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Journey through history at the La Almudaina Palace

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Explore the Royal Palace of La Almudaina in Palma, Spain and journey through centuries of regal history. From its origins as a Moorish fortress to its transformation into a royal residence, it stands as a living testament to Mallorca's past. Step inside, and you'll walk in the footsteps of kings and queens.

La Almudaina Palace In A Nutshell

Sunset at Royal Palace of La Almudaina
underground entrance of the Almudaina Royal Palace
Royal Palace of La Almudaina

Handy Information

⏰ Suggested Duration: 1-2 hours
☀️ Best Time to Visit:10 AM-11 AM
🎟️ Royal Palace of La Almudaina Ticket: £6.03

Must-see at Royal Palace of La Almudaina

  • Courtyard of Honour
  • Saint Anne's Chapel
  • Arabic Baths

Getting There

Carrer del Palau Reial, s/n, 07001 Palma, Illes Balears, Spain
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Opening Hours

10 AM to 7 PM

Closed: Mondays

What To Expect At La Almudaina Palace?

  • Majestic Medieval Architecture: Experience the grandeur of a beautifully preserved medieval palace, with intricate Moorish design elements and stunning views of Palma Bay.
  • Royal Heritage: Walk in the footsteps of royalty as you explore the former residence of the Kings and Queens of Mallorca. Imagine the grandiose events that once took place within these walls!
  • Artistic Masterpieces: Make sure to explore the palace's extensive collection of artwork, including exquisite tapestries and paintings from renowned artists such as Joan Miró.
  • Scenic Gardens: Roam the palace's beautiful gardens and discover hidden corners adorned with fragrant orange trees and vibrant bougainvillea. Take a leisurely stroll and let the serene ambiance wash over you.

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La Almudaina Palace History

Steeped in history, Royal Palace of La Almudaina has witnessed significant events that trace back to ancient times. Its origins can be traced back to the days of the Romans, who first built a fortress on this site. However, it was during the rule of the Moors that the palace was truly transformed into its grandeur. Originally built as a fortress during the Muslim occupation of the island, the palace's construction began in the 10th century. However, in 1229, King James I of Aragon reconquered Mallorca from the Moors and made the palace his own. In the early 14th century, the Arab fortress was further transformed in a Gothic style by King James II of Majorca.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Royal Palace of La Almudaina is the coexistence of Islamic and Christian elements within its walls. The palace showcases an exquisite blend of architecture, combining Moorish influences such as horseshoe arches, with Gothic and Renaissance features added during subsequent renovations. Visitors can explore the beautiful gardens that surround the palace, which were originally cultivated by the Romans and later enhanced by the Moors. The gardens, adorned with fragrant orange and palm trees, create an idyllic atmosphere that transports visitors back in time.

Royal Palace of La Almudaina Archiecture

La Almudaina Palace Architecture

The Royal Palace of La Almudaina in Palma, Spain, is a magnificent architectural gem that bears witness to the rich history and cultural influences of the city. The current structure of the palace dates back to the 14th century and it showcases a captivating blend of Gothic and Moorish styles. The architecture of the palace reflects its fascinating past, with its sturdy stone walls and imposing towers reminiscent of its defensive origins as an Arab fortress. Inside, visitors are treated to a series of grand halls adorned with ornate decorations, soaring arches, and intricate stonework. The courtyard, with its lush gardens and serene atmosphere, provides a peaceful escape from the bustling city.

One notable feature of La Almudaina is the royal chapel, renowned for its exquisite gothic style, stained glass windows and intricate woodwork. Stepping into this regal residence, one can truly feel the echoes of Palma's storied past. The juxtaposition of Gothic and Moorish influences creates a truly unique ambiance, which is further enhanced by the palace's rich collection of artwork and historical artifacts.

Highlights of La Almudaina Palace

1The Royal Apartments

Royal Palace of La Almudaina Royal Apartments

Wander through the lavishly decorated Royal Apartments, where you can admire the stunning frescoes, intricate tapestries, and ornate furniture. Feel like royalty as you imagine what life was like for the kings and queens who once called this place home.

Royal Palace of La Almudaina apartments

2The Courtyard

Royal Palace of La Almudaina Courtyard

The courtyard of the Royal Palace of La Almudaina is a beautiful and historic space. It is surrounded by arcades and contains a number of important monuments, including the 11th century lion fountain and the 14th century Santa Ana Chapel.

