Travel with your dogs on International Dog Day!

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This International Dog Day, embark on a journey around the world with your four-legged friend by your side! From charming cafes that cater to both humans and canines to sprawling parks where tails can wag freely, here are 10 dog-friendly destinations for an unforgettable experience. Whether you're strolling through the historic streets of Paris, or simply walking the streets of Seoul, these cities have opened their hearts and spaces to welcome both travelers and their pets. Happy travelling!

1. Paris, France

Best Dog Friendly Cafe: Le Doggy Café - A dedicated cafe for dogs and their owners, offering treats and canine companionship.
Best Dog Friendly Attraction: Jardin des Tuileries - Leashed dogs can explore this historic garden near the Louvre.
Must-Do With Your Dog: Enjoy a boat ride on the Seine River with your furry friend aboard.

Paris may be known for its elegance and romantic atmosphere, but the city is surprisingly dog-friendly. Many cafes allow dogs to sit alongside their owners. Additionally, the city's parks, like Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, offer a wonderful place for dogs to play and socialize.

Dog in Paris Garden

Other Paris Attractions

2. Sydney, Australia

Best Dog Friendly Cafe: The Grounds of Alexandria - Offers a dog-friendly garden and even a pet pig.
Best Dog Friendly Attraction: Centennial Park - A vast green space with designated off-leash areas and scenic ponds.
Must-Do With Your Dog: Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk - A stunning coastal trail with off-leash sections and breathtaking views.

Sydney is known for its love of dogs and outdoor living. Numerous off-leash beaches allow dogs to frolic in the surf, and many cafes and restaurants have outdoor seating for pet owners.

Dog - Australian Shepherd puppy

Other Sydney Attractions

3. Tokyo, Japan

Best Dog Friendly Cafe:Dog Heart Café - A stylish café where you can dine with your dog and enjoy dog-themed decor.
Best Dog Friendly Attraction: Yoyogi Park - Leashed dogs can explore this large park and even attend dog-friendly events.
Must-Do With Your Dog: Take a stroll across the Rainbow Bridge and enjoy Tokyo Bay views.

A city known to be ahead of its time, Tokyo is accommodating to dogs despite its sprawling urbanscape. Many parks have designated dog areas, and some department stores even allow small dogs to accompany their owners.

Shiba Inu - japanese dog on walk

Other Tokyo Attractions

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Best Dog Friendly Cafe: De Wasserette - A cozy café with outdoor seating!
Best Dog Friendly Attraction: Vondelpark - A sprawling urban park with dedicated off-leash areas for dogs to play freely.
Must-Do With Your Dog: Explore the scenic canals together on a dog-friendly boat tour.

A city lined with charming canals and parks, Amsterdam makes for a perfect destinations to go on lesiurely walks with your pups. Many cafes and restaurants have outdoor seating where dogs are welcome.

Amsterdam Dogs

Other Amsterdam Attractions

5. London, United Kingdom

Best Dog Friendly Cafe:The Dynamo - Offers a dog-friendly terrace and a menu including dog treats.
Best Dog Friendly Attraction: Hampstead Heath - A vast green expanse with designated off-leash areas and beautiful views.
Must-Do With Your Dog: Take a leisurely stroll through Hyde Park!

London is among the cosmopolitan cities in the world that happens to be super dog-friendly. With a number of parks and green spaces dotting its cityscape, quite a few Londoners can be seen out and about with their dogs!

dogs in hyde park, london

Other London Attractions

6. Berlin, Germany

Best Dog Friendly Cafe:Prater Garten - One of the city's oldest beer gardens, where dogs are allowed to join you.
Best Dog Friendly Attraction: Grunewald Forest - An expansive woodland where dogs can roam off-leash and enjoy nature.
Must-Do With Your Dog: Visit Tempelhofer Feld, a former airport turned park, perfect for long walks and play.

Berlin is a dog lover's paradise with a variety of parks, forests, and dog-friendly venues. Dogs are not only welcomed, but often celebrated. They can prove to be great ice-breakers with Berliners!

dogs in Berlin

Other Berlin Attractions

7. Barcelona, Spain

Best Dog Friendly Cafe: El Nacional - A stylish food hall with an outdoor terrace where dogs are allowed.
Best Dog Friendly Attraction: Parc de la Ciutadella - A central park with open spaces and a designated dog area.
Must-Do With Your Dog: Walk along the Barceloneta Beach promenade!

Barcelona's warm climate and outdoor lifestyle make it a welcoming place for dogs. Many beaches and parks allow dogs to roam freely.

pug dog on beach in Spain

Other Barcelona Attractions

8. Stockholm, Sweden

Best Dog Friendly Cafe: Kafé Klavér - A cozy café with outdoor seating and a dog-friendly atmosphere.
Best Dog Friendly Attraction: Hagaparken - Leashed dogs can explore this royal park, which features beautiful gardens and a lake.
Must-Do With Your Dog: Explore the Djurgården island and visit Skansen, an open-air museum that allows leashed dogs.

Stockholm's mix of historical charm and modern design extends to its attitude towards dogs. Many outdoor spaces are pet-friendly, and quite a few shops allow dogs to accompany their owners.

Dog in stockholm Skansen

Other Stockholm Attractions

9. Seoul, Korea

Best Dog Friendly Cafe: A Twosome Place Dog Cafe - A unique cafe where you can enjoy beverages alongside adorable dogs
Best Dog Friendly Attraction: Dream Forest - An expansive park that offers designated areas for off-leash play, providing ample space for your dog to socialize.
Must-Do With Your Dog: Visit Bukchon Hanok Village, where you can wander through traditional Korean houses with your dog by your side!

Seoul stands as a modern metropolis that warmly embraces its four-legged residents. Dog owners will find a mix of well-maintained parks, charming neighborhoods, and a budding pet cafe scene that makes exploring the city with their furry friends a joy.

Dog and cycling girl in Korea

Other Seoul Attractions

10. Bangkok, Thailand

Best Dog Friendly Cafe: Caturday Cat Café - Not just for cat lovers, this cafe also welcomes dogs and offers a playful environment for both species.
Best Dog Friendly Attraction: Benjakitti Park - Leashed dogs can enjoy a stroll around the lake and take in the city views.
Must-Do With Your Dog: Explore the Chatuchak Park and its expansive grounds, which include a designated dog park for off-leash play.

Bangkok's bustling streets and warm culture extend to its furry residents. In fact, it did not used to be very pet-friendly, but the city's warming up to it! While not all spaces may be dog-friendly, there are certainly some spaces you're more than welcome to visit with your dog.

pet dog in Thailand

Other Bangkok Attractions

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