Experience the Magic of Disneyland® Paris and the Seine River Cruise ✨

Experience the Magic of Disneyland® Paris and the Seine River Cruise ✨

Embark on an enchanting journey like no other with a magic day in Disneyland® Paris and a wonderful Seine River Cruise!

Add some Extra Magic to your Paris stay with our magical offer! Purchase a wondrous 1-day Pass to Disneyland Paris and lo and behold: receive a most enchanting gift - a complimentary 1-hour Seine River Cruise! Take the opportunity to come and enjoy the last festivities of the magnificent Grand Finale and its extraordinary celebrations such as Disney D-Light until 30th September and create unforgettable memories with your beloved ones. Then, embark on a magical 1-hour sightseeing cruise from the magnificent Eiffel Tower, pass the majestic Notre Dame, The Parliament, and Musée d’Orsay among others, and be dazzled by the breathtaking beauty of the City of Lights. A dreamlike adventure awaits, dear adventurer - all you need to do is say - Oui!

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Discovering the Dream: The Magic of Paris

Embark on a wondrous journey and experience the enchanting magic of Paris, where romance dances in the air, reminiscent of a Disney fairy tale. Immerse yourself in the captivating art at the Louvre, savor delectable cuisine along the Champs-Élysées, and behold the iconic landmarks like Notre-Dame Cathedral and the majestic Eiffel Tower as you cruise along the Seine. Let the city's spell of dreams and wonder transport you to a realm where imagination knows no bounds.

10 Magical Spots to Look Out for on the Seine River Cruise

Navigating Paris’ Past

  • Behold! The Seine River is a mighty waterway spanning 777 km (483 miles), with its origins in the land of Burgundy, France!
  • The Seine River divides the City of Lights into two magical lands - the Left and Right Banks!
  • Why, even Julius Caesar himself wrote of the beauty of the Seine in his memoirs - a true testament to its magnificence!
  • Did you know that the Seine River was named after Sequana, a Gallo-Roman goddess?
  • Bridges abound on the Seine River, with iconic structures such as Pont Neuf, Pont Alexandre III, and Pont des Arts!
  • Legend has it that the infamous Bateau-Lavoir art studio once graced the banks of the Seine River - what stories it must hold!
  • The Seine River has been the inspiration for many famous paintings by artists like Monet and Renoir - a true muse for the ages!
  • Though the Seine River has seen its share of troubled times, including political drownings during the French Revolution, it still remains a beacon of beauty and wonder!
  • Every year, the Seine River banks are transformed into an urban beach during the annual Paris Plages event - a magical sight to behold!
  • The Seine River has inspired countless books, poems, and songs throughout the ages, with legends like Ernest Hemingway, Victor Hugo, Arthur Rimbaud, and Édith Piaf all finding inspiration in its waters!

7 Disney Films That Capture the Magic of Paris and the River Seine

  1. A Goofy Movie, 1995 - Goofy and his son Max drive through Paris and cross the River Seine on their way to the fictional town of Spoonerville.
  2. Aristocats, 1970 - The evil butler Edgar kidnaps the feline characters in a sack and tosses them into the River Seine, hoping to get rid of them for good.
  3. Cars 2, 2011 - In the thrilling world of Cars 2, Lightning McQueen and his friends race through the charming streets of Paris, their engines revving with excitement near the iconic River Seine. The city's landmarks and the riverside ambiance add an extra dose of adventure and allure to this high-octane journey.
  4. 102 Dalmatians, 2000 - In the world of 102 Dalmatians, the captivating charm of Paris sets the stage for a delightful canine adventure, with the River Seine flowing nearby. Amidst the picturesque streets and scenic riverbanks, the adorable dalmatians embark on a thrilling journey, adding a touch of whimsy to the iconic Parisian backdrop.
  5. The Hunchback of Notre Dame, 1996 - You cannot miss the gothic cathedral, Notre Dame, in this film! Look out for the scene when Phoebus - the gallant military veteran - falls into the Seine River and is left for dead by Frollo who had originally summoned him to capture the Romani people. Phoebus is found and rescued by Esmeralda, who takes him to Quasimodo to take care of.
  6. Ratatouille, 2007 - The villainous chef Skinner chases after Remy - the main character and chef - on a motorcycle through the streets of Paris, eventually crashing into the River Seine.
  7. Anastasia, 1997 - Rasputin tries to kill Anastasia as she is escaping across the frozen River Seine. During their fight, he drowns, only to return a decade later. Finally though, he is killed by Dimitri and Anastasia, at the famous Alexander III bridge over the Seine, as the two lovers celebrate with a dance and a kiss on a boat near Pont Neuf.

Magical Paris Awaits!

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