Saudi Arabia Grand Prix 2023 Guide — Everything to Know Before the Race Day

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Get ready for 72 hours of thrill and adrenaline-pumping action at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in March! All 20 drivers from the 10 teams on track will battle it out at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit - the fastest street circuit on the calendar. At the second race of the 2023 season! Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen will be vying to secure their first-ever multiple victories. And off the track there will be shows and events to keep you entertained between the races.

A must-attend event for all Formula 1 fans, the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix promises three days of action.

Saudi Arabian GP in a Nutshell


Free Practice - 17th and 18th March, 2023

Qualifying - 18th March, 2023

Main Race - 19th March, 2023

Saudi Arabia Grand Prix 2023 Opening Hours

For all three days, the timing is 12 noon onwards.

Saudi Arabia Grand Prix Address

Jeddah Corniche Circuit, Jeddah 23512, Saudi Arabia
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Why you must attend Saudi Arabia GP 2023

Saudi Arabia Grand Prix

The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023 will be one for the books! On all three days, the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix events will commence from 12 noon onwards, but the F1 race itself will be held at night, to avoid the 35 degree celsius day time temperatures at Jeddah.

In addition to being the fastest street circuit in the history of Formula 1 racing where cars hit 322km/h,, the circuit also has three DRS detection zones. Last year’s race winner was Red Bull’s Max Verstappen.

One of the main highlights of the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix 2023 is the much-awaited concert of Grammy-nominated rapper Travis Scott, who is visiting Saudi Arabia for the first time. The race weekend will also feature concerts by the legendary pop band Imagine Dragons and the K-pop group BLACKPINK.

Fun Fact: To promote the inaugural Saudi Arabia Grand Prix race, the Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation built the world’s biggest Lego F1 car with 500,000 Lego bricks! 

Jeddah Corniche Circuit

Saudi Arabia Grand Prix

Lap Distance: 6.147 kilometers
Total Laps: 50
Total Distance Covered: 308.45 kilometers
Fastest Lap: 1:30.734 by Lewis Hamilton, 2021

The Jeddah Corniche Circuit is a temporary street circuit that is located on the Corniche - a 30 km long coastal resort area in the ancient city of Jeddah. The circuit has been designed by the Tilke company along with Formula 1’s very own Motorsports team. The Circuit has 27 quick and sinuous turns, and a race distance of 308.45 km.

Saudi Arabia Grand Prix 2023 Tickets

Your Saudi Arabia Grand Prix 2023 tickets give you an all-access pass for three days of nail-biting action!

You can choose from a range of seating options, including the Central Grandstands and the Main Grandstands on race day. You can also be privy to the practice sessions of the F1 drivers during the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix with these tickets!

How do I select the right seats?

Saudi Arabia Grand Prix

Where to Stay in Rome Where to Stay in Rome Where to Stay in Rome Where to Stay in Rome
Track View
Giant Screen
Disability Access
Ideal For
Central Grandstand A Turns 4, 5 and 20 Yes No Most overtakes and top-speed action SAR 851
Central Grandstand B Turns 5, 6, 7 and 8. Turns 19 and 20 on the opposite side. Yes No Most turns and overtakes SAR 851
Central Grandstand C Turns 7, 8 and 9. Yes No For most thrilling turns of the race and top-speed action SAR 851
STC Central Grandstand D Turns 9, 10, 11 and 12. Turns 17 to 20 on the opposite side Yes No Sharp turns and panoramic view SAR 851
Main Grandstand A Start/finish line Yes No Pre-race grid, vital pit stops, and the finish line SAR 2429
Main Grandstand B Start/finish line and Turns 1, 2 and 3 Yes No the first two turns of the circuit SAR 1751

Plan Your Visit

Saudi Arabia Grand Prix Opening Hours

The Saudi Arabia Grand Prix opens from 12 noon onwards on all three days, but the timings are subject to change.

Getting to Jeddah Corniche Circuit

By Taxi - The most convenient way to reach the Jeddah Corniche Circuit is by taking a taxi.

By Car - Take the Al-Madinah Al Munawarah road from Jeddah Airport to reach the Jeddah Corniche Circuit.

By Shuttle - Free shuttle services to the Jeddah Corniche Circuit will be available from key locations in the city during the three-day event.

F1 Dictionary - Everything There is to Know

ERS - Energy Recovery Systems consist of motor generator units that use waste heat energy (from the turbocharger) and waste kinetic energy (from the braking system). This energy is then stored and used to propel the car.

Gravel Trap -Gravel Traps are a safety measure to slow the car down and manage the track limits.

Formation Lap - The formation lap is the one before the start of the race as the drivers drive around the circuit before lining up on the starting grid. This is sometimes referred to as a parade lap or warm-up lap.

Delta Time - This refers to the difference in time between two cars or two different laps

Paddles - There are three sets of paddles in an F1 car, but their setup varies from driver to driver. The top paddles give the driver access to specific strategic settings, engine setups, overtake mode, DRS, etc. The middle paddles are used by the driver to shift the eight-speed transmission and the lower paddles are mostly for the clutch.


When is the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix 2023? 

The Saudi Arabia Grand Prix 2023 is a three-day event from 17th to 19th March 2023, 12 noon onwards. 

What is included in my Saudi Arabia Grand Prix 2023 tickets? 

Your Saudi Arabian Grand Prix tickets give you an all-access pass for the three-day event. You can watch practice sessions, the qualifying sessions, and the final race with these tickets. These tickets also give you access to the fan villages, Jeddah Promenade, and the post-race concerts. 

What is the starting price for tickets to the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix 2023?

The starting price of tickets to the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix 2023 is SAR 851


Who is performing at the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix 2023 post-race concerts?

Concerts by Travis Scott, Imagine Dragons, and BLACKPINK are lined up for the 2023 edition of the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix. 

Saudi Arabia Grand Prix 2023 Guide