Unique Christmas traditions from around the world!

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The American Holiday season and all things Christmas revolve around Santa Claus - presents under the Christmas tree, baking cookies, building a gingerbread house and watching iconic Christmas movies like Home Alone!

Nonetheless, Christmas around the world is celebrated in unique ways we bet you didn't know about! These Yuletide rituals might make you want to start a new tradition of your own at home! From rollerblading to church in Caracas to even hiding pickled shape ornaments in German Christmas trees - each tradition is a unique addition to the global celebration of joy and togetherness.

Just like the 12 days of Christmas, we've got 12 fun and unique traditions around the world that'll wow you and your family this festive season!

🌏 Unique Christmas traditions around the world

KFC in Japan - Christmas Tradition
🍗 KFC feast in Japan

Did you know that in Japan, people go crazy for KFC during Christmas time? It's a unique tradition that started in the '70s with a brilliant marketing campaign that associated KFC with the holiday season. Many families pre-order their KFC Christmas dinners weeks in advance and it's the popular way to celebrate in Japan! A bucket full of fried chicken, salad and cake is the way to go!

Christmas Piñatas in Mexico
🪅Christmas Piñatas in Mexico

Surprise surprise, piñatas in Mexico aren't limited to just birthdays! Families fill up piñatas during Christmas with all kinds of yummy candies and treats. And then, it's time for the kids to break them open during Christmas gatherings. A fun way to keep the kids and adults entertained, right?

Broom Hiding in Norway
🧹Brooms & Mops in Norway

Legend says witches & evil spirits come out in the night in Norway! So what did people come up with? To hide their brooms and mops on Christmas Eve in hopes of preventing mischief caused by uninvited guests, or in this case, evil creatures!

Pickle Ornaments in Germany
🥒Pickled Ornaments in Germany

Lights, Christmas bulbs, tinsel and more. These are what make for some great Christmas tree decorations, right? Well, Germany takes it up a notch…or two! It has a unique tradition of hanging a pickle-shaped ornament on the tree! The first child who finds it on Christmas morning gets a special gift or is said to have good luck for the coming year.

Christmas Dinners in Ukraine
🍽️Christmas Dinners in Ukraine

Christmas feasts in Ukraine are all about buckling up to have the biggest one ever with an elaborate dinner on Christmas Eve! A 12-course meal, each representing one of the twelve apostles. The menu includes sweet grain pudding, beet soup, and dumplings!

Rollerblading in Caracas
⛸️Rollerblading in Caracas

During Christmas, the streets are closed to cars and people roller skate to the early morning Mass! What a way to get to church and kick off the Christmas celebration, right?

Families watch Donald Duck on TV in Sweden
📺Donald Duck in Sweden

We can all agree that Disney has an effect on our lives at some point! The shows and movies are an integral part of our childhood. Sweden has taken it a step further - Christmas isn't complete without Donald Duck! A Christmas tradition dating back to 1959 where families gather around their TVs on Christmas Eve to watch the beloved Disney Christmas special "Kalle Anka och hans vänner önskar God Jul" (Donald Duck and His Friends Wish You a Merry Christmas)!

Caga Tió in Catalonia, Spain
🪵Caga Tió in Catalonia, Spain

Meanwhile, in Catalonia, Spain, there's a quirky and playful Christmas character called Caga Tió or "Pooping Log." Families decorate a log with a face and place it in the living room. On Christmas Eve, children beat the log with sticks while singing a traditional song, encouraging candies and small gifts hidden inside to come out.

Decorating Boats for Christmas in Greece
⚓Decorating Boats for Christmas in Greece

Trees aren’t the only things to be decorated during Christmas in Greece! The coastal regions have a unique tradition of decorating boats! That's right, communities along the shores decorate fishing boats, sailboats, and even larger vessels with starry lights, ornaments, and sometimes even fireworks! This started out as a gesture to honour the country's rich maritime heritage by adding an exciting nautical touch to the holiday celebrations!

13 Desserts in Provence during Christmas
🍰 13 Desserts in Provence, France

The people in Provence, France pay special attention to desserts during Christmas! Their Christmas Eve tradition called "Les Treize Desserts de Noël" involves indulging in 13 delicious desserts and symbolize Jesus and the 12 apostles. The desserts are made with a variety of nuts, fruits, nougat, and other regional treats that end the Christmas Eve meal on a sweet note!

Christmas in the Philippines
🎄Christmas in the Philippines starts off in September

Kicking off Christmas Preparation months before December is pretty much on everyone’s wish list. Well, the Philippines actually does that and celebrates one of the longest Christmas seasons in the world starting as early as September! The season officially kicks off with the "Ber" months and continues with numerous festivities leading up to Christmas Day, while decorations and Christmas carols begin as soon as September.

BBQ for Christmas in Australia
🍖BBQ for Christmas in Australia

Meanwhile, in Australia, Christmas falls during the summer season! That calls for Surf’s up and barbeque - the way Aussies like to celebrate Christmas. It's the perfect opportunity for families to gather outside and enjoy some delicious grilled meats, fresh seafood, and seasonal veggies. This style of Christmas meal reflects the relaxed Australian lifestyle and climate, making it a truly unique and enjoyable Yuletide tradition down under.