
  • Hop on hop off trains: Board the train within your chosen country and hop on and hop off at destinations, as per your itinerary. You only need to present your pass and ID when requested by the train staff.
  • Seat reservations (if needed): Your research will reveal if an advance train reservation (high-speed or overnight trains such as the Caledonian Sleeper, Alfa Pendular, and TGV) needs to be made, which can either be done online or at a train station.
  • Enjoy the journey: With a process so seamless, enjoyment is inevitable. Sit back, relax, and soak in all that your country of choice has to offer.

Kindly note:
- If you’re traveling in a group, add as many Passes to your device as you like. However, once these Passes are activated, they cannot be moved to another device which means the entire group must travel together.
- If you’re traveling with a child, the Child Pass should be added to the same device as the traveling adult. Children under the age of four can travel for free with an adult.

Activating your Eurail Country Pass

  1. Before departure:
    • Purchase your Eurail Country Pass before leaving for Europe. You can buy it online on the Eurail website or through authorized sales channels.
    • The pass is sent to you as a physical document, so ensure you have enough time for delivery before your trip.
  2. Activation process:
    • At a European train station: You can activate your Eurail Country Pass at a train station in Europe. Head to the ticket office and have a railway official fill in the start and end date of your pass. This must be done in person.
    • Online activation (if available): Some passes might offer the option to activate online through the Rail Planner app. Check if this is available for your pass type.
  3. Required documents:
    • Bring your passport, as the pass is personal and non-transferable. The details on the Pass must match those in your passport.
  4. Activation deadline:
    • Your Eurail Country Pass must be activated within 11 months of the purchase date.
  5. First Use:
    • After activation, you can start using the Pass from the start date you've chosen. The validity period depends on the type of pass that you have purchased.

Making the most of your travel days with a Eurail Country Pass

  1. What is a travel day?
    Imagine a travel day as your open ticket to adventure from 12 AM until 11:59 PM on each calendar day, your Eurail Country Pass allows you unlimited train journeys across its vast network.
  2. Types of Eurail Country Passes:
    Your pass might be 'flexi' or 'continuous'. A flexi pass, for instance, could offer 10 travel days within a 2-month period, giving you the flexibility to choose your travel days as you go.
  3. Recording your journeys:
    Each travel day you use needs to be logged. Before you hop on your first train, bus, or ferry for the day, jot down the date in the travel calendar section of your Eurail Country Pass. This step is essential to validate your travel for the day.

This system ensures that you can tailor your travel to your itinerary, making the most of each day. Whether you're crossing borders or exploring local routes, your travel day is a passport to endless possibilities, all within a 24-hour window. Remember to mark each day you travel to keep your journey seamless!

Reserving train tickets

  1. Reservation needs:
    • Not all trains need reservations. High-speed, international, and night trains usually do.
  2. Making reservations:
    • Online: Through the Eurail website or app.
    • At stations: At European train station ticket offices.
    • Via phone: Some railways offer phone reservations.
  3. Reservation costs:
    • These vary and are additional to the pass.
  4. Timing:
    • Reserve as early as possible, up to three months in advance for popular routes.
  5. Record keeping:
    • Keep your reservation ticket with your Eurail Country Pass.

Additional tips

  • Download the Rail Planner app: It's a handy tool for checking train times, making reservations, and keeping track of your travel days and remaining journey days.
  • Plan ahead: Especially during summer and holiday periods, trains can be busy. Planning and reserving in advance can save you from last-minute hassles.
  • Understand local procedures: Some train operators require you to check in at the platform before boarding, even with a reservation.

Interrail vs. Eurail

Interrail and Eurail are two distinct rail pass systems catering to different travelers exploring Europe by train. Interrail Passes are designed for European residents, offering them the freedom to travel across multiple European countries or within a single country. In contrast, Eurail Passes are for non-European residents, providing similar travel flexibility and options to explore Europe's vast rail network.
Both passes offer various duration and country combinations, making them ideal for flexible, cost-effective travel. While they serve different traveler demographics, Interrail and Eurail share the common goal of making European train travel accessible, convenient, and enjoyable.


Can I use the Eurail Country Pass on all trains?

Yes, the Eurail Country Pass can be used on most trains within the selected country. However, some high-speed and scenic trains may require a reservation in addition to the pass. We advise you to check the specific requirements and reservations for each train before boarding.

Are there different types of Eurail Country Passes available?

Yes, depending on the number of travel days and countries included.

Can I purchase the Eurail Country Pass in advance?

Yes, it is recommended to do so. You can buy it online or through authorized sales channels.

Are seat reservations included in the pass?

No they are not and for some trains (high-speed or overnight), reservations may be required at an additional cost.

Are there discounts on Eurail Country Pass for youth, seniors, or children?

Yes there are discounts for Passes available for children (<12 years), youth (<28 years), and senior citizens (>60 years).
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