Paris names a street after David Bowie as homage to the Starman!

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In a lovely and surprising tribute to one of the most illustrious musicians and cultural icons of our time, Paris is set to honor David Bowie, the legendary songwriter, and performer, by naming a street after him - Rue David Bowie. This homage is not just a celebration of his musical genius but also marks a historic moment in the city's cultural journey.

The inauguration of David Bowie Street took place on January 8, 2024 - a date poignantly close to the anniversary of Bowie’s passing in 2016. The street is in the vibrant Austerlitz district of Paris, specifically in the 13th arrondissement, nestled between Rue Gisèle-Freud and Avenue Pierre-Mendès-France. This location, known for its rich tapestry of street art and its reputation as a hub of artistic creativity, makes for a fitting tribute to Bowie's innovative and eclectic spirit.

If you are wondering, “Why Paris?”, then let us tell you that it was in the City of Love, in 1965, that a young 18-year-old Bowie took the stage for the very first time with his band The Lower Third, long before his rise to international stardom. This early performance in Paris, makes the 13th arrondissement an apt location for commemorating his legacy.

 David Bowie Street in Paris
Davide Bowie

The street’s unveiling will be accompanied by a series of celebratory events, meticulously orchestrated by the Paris town hall. These festivities include a concert by pianist Clifford Slapper, known for his Bowie interpretations, scheduled for 7 pm on January 8 at the local village hall. Additionally, the Athena Gallery will host an exclusive exhibition featuring photographs and paintings dedicated to Bowie, known affectionately as the Thin White Duke.

Fans of David Bowie, we’re sure that you will want to go to this street when you’re in Paris. A fine tribute to the Starman, whether you’re Under Pressure or want to be A Hero Just For One Day, it definitely deserves a visit. So, Let’s Dance?