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Sky’s the limit! The Beam at Rockefeller Center hoists you 800 feet above NYC

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If you’ve grown up watching Charlie Chaplin or had an interest in old, iconic photos, you’re sure to remember the all too famous ‘Lunch atop a Skyscraper’ picture that was taken in 1932. Now, jumping straight into 2023, the Rockefeller Center has managed to recreate that look and is taking people to new heights with a new immersive experience called ‘The Beam’.

So, the original photo has 11 ironworkers eating their lunch on a steel beam, floating hundreds of feet above ground during the construction of what is now 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

💡 Fun Fact: This photo was a massive publicity stunt, but no one knew who the photographer or even the workers in the picture were!

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The Beam is outdoors, on the 69th floor of the same building. So, here’s how it goes - you sit, you get lifted 12 feet above the observation deck and it spins 180 degrees to give you the best view you could possibly get of Central Park and the surrounding skyline. It’s a 2-minute experience, and if you think this is just like that photo, you can rest your hearts knowing that you will be strapped in and secured with seat belts!

🎟️ Tickets to the Top of the Rock

Tickets to the Top of the Rock start at $40 for adults; admission to The Beam is an additional $25. If there’s more you want to know, click here.

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