The Courtyard of Royal Palace of La Almudaina

3The Chapel

Royal Palace of La Almudaina Chapel

Visit the palace's small but exquisite chapel, dedicated to Santa Ana. Ponç Descoll, who had also managed the construction for Bellver Castle, designed this chapel. Marvel at its intricate details, including the Romanesque archaic doorway, and the stunning altar, adorned with religious artwork.

The Chapel of Royal Palace of La Almudaina

4Arab Baths

Royal Palace of La Almudaina Arab Baths

The Arab Baths, nestled between the King's and Queen's Palace, endure as remnants of the ancient Muslim casbah. Comprising three rooms - hot, lukewarm, and cold water spaces - these baths offer a fascinating glimpse into historical bathing rituals.

Royal Palace of La Almudaina Arab Baths

Best Time To Visit La Almudaina Palace

The best time to visit the Royal Palace of La Almudaina in Palma is during the spring and fall seasons, specifically from April to June and September to October. During these times, the weather is pleasant with mild temperatures and less rainfall. To make the most of your visit, it is recommended to arrive early in the morning when the palace opens to avoid large crowds and fully enjoy the serene atmosphere.

La Almudaina Palace Opening Hours

  • Timings: 10 AM-7 PM (Royal Palace access until 6 PM)
  • Closed: Mondays

Getting There


Board bus line 15 from Palma Intermodal Station (Estacio Intermodal) to the nearby Placa de la Reina stop and get to Royal Palace of La Almudaina with ease.


Royal Palace of La Almudaina sits on Carrer del Palau Reial, opposite Palma Cathedral in old Palma. You can find ample parking in front of the Cathedral along the Paseo Maritimo.

Insider Tips to Visit La Almudaina Palace

  • Plan your visit during weekdays, preferably in the morning or late afternoon, to avoid crowds.
  • Take a moment to admire the stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea from the palace.
  • Explore the extensive gardens surrounding the palace, known as the S'Hort del Rei.
  • Photography without flash is permitted inside the palace, so make sure to capture the beautiful interior details.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, as there are some uphill sections and uneven surfaces within the palace.
  • Remember to respect the palace's rules and regulations, including maintaining silence in certain areas and not touching any artwork or historical artifacts.

La Almudaina Palace Facts

  • The name "Almudaina" is derived from the Arabic word "al mudayna," which means "citadel".
  • La Almudaina serves as the official summer residence of the Spanish monarch and other members of the Spanish Royal Family.
  • The palace's interior is adorned with an extensive collection of historical artifacts, including antique furniture, tapestries, and paintings from various periods of its history.
  • The Royal Palace of La Almudaina, along with the surrounding historic area of Palma de Mallorca, has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Beneath the palace, archaeological excavations have revealed Roman remains, showcasing the site's ancient history and the layers of civilizations that have shaped the island's past.

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Places To Stay Near La Almudaina Palace

Things To Do Near La Almudaina Palace


How old is Royal Palace of La Almudaina?

The Royal Palace of La Almudaina has a history dating back to the 10th century when it was originally built as a Muslim fortress during the Moorish rule of Mallorca.

Who built attraction Royal Palace of La Almudaina?

The construction of the Royal Palace of La Almudaina is originally attributed to the Moors during their occupation of Mallorca. However, the palace went through significant modifications and renovations under different rulers, including King James II of Mallorca during the 14th century.

Are skip the line tickets for Royal Palace of La Almudaina worth it?

Yes, skip-the-line tickets for the Royal Palace of La Almudaina are worth it, especially during peak tourist seasons. These tickets allow visitors to bypass long entry queues, saving time and ensuring a smoother and more efficient visit to the palace.

What is the best mode of transport to reach Royal Palace of La Almudaina?

If you're already in Palma de Mallorca, using the local bus service might be a convenient and cost-effective option. However, if you prefer flexibility and have access to a car, driving to the palace allows you to explore other nearby attractions at your own pace.

On what dates is the Royal Palace of La Almudaina closed in a year?

The Royal Palace of La Almudaina is typically closed to the public on Mondays.

Are there washrooms at Royal Palace of La Almudaina?

Yes, there are washrooms available for visitors at the Royal Palace of La Almudaina, ensuring visitors' comfort during their exploration of the palace and its exhibits.

Is there a dress code to visit Royal Palace of La Almudaina?

While there isn't a strict dress code, it's recommended to dress appropriately and respectfully when visiting the Royal Palace of La Almudaina.

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